Ultra Lean Spray

According to the advertisement on Amazon, Ultra Lean Spray is the “The ultimate weight control resolution”. The product is designed to help you lose weight by boosting the fat burning process and curbing the appetite.

The ingredients in Ultra Lean Spray look good, but information about the product is scarce and customer reviews are few and far between.

So, is Ultra Lean Spray the ultimate weight control resolution, or is it the ultimate waste of money? Find out in this Ultra Lean diet spray review.
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What is Ultra Lean Spray?

Ultra Lean diet spray is a diet supplement that is taken orally, twice a day, under the tongue, before meals. The spray has an impressive list of ingredients; many of which have proven weight loss benefits.

The ingredients include caffeine, green tea, garcinia cambogia, green coffee and guarana, all of which boost the metabolism, aid the fat burning process, and give you more energy. The supplement also contains appetite suppressants, such as chromium and 5-HTP.

There are also ingredients that will help break down and reduce fat, including garcinia cambogia, and raspberry ketones.

On paper, then, Ultra Lean Spray looks like it could be an effective weight loss supplement. However, the dosage of these active ingredients is only a total of 125mg per serving, so that may be a limiting factor on the effectiveness of Ultra Lean Spray.

What Ingredients Are in Ultra Lean Spray?

ultra lean spray ingredients

Ultra Lean diet spray has a natural formula that includes the following ingredients:

Ultra Lean diet spray ingredients also include vitamins A, D, B3, B6, thiamin, biotin, and chromium.

The main weight loss ingredients are included in a proprietary formula, so the quantities are unknown.

Will Ultra Lean Spray Cause any Side Effects?

At such a low dosage, it is unlikely that Ultra Lean Spray will cause any side effects. However, it does contain stimulants that could cause symptoms such as irritability, headaches, anxiety, restlessness, palpitations, and insomnia. Allergic reactions may also be possible with some of the ingredients in this supplement.

We always recommend that you check with your doctor before taking any supplement, especially if you if have an existing medical condition, you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or you are taking any prescribed medication.

Ultra Lean Spray Pros

  • Natural formula
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Contains known effective weight loss ingredients

Ultra Lean Spray Cons

  • Potential for side effects
  • Limited information available
  • Low potency
  • Very few customer reviews


Our Verdict

At just 125mg of active ingredients per serving, this supplement delivers a good range of proven weight loss supplements, but at a low potency.

For those people who are concerned about the potential side effects, that’s good news, but it also means that the weight loss effects are going to be limited as well.

When we review any weight loss supplement, we always take into account customer reviews in our assessment, but in this case, there are not enough customer reviews to be able to draw any conclusions. In fact, at the time of writing this review, the grand total of customer reviews on Amazon was one, and that was a negative review!

So, unless you want to be a trailblazer in the world of weight loss supplements, we suggest that you give Ultra Lean Spray a wide berth and you stick to products that have a proven track record.

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