BURN by Capsiplex is one of the few weight reduction diet pills that did not disappear from the market within a year or two.

This pill was introduced in 2010 under the name Capsiplex, and has steadily grown in its market size since then.

Back then, The Daily Mail referred to it as “hot stuff for slimmers”.

This BURN review from a reputed newspaper helped to establish the brand name of this weight reduction pill.

By 2015, this brand of pills introduced another pill called Capsiplex Sport, which also has been well received by thousands of health-conscious people across the world.

Why Are BURN Diet Pills Popular?

The reason BURN diet pills have become a popular option for losing weight is that they contain natural ingredients.

The main ingredient is of course the extract from capsicum, which is a type of chili. The purified extract from this chili that is included in the pill is capsaicin, which is a capsaicinoid.

That is where the name of the pill actually comes from. Apart from capsaicin, the other important aspect of this pill is Vitamin B3, which is known to improve the metabolic rate by mobilizing fat as well as carbohydrates within the body.

This vitamin is also known as niacin, and it also helps prevent the feeling of tiredness. In addition to these two aspects, these diet pills also include piperine, which is another heat creating a natural ingredient.

Piperine is basically black pepper extract. BURN pills include caffeine extract as well. This ingredient helps to keep the person feel active.

Many celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Chantelle Houghton, and Brad Pitt prefer this pill and use it regularly because it has little or no side effects and it does not promise more than it can deliver.

These celebrities have also endorsed this pill. The fact that the pill needs to be taken only once a day, before breakfast, is also very easy to remember.

Any such weight reducing pill also needs proper exposure and access. This pill from Advanced Health, Glasgow, can be bought from famous outlets such as Harrods.

But it is also possible to buy BURN pills directly from the manufacturer.

How does BURN work?

The pungent chili extract is a heat creating compound and it can make people sweat more.

The heat generated because of purified capsaicin melts the fat inside the body, and also contributes to the movement of such fat.

Such mobilization of fat, as well as carbohydrates, results in an improvement of the metabolic rate, which in general decreases with age.

Capsaicin and caffeine in the pill are stimulating compounds. In addition, capsaicin has proved to have a dilatory effect, because of which blood circulation improves. Increased circulation helps to mobilize fat and carbohydrates easily and more quickly.

Niacin is the compound that converts carbohydrates into energy, thus reducing fatigue. Therefore, this vitamin also contributes to improved metabolism. Anhydrous caffeine that is present in this pill has also been proved to be good for weight reduction by some studies.

This thermogenic process requires plenty of exercises at the gym, which can take a long time.

But with Capsiplex BURN the lipolysis process can be hastened considerably, saving people time and effort.

Studies have shown that this pill can improve the effectiveness of exercises by almost 3 times. Therefore, people taking this pill can afford to reduce the time they spend at the gym. The pill is certainly a boon for those who cannot go regularly to the gym for other reasons, though it does not claim to be a substitute for exercising.

In general, it was found that the pill can help burn away as many as 278 calories each day.

That is no mean feat because to lose that many calories, people have to walk for almost an hour to 80 minutes each day. Measured in jogging terms, that is almost 25 minutes of jogging.

Apart from lipolysis and other benefits, this pill is also proving to be effective in hunger reduction, which is the dietary control part.

Effectively, BURN works in two ways. It moves the fat and carbohydrates out of the body, and also helps to reduce the intake of additional fat and carbohydrates.

Understanding the BURN Structure

There is no denying that the pungent nature of chili extract can lead to a burning sensation.

To address this problem, the manufacturers have pushed the capsaicinoid into a layer between the inert core of the pill and an outer coating because of which this pill and its ingredients do not irritate the gut lining.

This design is superior to other fat-burning pills on the market that use chilies and pepper extracts in them.

The ingredients in this beadle, as it is called, are only released when the pill reaches the intestine, effectively reducing any chances of that burning sensation, gastric reflux, or stomach irritation, which are normally associated with such chili-based weight reducing pills. In fact, this pill is so safe that people who have stomach ulcers or even gallstones can still use it.

The NHS has allowed drugs containing capsaicinoids to be prescribed for treating obesity. The compounds in such drugs are similar in structure to the compound in the extract used in BURN by Capsiplex. While BURN is not a prescribed drug, it is close enough to them because of its capsaicinoid.

Studies and Capsiplex BURN

There have been some clinical studies carried out, but results have not been published.

The study done by a well-known university compared the pill to a placebo and found that in comparison, Capsiplex BURN is almost 12 times superior in helping people to lose weight.

Capsiplex side effects

The Capsiplex BURN manufacturer does not deny that there can be side effects even after such care in designing the pill.

These side effects may be because of the quantity of caffeine consumed by the person.

Since anhydrous caffeine is already present in the pill in higher concentrations, so people using this pill should be moderating their intake of caffeine from other sources.

Without such moderation, the side effects may include panic attacks, dizziness, tachycardia, and insomnia.

Some complained of chest pains, stomach pains, and hyperactivity, which can be again due to an inadequate breakfast or other dietary lapses.

Should I pay heed to BURN Warning?

Warnings are always important but are not valid for everybody. As mentioned before, BURN can cause some side effects in some people, and diet plans matter.

BURN comes with 60 day money-back guarantee. As of now a bottle containing 90 pills can cost almost $64.99 at the official website. However, the price decreases when more pills are ordered at one go.


Losing weight makes people feel active and good. Capsiplex BURN has the right ingredients for helping people lose weight without the likelihood of highly adverse side effects.

It has been used by many people worldwide and celebrities too. It is necessary to take the pill as suggested by the manufacturer, i.e., before breakfast, and before exercising, so as to get the best results.