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Here’s how we review supplements.

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Kristie Leong M.D

I’m a family practice physician with a strong interest in preventive medicine. I trained at the

Medical College of Virginia where I earned a medical degree (M.D.) and a master’s degree after graduating with a double bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology.

After graduating, I practiced medicine full-time for 15 years before beginning a career as a health writer. Since then I have published over 5,000 articles online on topics relating to preventive health, nutrition and exercise physiology.

I am also on the health advisory board of Nutricula Magazine, a magazine devoted to health and longevity. I enjoy sharing health knowledge online and helping people make better health decisions.I’m consistently one of the top 100 most popular contributors on Associated Content and have built up a strong following for my health, wellness and nutrition articles.

I stay current with health trends by attending continuing medical education conferences and seminars and regularly keep up with new medical developments by reading medical journals. My primary focus is on using fitness and nutrition to prevent disease.

My philosophy? Strive to be fit and fabulous at any age! I show people how to do that through my writing.



Jenni Jacobsen (PhD)

Jenni Jacobsen graduated from The Ohio State University in June 2011 with her bachelor’s degree in psychology and in May 2015 with her master’s degree in social work.
Throughout her college career, she took English courses, worked as a freelance writer, and assisted other students in writing papers. Jenni Jacobsen recently began pursuing a Ph.D. in psychology through Northcentral University and is becoming a subject-matter expert in the area of addiction. She is also taking advanced coursework in motivation, cognition, personality psychology, research methods, statistics, positive psychology, and the treatment of neurobehavioral disorders. Jenni is currently employed full-time.

She is also a health and fitness enthusiast. She competes in half marathons, as well as 10k and 5k races. She is passionate about healthy living and shares her love for health and wellness with everyone she meets. She maintains a strong interest in writing and does freelance work to supplement her income. Her writing interests include health & fitness, training for running events, career development, personal finance, college education, addiction, and mental health issues. Her college coursework and life experiences have prepared her to write about these topics.


Mikki Donaldson

Mikki Donaldson is likely best known for writing astrology, which has helped both her and Sunsigns.org gain popularity and trustworthiness. Mikki currently writes about relationships and publishes various views on her website, 11ahleven. The site features subjects ranging from travel to food to corsets.

When not crafting, she is busy juggling three grandchildren, a set of twins and a Gemini. Before settling down to become a freelance writer, the Navy veteran was an administrative assistant, over-the-road truck driver, bus driver, dump truck operator and cab driver who was absolutely hooked on Tommy Hawk Pro Skater video games.


Peter Nisbet


The University of Edinburgh;
Degree Name BSc Hons;
Field Of Study Pure Chemistry – with Maths and Physics;
Dates attended or expected graduation 1964 – 1968;
Activities and Societies: 2nd Year Beer Drinking Champion, 3rd Year Skittles Champion;
4th-year research project: Analytical X-Ray Crystallography – molecular structure of organic crystals.
Specialties: SEO, article marketing and ghostwriting, website design, traffic generation.

Currently SEO and Article Marketing consultant. I have always found writing to be easy – ever since I won my first writing award aged 8. I focus on good grammar and sentence construction while maintaining an easy colloquial style where needed. There is a difference between colloquialism, local patois and sheer bad grammar! I have been writing for many years and write around 1500 SEO and web content articles annually.

I do not hold the view that grammar is irrelevant if the writing can be understood. Good grammar ensures that everything is understood by anybody that can read properly – meaning analyzing and truly understanding what they are reading. Am I a freak in this modern age of sloppiness? I don’t care!

Source: Linkedin