Best Phentermine Over The Counter Alternatives – Prices 2023

This review presents the best phentermine over the counter alternatives for weight loss in 2023. Burning off weight and always keeping them off is usually the most challenging problems for the body — particularly it means you have to take control of your urge for food.

Phentermine has been shown to cause adverse effects on multiple organ systems, most notably the cardiovascular system. A wealth of evidence from observational and clinical studies indicates that its use is associated with an increased risk of serious cardiovascular events.

Consequently, many people are seeking out phentermine alternatives that will not put their health at risk. There are a number of over-the-counter options available that can provide similar weight loss results without the same level of risk.

If you are considering taking a phentermine alternatives, be sure to speak with your doctor first to ensure it is safe for you.

List Of 3 Best Phentermine Over The Counter Supplements

This review looks at the top 3 phentermine prescription alternatives. Evaluating over 20 leading phentermine prescription alternatives, our experts looked into what is effective and what isn’t. Also, they looked into what people like and what they don’t.

  • PhenQ is our top pick for the best phentermine over the counter alternative. It’s a powerful fat burner and appetite suppressant that can help you lose weight quickly and effectively. We love PhenQ because it’s effective, safe, and affordable.
  • Phen24: Phen24 is a popular brand of phentermine, an appetite suppressant used to treat obesity
  • Leanbean is a great way to start your weight loss journey, safe Phentermine over the counter alternative for beginners. If you are looking for a safe and effective way to lose weight, Leanbean is a great option. It is much cheaper than Phentermine and can be found easily online.

#1 Phenq remains best phentermine over the counter in 2023

PhenQ is one of the most efficient Phentermine over the counter alternatives on the market today. It’s a product from a leading wellness and beauty brand of natural supplements known as Wolfson Berg. The brand is well-known around the world for making the most efficient fat-burning diet and weight loss pills using natural ingredients, which are chosen from how effective they are at helping to burn fat and lose weight.

The mechanism of this weight loss product is simple. It works according to the biological pattern of the body. The contents focus on enhancing body organs and tissues hence the safe process of losing weight.

  1. Fat Burning

PhenQ is defined by its thermogenic characteristics, which increases the efficiency of the fat burning process. By increasing temperatures of the body, most of the fat melts away from the muscles and any other storage areas in the body. In this case, body temperature is the focus. Fat will automatically burn away in extremely high temperatures.

  1. Decreasing Appetite

The number of calories consumed every day determine the weight of the body. There is no standard calorie intake; a suitable amount is dependent on individual body needs. Of course, calories increase with every ingestion. By suppressing appetite, calories decrease in the body. Appetite suppression means you are full all day, no starvation or need for snacks.

  1. Inhibits Fat Production

PhenQ influence actions of cells producing fat. After releasing fat, the supplement contents stop the cell from generating new fat. This ensures fat content is the body is regulated thus low weight. The technique helps in reducing excess fat in the body hence cutting weight. It also helps in establishing a baseline hence constant weight.

  1. Improves body energy

Reduced food intake will obviously compromise on your energy levels. The fact that the supplement suppresses appetite means your body is deprived of the primary source of energy, food. PhenQ has an amazing formula of ingredients that target on boosting energy levels.

  1. Boosts Mood

Typically, low calories in the level are associated with nervousness and grumpy feeling. The weight loss supplement contains chemicals that improve moods. Positive moods ensure you continue with the weight loss technique because consistency and discipline in using the supplement are key.

#2 – Phen24

If you’re looking for a weight loss supplement that can help you lose 10 pounds every month, Phen24 is a great option. Not only does it help with increased metabolism, but it also directs blood in the right way and makes you burn calories faster. You’ll see results quickly and be able to keep the weight off long-term.


Phen24 is the first Phentermine alternative produced by Delta Health. The brand is fairly new in the market and they do not have the same level of Wolfson Berg. Nonetheless, the product is making waves within the industry, and the company has been visibly promoting and supporting the product.

Phen24, unlike PhenQ, which strive to simulate the overall effects of Phentermine, instead focuses on simulating its metabolism-boosting properties – one of the most fascinating things about Phentermine is its ability to continuously boost metabolism even at times when it should shift into a lower gear, for instance, when you are sleeping.

Phen24 promotes a new perception. It is a 24-hour weight loss solution. Now when you opt for any other weight loss supplement, then you will notice the fact that they encourage weight loss during the daytime time only.

These supplements ignore a vital aspect, and that is your sleep-time plays a significant role in your weight loss process. If you have poor sleep in the night, then you will never be able to get the desired weight loss results.

Now what tends to happen is that when you do not have sufficient sleep, then your body is unable to metabolize the carbohydrates. This means that your body will experience an increase in the production of insulin.

Thus your body will accumulate more fat. Sleep deprivation has a negative effect on your hormones as well. There is a stress hormone by the name of Cortisol. It is associated with weight gain. Due to lack of sleep, it will increase and so will the hunger hormone is known as Ghrelin.

Enhances Daytime Metabolism

Phen24 has been shown to enhance daytime metabolism, which is the process a body goes through in order to convert food into energy. The active ingredient in this supplement causes a rise in resting energy expenditure (REE), which is a measurement for how many calories your body burns at rest.

Increases Resting Metabolism

The product utilises a blend of patented ingredients to boost the resting metabolism and help in weight loss. The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the amount of energy expended while at rest in a neutrally temperate environment, in the post-absorptive state (meaning that the digestive system is inactive, which requires about twelve hours of fasting in humans). At rest in this state, the body will burn calories to maintain vital functions and temperature, while the brain and nerve cells require minimal energy. Basal metabolic rate (BMR) and RMR refer to the same processes.

#3 – Leanbean – Phentermine Over The Counter Alternative For Beginners

LeanBean is a manufacturer of health supplement that stimulates weight reduction by causing your body to lose extra body fats. It’s made specifically for women of all ages and is made up of a mixture of clinically-proven fat-burning vitamin antioxidants and nutrients that work collectively to achieve the workout goals.


When you are evaluating a genuine LeanBean review of this particular new female fat burning supplement, such as the lots of people on the market searching for high quality and safe fat burning supplement, you may have been studying the good points so many people are stating about LeanBean just lately.

Going by exactly what we have experienced, it’s obvious from a small amount of time of using this that it’s one of the high-quality fat loss pill supplements available on the market.

The advantages that the supplier who makes LeanBean ‘Ultimate Life’ features are:

  • It focuses on trouble spots of body fat
  • User-friendly and uncomplicated
  • Natural and safe
  • Burns extra fat

We all know it’s not more than enough to just go by what individuals say, all things considered, there are plenty of health supplements on the market claiming to offer the world but don’t actually tell you a lot about exactly what is in each pill.

A number of particular advantages of Leanbean:

  • Makes a tighter shape – reduces overall body fat percentage
  • Increased suppressing your appetite – This can help you stop being unfaithful to your improvement
    Estro Obstructing fat burning agents – Ingredients to reduce the fat stocking form of The extra estrogen.
  • Maintain sports efficiency – Keep higher vitality while exercising on fewer calories from fat.


  • Veggie friendly
  • Many verified fat loss constituents
  • Accelerates your metabolic process
  • Worldwide shipping and delivery
  • Refund policy
  • Made by a company with a decent popularity


  • Only available on the web
  • High Price

155 million People in America older than 20 categorized as obese or overweight, paying attention to your diet plan is crucial, and also it is a nation-wide issue, research by the American Heart Association (AHA). Weight loss supplements — viewed as a fast, short-term treatment for weight reduction – are commonly used by People in America. Phentermine, the anti-obesity substance, is a doctor-prescribed weight loss supplement which is considered as the remedy for obese or unhealthy weight by helping to control food cravings.

The amphetamine-like supplement is just suitable for use by people with an extremely increased BMI (Body mass index) as opposed to normal spectrum for their age group and height.

Is Phentermine Effective for Weight Loss?

It has been shown that yes, but the side effects of the supplement outweigh the benefits, doctors prescribe the supplement only to obese people under close supervision and for a short period of time. There are also natural alternatives to Phentermine, such as Phenq – a supplement with no side effects, but perhaps not as powerful as real phentermine.

This weight reduction drug is categorized as an anorectic — a solution that decreases an individual’s desires for food. Phentermine energizes the discharging of brain chemical compounds which will change your mind to suppress your hunger, which means you feel stuffed and consume less food.

The amount you eat can be reduced by the drug’s capability to decrease the assimilation of things like starchy foods and unwanted fat by the body, so they aren’t digested.

This weight loss drug is used along with an eating plan and workout course created specifically for you by your medical professional to help keep the pounds off.

This diet pill ought to be an add-on to a general weight-loss plan if you are several pounds over your usual targeted weight, says Mayo Medical clinic.

Phentermine Classification

The guaranteeing fat-to-fit substance is labeled as a Routine IV drug – one of the very most mistreated supplement throughout the world — although the real possibility of misuse is low, research by Gale Cenage Learning.

The U.N. International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) has informed phentermine customers that anorectic medicines can be habit-forming, particularly in females who are obsessive about becoming slim.

“They’ve been close to various forms since the 60s and are extremely addictive”, stated Professor Hamid Ghodse, CEO of addiction psychiatry at St. George’s Healthcare facility, London, the UK to the Daily Mail. While people today start to use them as an effortless way to shed weight, it may also be just as simple to get addicted.

Phentermine Side Effects

On the list of generally mistreated drugs, phentermine can wipe out those people who are “dying to be thin.” This diet pill is legitimately gained by way of a doctor’s prescription but is readily available on the internet for sale.

This weight-loss pill is the top recommended drug by weight problems treatment professionals, in accordance with an article released in the Yonsei Healthcare Journal.

While phentermine is just accepted for short-term use for 3 months or fewer, the possibly serious negative effects are apparent upon primary usage.

The anti-obesity pill can assist you to change from fat to in shape in a quick period although if you quit taking the pill, you’ll probably get back the body weight you firstly lost.

Because of this, phentermine ought to be used not as the main technique for losing weight but as a health supplement to a balanced diet and exercise. Based on Mayo Medical Center, side effects of this fast weight-loss pill may consist of:

  • Increased blood pressure level
  • Lightheadedness
  • Xerostomia
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Bowel problems
  • PULMONARY High blood pressure

In research released in the Yonsei Healthcare Publication, scientists evaluated the wide-ranging link associated with anorectic medications to pulmonary hypertension.

A 29-year-old female was admitted to the healthcare facility for bouts of dizziness and identified as having pulmonary hypertension.

Scientists revealed that 3 months before her healthcare facility admittance, she used phentermine for 2 or 3 weeks, which could give a probable link between phentermine and pulmonary hypertension.

Her signs and symptoms got better with treatment method, but further scientific studies are still required to look closely at the results of the pill under various dosages.

Do I need to exercise while I’m on a medication of Phentermine over the counter alternatives?

The most common weight loss medications are all classified as either anorexiants, or anti-obesity medications. These medications work in different ways on the body but they do not have any known interactions with exercise. For example, Phentermine over the counter alternatives should be able to be taken in conjunction with an aerobic or gym program without the interactions between the two negatively impacting your weight loss efforts.

Is Phentermine Available for Purchase Online?

In the United States Phentermine is a prescription drug, and it is only available over the counter in limited states.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, Phentermine is a powerful drug and can be abused easily. Secondly, Phentermine can have some serious side effects if it is not used correctly. Finally, because of its power and potential for abuse, Phentermine is tightly regulated by the FDA.

Don’t use phentermine if you’re expectant or breastfeeding an infant. You shouldn’t use phentermine in case you have a medical history of cardiovascular disease (vascular disease, heart beat issues, congestive heart breakdown, heart stroke), serious or out of control high blood pressure levels, overactive hypothyroid, glaucoma, a medical history of pulmonary hypertension, if you’re in a distressed state, or you have a background of pill or abusive drinking.

Avoid the use of phentermine in case you have had a MAO chemical back in 2 weeks.

An unhealthy drug connection could happen. Anti-depressants consist of isocarboxazid, linezolid, phenelzine, rasagiline, selegiline, as well as tranylcypromine.

Do I Need a Doctor’s Prescription to Buy Phentermine Over The Counter Alternatives?

No, you don’t need a prescription, it can be purchased without a prescription in most countries because they are promoted as diet pills and the FDA does not regulate them.

Is Real Phentermine Available Over the Counter?

Unfortunately, phentermine (and others like it) is only available by prescription. You can’t go to the pharmacy and purchase phentermine over the counter; it’s against the law for anyone but a doctor to prescribe a drug for weight loss.

This weight-loss pill has been suspended in a couple of countries because of its potentially harmful health side effects. In The year 2012, the Food and Drug Administration accredited the sales agreement of phentermine when other countries carried on to prohibit this diet pill.

Phentermine has been prohibited in Great Britain since 2001 after medical officials discovered that the usage of the pill could very well trigger the coronary disease.

In accordance with the BBC, this fast weight loss formula has been associated with leaks in the cardiovascular valves.

“This is usually in line using the instructions of a Euro Commission review which discovered that the potential risks of acquiring high blood pressure levels or coronary heart problems outweighed some great benefits of using this pill,” stated a Department of Health and fitness speaker to BBC News Online.

Are Phentermine Alternatives Safe to Use?

Hard to say, because each supplement is different and contains unstated ingredients, and over-the-counter phentermine alternatives are not all safe supplements. In the list above we have published the top 3 safest products that act like Phentermine. They are natural supplements with no side effects.

What is the Cost of Phentermine Alternatives?

When comparing the costs of phentermine alternatives, you will find that every diet pill will have a different price. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to the cost of Phentermine alternatives. For example, is there a trial period for the diet pills in order for you to see if the dietary supplement is working for you or not? Another important thing to point out is what ingredients does the diet pill contain, and is it easy to understand what they are and how they affect your weight loss routine.

The cost of Phentermine alternatives can vary greatly. For example, a bottle of PhenQ costs $ 69.99. Massive discounts apply if you buy 3 bottles (+ two free), so the cost per bottle reaches somewhere around 40 usd.

Realize that the cost may be different depending how much weight you need to lose. Also realize that other factors, like dietary restrictions and your medical history, will affect how much you spend on weight loss supplements.

Which of the OTC Alternatives is the Closest to Real Phentermine?

In this review of over-the-counter phentermine alternatives, we included PhenQ first because it is the best fat burner for both men and women, helping you burn body fat fast. The testimonials of real users are impressive, and the supplement has the same effects as real phentermine.

Final Thoughts in Choosing the Best Phentermine Alternatives Without a Prescription

People make use of a variety of ways of burning their body fat and calorie consumption from the body and get appealing thin and alluring figure.

PhenQ can give a number of health and fitness benefits which includes weight reduction which isn’t easy for any other fat burning plan. It gets rid of unwanted fat from without any negative effects and producing no problems for the body.

  • Body fat binder
  • Suppress urge for food
  • Improve rate of metabolism of body
  • Extra fat metabolizer
  • Thermogenic booster supplement

We have not identified any side effects to the supplements listed above, all 3 are the best Phentermine over the counter alternatives.

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