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Green tea is yet another popular product used for losing weight, but will help me to lose weight? Find out more by reading this review. Green tea extract  comes from a plant known as the Camellia sinensis, which as a hot or cold beverage, is unfermented (organic process  that converts sugar to acids) contrary to black tea.

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How Much Green Tea Extract Is Too Much

Ortte Skinny Tea

One green tea leaf equals one dried tea bag, subsequently equaling one cup of brewed tea.  To import the polyphenols, leaves and stems are brought to extreme temperatures by steaming them.

The polyphenols are what’s attributed to the prevention or lessening of swelling, joints degeneration, and to numerous outstanding side effects of consuming green tea.

A good brew generally allows for two or three minutes of “alone” time before it’s ready to drink.

green tea side effects

In comparison to coffee, green tea has about one third of the caffeine that’s in coffee.  Nevertheless, it’s the caffeine that has an impact on the neurotransmitters within a person’s nervous system, by accelerating the release of certain chemicals to help protect the heart, blood vessels and muscles.

Will green tea extract help me lose weight

The extract has tremendous medicinal value, meaning it will improve alertness and the mental thought process.  Additionally, green tea treats stomach problems such as diarrhea, it aids in bone loss and prevention of breast, prostate, colon, and lung cancers.

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It’s not unusual practice when treating Parkinson’s Disease by improving the brain’s capabilities, HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Crohn’s Disease, or managing abnormal cell growth in the cervix.  The list goes on to include kidney stones, low blood pressure, and chronic fatigue.

Moreover, people apply green tea literally to the skin as it soothes the effects of sunburn and prevents skin cancer.  Add to the fact that green tea has zero calories, one may sanction green tea as a super plant, baffling the experts.  Having said that, you should know that you can’t believe everything you see, read or hear.

There are plenty of bad side effects seen in green tea as well as imposters.

Green Tea’s Side Effects

Each and every one of us should contact a private physician before starting something along the lines of  holistic health care, whether we are implementing an herbal supplement or a diet pill.  Let us go over a few points.

  • Those suffering from anemia or a vitamin insufficiency should avoid green tea mainly due to green tea’s ability to firewall certain vital nutrients;
  • Tea contains caffeine and tannins – tannins can prevent protein from entering the body;
  • Youngsters, especially, should not consume green tea as it may cause bad teeth and could aggravate allergy symptoms;
  • A pregnant woman should not consume green tea in large amounts as it may cause certain kinds of birth defects. Truthfully, avoid it all together during the first trimesters of pregnancy as it has been connected to endangering possibly the mother and child;
  • Consuming too much green tea or green tea tablets can put one in jeopardy of an overdose.


As a long time partner, green tea, senna leaf and rhubarb root, are not a compatible match, therefore, it can be dangerous when taken in large amounts and the FDA knows about it.

Green tea has gained notoriety in the past years,  however, no clinical information provided positive feedback to the weight loss claim.  In light of its other extraordinary benefits, green tea is worth its weight in gold.

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