Is Green Coffee Bean Good for Weight Loss?

Green Coffee Beans Extract Review

green coffee beanSometime in September of 2012, Dr Oz introduced the listening audience to green coffee bean extract.
It’s this incredibly marvelous weight loss pill or fat burner that claims to drop pounds off a person fast without special exercise or diet.

Needless to say, since Dr. Oz is behind this Green Coffee Bean, there was a flood of dieters to take this product off the shelves. More impressive, Dr. Oz concluded his own examination using 100 female participants for approximately two weeks.

Dividing these women into two groups, the study found that the dieters who exhausted 400 mg of the extract daily, definitely lost a couple of pounds while the dummy pill brought forth a loss of one pound.

As it relates to a miracle pill, this claim loses its leverage. Nonetheless, green coffee bean could be around for a while longer provided it has continued health benefits.

Green Coffee Beans Explained

With the monumental response to the diet pill, has anyone reasoned what’s special about the green coffee bean or what perceives green coffee as effective?

It’s mainly titled green coffee bean because the beans are initially green. The beans are roasted, therefore, it’s responsible for the discoloration or variances of the Coffea fruits.

Ordinarily noted for its antioxidant properties, green coffee beans also contain caffeine and chlorogenic acid. While roasting, the chemical, chlorogenic acid diminishes, therefore, it produces weight lost qualities among other health benefits.

Green Coffee Bean Benefits

The casual drinker who downs two or fewer cups a day can reap tremendous rewards from the coffee bean extract.

The benefits of the chlorogenic acid in green coffee, include fighting against weight loss, are major significances to heart or cardiac disease, plus it offers glucose solutions to diabetics, among other conditions.

The main idea of chlorogenic acid appears to be weight loss without exercise. Also, coffee beans prove that it lowers blood pressure, people scatter the shelves, hoarding this particular supplement.

However, it isn’t producing that large of a deviation in weight loss as expected.

Green Coffee Bean Side Effects

Since green coffee extract surely contains caffeine producing elements, a person could experience heart palpitations, possible anxiety, diarrhea, and jitters.

Those symptoms will typically occur if the extract’s abused, if not an allergic reaction for the first time user.

If the interested person has pre-existing allergies to coffee or caffeine, he or she would be better off not trying green coffee bean supplements.

As well, follow the instructions precisely on the bottle. Additionally, that nursing, pregnant and underage should avoid Green Coffee Bean and as always, inquire a doctor’s advice before self-prescribing this or other supplements, herbs, and diet pills.


Buyer beware of imitations as they don’t do what the label suggest. Sadly, numerous companies manufacture dummy pills to the unsuspecting customer.

Check the product out before you purchase it by reading the label carefully. As with most supplements or diet pills, it must contain at least half of the primary ingredient to be a pure green coffee bean.

Remember, there are no overnight miracle cures to permanently losing weight. It is absolutely a lifestyle change which mandates a proper meal plan and a commitment to regular exercise.

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