Phen Ultra Reviews

Phen Ultra Mouthwatering Advertisement – Review

According to the advertisement of Phen Ultra, it is a powerful weight loss supplement that can help you with miraculous fat loss diet which suppresses your appetite and is extremely energetic as well. Moreover, it can also improve the mood of the person.

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phen ultra reviews

All this advertisement looks and feels adorable and exciting at the same moment. Now, let’s take a look at the formula or ingredients of phen ultra and try to figure out if this happens as advertised.

The Truth

By having a detailed study on this product, we come to know that there is no such advantage of phen ultra as advertised and thus, there is no reason left to take up this supplement.

There is a very low trust rating of the website; the ingredients are also not reliable since some stimulant ingredients are known to be present in phen ultra that cause various side effects.
All these facts suggest that everything advertised for phen ultra is false.

Ingredient Concerns

phen ultra ingredients

Phen Ultra is known to contain some potentially harmful ingredients in unknown quantities which can be hazardous to health. Below mentioned is the complete list of ingredients and their pros and cons.
1. PEA
Phen ultra is advertised as a best phentermine over the counter supplement wich works like Phentermine for which it contains PEA, a natural ingredient used in supplements as it increases alertness and also the dopamine and serotonin levels.
2. Stimulants
The stimulants include Yohimbine, Synephrine, and Caffeine. The mix of these ingredients can create some major health concerns as it can elevate the energy level, blood pressure, and heart rate. Synephrine is known to mimic stress effects on the body. Now, as advertised, using phen ultra can cause a loss of appetite, but along with that, nervousness and shaking will also be caused as side effects.
3. Nettle Leaf Extract
Using this diuretic will cause frequent urination. The loss of water so often will make the people think they are losing weight. However, the danger of dehydration is also there.
4. Glucuronolactone
This ingredient is found in a lot of energy drinks. It is safe to consume as long the consumed capacity is 1000 mg per day.
Website and the terms of sale issues.
There is lack of transparency in the sale issues and the auto billing procedure of the site is also not reliable. A US Supplement website called Slim Capsule is the seller of Phen ultra.

Upon checking, one can find various adverse reviews regarding this website and is classified as high risk. Moreover, phen ultra is not available anywhere else except than Slim Capsule. This also raises questions about the reliability of this product.

Phen Ultra is manufactured by a company called Global Alliance Corp. Now, Global Alliance describes itself as a professional company that excels in fulfillment services for the United States. While reading the terms and conditions, we come to know that Global Alliance Corp is, in fact, the parent company of Slim Capsule as well.

Concerns Regarding Phen Ultra

  • After getting payment details i.e. credit card details, Slim Capsule or Global Alliance Corp may start using the features for extracting more money from any other fees which the customer may not even know.
  • The auto billing is also a major concern while taking Phen ultra. Before being able to see the payment details and options available, the customer needs to join the site which initiates the concern of auto billing.
  • There is a high possibility of suffering from any kinds of side effects of phen ultra. These side effects have also been included in the terms and conditions, and it is stated that the reason for adverse events cannot be the base for demanding the refund.


By taking this supplement, you will possibly be gambling with your health. Most of the ingredients included in the supplement are known to cause harm to health in the form of side effects, and some are considered potentially dangerous as well. There is no information given on the quantity of ingredients which is of further concern.

The industry of supplements is an unregulated one. So, we should take extra care while buying anything that is available for sale openly. We have to ponder upon the fact that the readily available ingredients cannot necessarily be safe and thus extra care should be taken while taking any such supplement. It is better to abstain from every such product that can harm your health.

Side Effects of Phen Ultra

The side effects of Phen Ultra include:

  • Mood swings
  • Elevation of blood pressure
  • Chest pain
  • Disturbance in sleep
  • High dehydration risks
  • Tremors
  • Stomach pains

There is no such health warning mentioned on the label of the product. So, it is better to remain away from this product.

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