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Niacin Max is a supplement that claims to be able to help you reach your full athletic potential. It also claims to boost human growth hormone levels by up to 600%, increase muscle growth, speed up fat burning and help you achieve an athletic physique faster.

If all that sounds a little too good to be true, read on, and we will explain what Niacin Max is, how it works, what it contains, and we will tell you if there you can expect any side effects when you take Niacin Max.niacin max review

What is Niacin Max

Niacin Max is a Niacin (Vitamin B3) supplement that uses a unique delivery system to maximize the increase in red blood cell production, improve the levels of oxygen in the bloodstream, and increase HGH levels, through a relatively high dose of niacin that is that is delivered via a dissolvable strip that you place under your tongue.

What Are the Benefits of Niacin Max

There are three main performance benefits that can be gained from Niacin Max:

  • Increased red blood cell production

Increased blood flow and increased red blood cell production will increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are being delivered to the muscles. This will reduce fatigue and increase energy levels, which will allow you to work out harder and for longer and, ultimately lead to higher levels of fitness.

  • Increased HGH production

Niacin can increase the production of HGH by as much as 600%. That will make your body burn off fat more efficiently and it will promote faster muscle growth. Increased levels of HGH will also reduce the recovery time after a workout.

  • Increased oxygen flow to the brain

The increased delivery of oxygen to the brain that Niacin will create will improve concentration, and reduce reaction times, which could improve performance in competitive sports.

What Ingredients Are in Niacin Max?

This supplement contains 75mg of pure nicotinic acid (vitamin B3), most of which will be absorbed into the bloodstream, because of the dissolving strip method of delivery.

Vitamin B3 helps the body convert carbohydrates into fuel, improves the circulation, increases the production of some hormones, including HGH, and it also helps the nervous system function properly. Niacin is sometimes prescribed as a treatment for high cholesterol.

Does Niacin Max Cause Any Side Effects?

Large doses of Niacin can cause what is commonly known as Niacin flush. This will manifest itself as a tingling sensation in the chest and face and red or flushed skin. This is not harmful in any way and it will wear off. You can reduce the effect by taking an aspirin half an hour before you use Niacin.

Other, rarer, potential side effects of high doses of niacin are bloating stomach discomfort, and diarrhea. However, because Niacin delivers the majority of the niacin through the membranes in the mouth, rather than via the stomach, the stomach issues associated with niacin should not occur with Niacin.

Nevertheless, as the manufacturer rightly points out on their website, if you suffer from low blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease, stomach ulcers, you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or you are taking medication for any other medical condition, you should check with your doctor before you use Niacin.


  • Increases red blood cell production, which improves the supply of oxygen to the brain and the muscles
  • Increases HGH production by as much as 600%
  • Has been shown to improve physical performance, increase the fat burning rate and increase the rate of muscle development. It can also improve alertness and reduce recovery time
  • Has a no questions asked 67 days money back guarantee


  • It is quite likely that you will experience a niacin flush when you take Niacin, but that wears off with time
  • Niacin is quite expensive for a vitamin supplement, but not prohibitively so. At the time of writing this review, the cost of 30 strips is $39.99.

Our Verdict

There have been numerous studies into the positive effects that niacin has, both in terms of its ability to improve the supply of oxygen in the blood and in increasing the production HGH. Both of these factors do have the effects that the manufacturer describes of improving endurance, fat burning, mental alertness, muscle development and reducing recovery time.

Niacin, which is a form of vitamin B3, does occur naturally in foods, such as beets, tuna, brewer’s yeast, sunflower seeds, peanuts, salmon, beef liver, and beef kidney, and you can buy Vitamin B3 supplements that will be a lot cheaper than Niacin Max.

However, the unique oral delivery system that Niacin Max employs ensures that much more niacin is absorbed into the bloodstream than would be from food or from supplements taken in the form of pills, powders or drinks. The speed of absorption will also be a lot faster since the niacin does not pass through the digestive system.

The most common side effect associated with Niacin Max is niacin flush, which is not dangerous, so, subject to the proviso that you should check with your doctor first if you have any existing medical conditions; we have no concerns about the potential side effects.

In summary, we believe that the relatively high dose of niacin that Niacin Max will provide will help burn fat faster, build muscle mass and improve physical performance and mental alertness. We were also impressed by the no-quibble money-back guarantee and the level of detailed information that the manufacturer provides the supplement.

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