Ultra Slim Diet Pills Reviews – Safety & Side Effects information is Limited

Making up your mind which diet pills to take, in the hope of losing weight, may seem to be a bit difficult as the market is flooded with different kinds of dietary supplements and pills. However, you need to make sure that whatever you decide to buy, can offer some results, as well as be safe for you.

Sadly there are still many weight loss pills which are neither effective nor safe. These Ultra Slim diet pills, for instance, did not look that reassuring, and I would not be inclined to try them out.

Ultra Slim Diet Pills Review

For starters, there is very limited information on the pills themselves, and practically nothing about the manufacturing company, who is said to be called, Gentle Solutions.

ultra slim

Even though it is claimed that they are made only from natural herbs, the ingredients list was not made available.

This is another reason why these Ultra Slim diet pills do not sound so dependable. Simply stating that they are an effective and fast way to lose weight is not really going to guarantee results.

Does Ultra Slim Diet Pills Work To Lose Weight?

According to some reviews that were found online about these weight loss pills, they supposedly work by speeding up the metabolic rate and suppressing one’s appetite.

How this is done, and which ingredients are responsible for this, is not however discussed in any detail. All it says is that the functional ingredients in Ultra Slim diet pills will maintain the balance of the caloric intake, and those that are consumed.They reportedly also boost the fat metabolism and burn fats. They reportedly work in a dual manner; blocking fats, and accelerating fat metabolism.

In one review it has been reported that there were clinical experiments which proved that Ultra Slim diet pills made one’s metabolism speed up by up to 10 times as much.

Whether there is any truth in this claim is debatable. These pills are also said to control the ingestion of calories while allowing the individual to still feel properly satisfied. Thanks to the pure herbal essence, there is more satiety and improved fat control.


The lack of information about the ingredients used and their respective quantities, is not that reassuring. The only information regarding the ingredients used in the Ultra Slim diet pills is that there are cassia seeds, coicis seed, mulberry leaf, glucomannan, and extracts of daidaihua.

Side Effects

With regards to safety and possible side effects, information is very limited too. There is only a word of caution about the pills not being suitable for people older than 60 or younger than 18 years of age, and they should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

People who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, kidney or liver dysfunctions should also refrain from taking these diet pills.

How To Take Ultra Slim

Other than that, Ultra Slim diet pills are to be supplemented by a healthy diet, and one capsule per day before or after breakfast is recommended.


Ultra Slim diet pills are not that cheap, and yet there is no money back guarantee to be found, although this is to be expected considering that there is no information regarding the manufacturing company of these pills either.

We recommend to avoid Ultra Slim Diet Pills.

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