Hydroxycut Drops Reviews – Side Effects & ingredients

Hydroxycut drops are likely one of the largest weight loss products in use today. It is certainly one of the highly publicized fat burners worldwide. The distributors were fortunate to sell about a million units per year from 2008-2010 mainly due to its unyielding advertisements.

Although some may have just become familiar with the product, it has been around for at least a decade.

Hydroxycut Drops Review

Despite the fact that, following a warning issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Hydroxycut products were once voluntarily withdrawn from the market and reformulated, the brand remains one of the best-selling diet supplements.

Hydroxycut Drops Diet Punch Scam Legit

Hydroxycut Drops are flavored drops that you add to water that the manufacturer claims will boost energy and help you lose weight. On the Hydroxycut website, there are some very compelling details of a research study into the weight loss benefits of c. canephora robusta, the main active ingredient in Hydroxycut, that appear to back up the manufacturers’ claims.

Would the subjects of that study lose weight anyway? Or could Hydroxycut Drops really have been what made them lose weight? Here’s our detailed review of Hydroxycut Drops to help you decide.

Do Hydroxycut Drops Cause Any Side Effects?

The relatively high levels of caffeine in Hydroxycut Drops could cause jitteriness, increase in blood pressure, insomnia, dehydration, and headaches.

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If you are hypersensitive to the effects of caffeine, or you exceeded the stated dose, Hydroxycut Drops could cause more serious side effects, including heart attacks, hallucinations, heart palpitations and anxiety and. It should also be noted that high levels of caffeine can be addictive.

Hydroxycut Drops Pros

  • Aids weight loss
  • Boosts energy
  • Convenient
  • Tasty
  • Affordable

Hydroxycut Drops Cons

  • Caffeine side effects are a possibility
  • Very easy to exceed recommended dose

Will only work with a calorie controlled diet and exercise.

What are Hydroxycut Drops?

Hydroxycut Drops are fruit punch or peach mango flavored drops that you add to water and drink twice a day before meals. The flavored water approach to the delivery of Hydroxycut Drops is more discrete and pleasant than most other diet drops on the market, which are usually taken as drops placed under the tongue.

What Are the Benefits of Hydroxycut Drops?

The active ingredients in Hydroxycut Drops, which are primarily caffeine based, are designed to increase energy levels and boost the metabolism, which would keep a person more active and alert. When used alongside a low-calorie diet and taking exercise, the extra energy that Hydroxycut Drops would help you to burn off calories faster.

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While the water delivery system is certainly more appealing than taking pills or placing a drop under your tongue, it could also lead to accidental overuse of the product. The manufacture’s literature is very specific about not exceeding the recommended dosage.

What Ingredients Are in Hydroxycut Drops?

Hydroxycut drops fruit punch ingredients list lose weight

The non-active ingredients in Hydroxycut Drops are what you would expect to find in any fruit flavored drink, including citric acid and natural and artificial flavorings. Rather interestingly, though, the supplement also contains Ethyl Alcohol, so it may not be suitable for everyone.

The active ingredients per serving, which is about 2-4 teaspoons, are 50mg of caffeine, and 200 mg of green coffee bean extract.

The green coffee extract, or C. canephora robusta, has been proven to speed up fat burning and reduce the absorption of glucose. That, plus the stimulant effect of the caffeine, would have a beneficial weight loss effect.

Hydroxycut Pills Ingredients

Hydroxycut  (Pro Clinical) compounds the fat burning properties such as blueberries, pomegranate, Wild Mint, and Wild Olive extracts, Lady’s Mantle extract, calcium, vitamin C, Komijn extract and above all, caffeine.

Despite these ingredients, which are ordinarily healthy, can cause more harm than good.

Those troubled with heart and kidney complications, liver damage, of course, should consult a physician before starting any new herbal remedy, program or supplement.

Hydroxycut previously contained the muscular stimulant Ephedra causing over 150 deaths while using this supplement. Presently, Hydroxycut drops are leading the game when it comes to significant weight loss.

Hydroxycut Drops its thermogenic trappings, offers an upgrade (Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite) to the advanced bodybuilder which contains green coffee bean extract, yohimbine, cayenne pepper, and even higher caffeine levels.

The green coffee extract provides metabolic stimulation to speed up the fat burning process. However, the combination of caffeine and green coffee stored in the supplement may cause dizziness and headaches.

The makers of Hydroxycut Hardcore assures a burst of heightened energy will fill the body upon swallowing the pill nonetheless, there isn’t any evidence on this particular product.

Hydroxycut Studies

Since Hydroxycut is essentially a mixture of several ingredients, one study administered tests without one ingredient – caffeine. Rather, four main herbal ingredients, Lady’s mantle extract, Wild Olive Extract, Komijn Extract, and Wild mint extract, are used. The researchers employed large doses of the herbs on lab rats and chickens.

The results show that the chickens lost about 20% of their body weight and raised the rat’s metabolism rate. Other examinations confirm caffeine as the main metabolic boosting ingredient.

Keeping in mind that some develop a tolerance to caffeine, the positive results of using this brand are considered short-lived. Additionally, the evidence proves that caffeine doesn’t necessarily lead to weight loss plus what works in animals may not affect humans.

However, in a 12 week, random, double-blind and placebo (inert pills) study involving 34 human volunteers, it showed the first grouping lost a little over 20 pounds which placed them in the overweight category instead of being obese.

At the same time, the dummy or placebo unit lost considerably less, only 1.8 lbs with hardly any change in weight classification.

Our Verdict

Hydroxycut Drops provide a convenient way to boost energy levels, increase alertness, and increase the metabolic rate, and that could increase the rate at which you can lose weight when you are following a calorie controlled diet and taking exercise.

Our biggest concern with this product is the ease at which one could take too much of the supplement.

If you drank several cups of coffee in a day, and you drank water flavored with Hydroxycut Drops, you could easily exceed the maximum recommended amount of caffeine and begin to experience the side effects associated with excess caffeine.

The fact the supplement is taken as a pleasant tasting drink, rather than a pill, would also make difficult to monitor exactly much you have taken in a day.

In summary, then, we believe that Hydroxycut Drops could speed up the weight loss process when used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and exercise, but you should not take it if you are sensitive to the effects of caffeine and you should carefully monitor your total caffeine intake while you are using Hydroxycut Drops.

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