Trim Spray Diet – Oral Spray To Control Cravings – Review

Trim Spray is an all natural clinically formulated glucose spray that will help reduce your cravings for high calorie, high carbohydrate snacks. Trim Spray’s patented oral spray allows glucose to penetrate the bloodstream safely, quickly, and efficiently via the mouth.

As a result, Trim Spray absorbs fast in the body, is convenient and easy to use, has shown to achieve better consumer acceptability, and avoids stomach irritations that may result when drinking liquids, eating foods or swallowing pills.

Is Trim Spray more powerful than pills? Reduce Cravings + Burn Calories = Complete Weight loss.

Does Trim Spray Works

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Trim Spray is an all natural clinically formulated glucose spray that will help reduce your cravings for high calorie, high carbohydrate snacks. Trim Spray is mainly made of D-Glucose (dextrose). Dextrose is a simple monosaccharide sugar and is one of the most important carbohydrates and is used as a source of energy in animals and plants.

With a proven oral delivery system, Trim Spray penetrates the inner lining of the mouth which enables it to reduce cravings instantly and effectively.

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Revolutionary New Way to Reduce Cravings:

  • It’s simple! Take up to 5 sprays into your mouth and aim towards the cheeks
  • Will help reduce appetite when you are craving the after lunch candy bar.
  • Works with your brain to reduce your cravings for high-calorie & high carbohydrate snacks.
  • Will help you shave up to 2 pounds per week.

When To Use

When you have a craving just spray! You can now save calories by controlling your sweet tooth and junk food cravings throughout the day. Use at first sign of a craving-before, between or after eating and exercising, or before sleeping. Just imagine how many calories you can save in one day or for that matter in one week!

Clinical Studies

Scientists believe high intake of foods that contain high levels of sugar and carbohydrates alter chemicals in your brain that lead you to feel better or less stressed out. Foods such as pasta, sweets, bread, and candy increase the serotonin level in your brain making you feel more calm and relaxed. Trim Spray’s patented formula works to help make your brain feel more satisfied and full to reduce your cravings.

Trim Spray has been clinically tested with its results being recognized at a worldwide Obesity Conference. The
study was done by 27 males and 28 females all with a BMI between 27 and 52. Results showed that Trim Spray was, in fact, effective in curbing appetite and weight loss was seen on different levels across participants.

Appetite suppressants promote weight loss by tricking the body into believing that it is not hungry or that it is full. They decrease appetite by increasing serotonin or catecholamine – two brain chemicals that affect mood and appetite.


Rachel, a self-confessed fast food junkie, is ready to start improving her eating habits. This 26-year old has started using Trim Spray regularly. Rachel says, “Using Trim Spray is the best decision I ever made in 2011. It makes me stop thinking of all the sweet and fattening stuff I love. I lost 6 lb in the first month and I feel healthier and happier.”

With Trim Spray I’ve lost 9 pounds so far in 2 weeks and the only willpower I needed was to remember to spray whenever I felt a craving coming on. I’m feeling healthier and more alert than ever before.

Since I started three weeks ago, I’ve cut back on my daily tea breaks and I’m feeling freer. No more trips to the pantry. And as an extra bonus, I’ve dropped a dress size. How great is that!

I started using Trim Spray just five weeks ago and already I’m eating lesser and I feel so much lighter and happier. Whenever I feel like eating, I reach for my Trim Spray. I’ve also lost 12 lbs so far.

Over the last 10 to 12 years I’ve tried many different diets, but never managed to shed those unwanted 15 pounds. I now know why. I snack too often and my meals are irregular. After using Trim Spray for around 25 days I’m now down to my ideal weight goal.

I’ve never looked or felt better! As soon as I started using Trim Spray I noticed I don’t feel so hungry all the time and I kept on dropping the pounds. I feel healthier and have more energy now!

Wow! Wow! Wow! I have never been so satisfied in my life! This is like gold in a bottle for me… Trim Spray is an Amazing product!

I am only 2 days in and I’ve stopped craving for chocolate. This product really works!

About Trim Spray

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