How Effective is an iGrow Laser Helmet For Hair Loss

The Igrow Hair Growth System is a novel technology that uses LLLT i.e., Low Level Light Therapy to improve the growth of hair.

Does iGrow Work ?

The iGrow Laser Helmet is a hair-loss treatment that has been clinically proven to work. This device use laser technology to stimulate hair growth.

It’s important for users to know that the iGrow Laser Helmet is not a miracle cure for baldness, but rather an effective way to reduce hair loss and promote new hair growth.

Losing hair can make people lose their self-esteem and confidence as well.

Many technologies have been tried so far to help hair re-grow but very few have offered tangible and lasting results. Many even have adverse side effects.

The loss of hair is mainly associated with age. But there can be many reasons for losing hair.

Some of these include vitamin imbalance, stress, trauma, the period following a pregnancy, protein deficiency, and genetic conditions. It could also be the effects of birth control pills, medications, and chemotherapy.

Other reasons include dandruff, anemia, infections, auto-immune diseases, health conditions such as hypothyroidism, and hormones.

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Hair Regrowth Helmet – How Does iGrow Work

The iGrow laser hair loss helmet work by activating cells on the scalp. Each hair cell follows a predefined pattern.

There are three stages, of which the first one, i.e., anagen, is the most desirable and important one.

In the catagen or second stage, the follicle gets a chance to renew itself, but it is not guaranteed that it will be renewed. Unlike the anagen stage which lasts for six years or so, the catagen stage lasts only for a few weeks.

If the follicle does not renew itself, it shrinks and hair falls. The empty cell then stands there for almost 4 months.


All these actions keep happening concurrently on the scalp therefore, some cells are in the anagen stage, and others are in the catagen stage, and yet others are in the last stage that is the telogen stage.

Since the cells in the telogen stage are not dead but only dormant, they can be reactivated. The igrow hair growth system focuses on that.

Almost 10 to 15 percent of the hair cells on the scalp are in the telogen stage at any point of time, which means there can be an immediate increase of 10 to 15 percent of hair on the scalp.

Similarly, by stimulating the cells in the anagen phase, the igrow hair device, which is shaped like a pilot’s head gear with the ear phones, is able to prolong the life of the hair.

LED light diodes and red laser are used for such simulation of cells and prompted to function like hair follicles. The process takes anywhere from four months to six months.

This hair loss helmet is clinically tested and proven to be effective in treating thinning hair. The device is not difficult to use, and it is also portable.

The headphones in the device are compatible with those of an MP3/iPod. Another advantage is that the hands remain free while using this device.

Its shape is such that it covers almost the entire scalp. Therefore, hair follicles on the entire scalp are regenerated.

There are about 51 LED light + laser sources on the underside of the headgear, working at low intensity. The device can be controlled with a touch screen and the functioning of the iPod or MP3 is automatic.

Since this is an electrical device it requires compatible cables. However, the cables that are compatible with this device are universal (AC adapters) Auxiliary Cables. There is a remote control as well.

iGrow Laser Helmet Benefits

The igrow LLLT method for growing hair has many advantages and so it is a good idea to try it out if you are suffering from hair loss and want to do something about it.

Some of the main benefits of the igrow hair growth include:

  • a. It is a hands free way of stimulating hair growth;
  • b. The device is portable;
  • c. The device is multipurpose, i.e., it can also be used as an MP3 or iPod. Therefore, a person can do other chores while listening to music while the device is worn on his or her head;
  • d. The device is lightweight. It weighs merely 3.6 pounds;
  • e. The overall dimensions of the device are 12 inches by 6 inches by 9 inches.
  • f. The LED light as well as laser lights that stimulate the hair are spread well on the undersurface of the device so that no area of the scalp is left unattended and every part of the scalp gets covered with hair without having to move it to any specific part. So no part of the head looks filled with hair while other part looks without sufficient hair. Thus, evenness in hair growth is achieved thanks to the design and placement of these lights and diodes.
  • g. The technology has received a patent and has been clinically proven to be effective as well;
  • h. Since the light and laser rays being used are of extremely low intensity they do not cause any harm or side effects. In fact, they stimulate blood circulation to the brain and reduce stress levels, apart from making the person feel fresh and rejuvenated after using the device.


The iGrow Laser Helmet is a revolutionary product that stimulates hair growth. It has been designed to work with the natural hair growth cycle and is thought to be more effective than other treatments on the market.

The laser helmet is designed for use in conjunction with other hair loss treatments, such as minoxidil, finasteride, and topical solutions. It can also be used as a standalone treatment for people who have no other options available to them.