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Profolan is the new US made and effective anti-hair fall supplement, fighting against all the main causes of baldness in men, including the hormonal effect.

It is an oral consumable supplement in the form of a tablet that claims to solve the hair fall, by stimulating healthy hair growth and retaining natural color.

The manufacturer of this pill supplement (Nuvialab, founded in 2008) – a reliable Cyprus based company, claims that this potent pill consists of all the ingredients that help in hair growth scientifically.

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All the contents of this supplement are natural and deemed completely safe to consume.

Hair fall is a big concerned issued, especially in men. With age, men tend to lose their hair from the crown part.

It is termed as male pattern baldness or alopecia. As common and natural this hair problem is, still no one wants to stay with it.

And why would someone, when baldness makes one look older than his age and unattractive too? I have good news for all you guys.

What Is The Main Cause Of The Male Pattern Baldness?

The most common reason behind Alopecia is the hormone DHT. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a form of testosterone caused by an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase.

So when testosterone is formed into DHT, the whole hair fall thing starts. So to get rid of male pattern baldness, you specifically have to look after inhibiting the production of DHT.

How Does Profolan Works On This Issue?

As the makers of this supplement claims, Profolan is packed with all such ingredients those work on the main causes of the hair fall. So let us take a look on the ingredients it includes to get a clear idea.

  • Vitamin E and Vitamin B6

These two vitamins are important in boosting the hair growth. These vitamin work as a natural conditioner for the hair that nourishes and keeps hair in more manageable, soft condition, which keeps it away from any dryness and fizziness. They also help in repairing hair follicles, thus helping in hair growth.

  • Copper And Zinc

These are two important minerals for hair growth. Copper helps by healing any wound on the scalp, thus enlarging hair follicles that promotes hair growth. Zinc works as an antioxidant that prevents hair from losing its color and turning gray. It also strengthens immune system which indirectly helps your hair health.

  • Field Horsetail

This ingredient helps in rejuvenation of hair, thus helping them to grow healthier and fuller. It is loaded with vitamins that gives a healthy punch and fights against the causes of hair problem. This ingredient also cures dandruff and split ends problems by acting as a natural conditioner.

  • Extract from Nettle Leaves

This ingredient has many benefits for hair such as it reduces hair fall, promotes re-growth of hair, and treats dandruff problems. Thus, this is one of the contents that gives all-around protection from health fall.

  • L-Cysteine

This is an amino acid that holds the keratin strands of hair together that gives amazing moisturizing effect and prevents hair dryness. Along with this, l-cysteine also controls the production of DHT, which is one of the main reason for male pattern baldness.

Profolan USA Pros & Cons


  • It does what it says. This means it will work on your hair fall problem and will help you in getting rid of those bald spots.
  • This supplement inhibits production of DHT, a hormone responsible for male pattern baldness. Thus, solving the main cause of baldness in men.
  • It helps in boosting the blood flow throughout the body, including to the hair follicles and promoting good hair growth.
  • Profolan also ensures that the new hair grown are not weak and brittle. So you will end up with fuller and stronger hair than before.


  • An exact amount of each ingredient in this supplement is not disclosed.
  • There is nothing disclosed regarding any kind of refund policy or free trial scheme.

How To Use This Supplement?

It is an oral supplement, so you need to swallow the pill entirely with a glass of water. The suggested daily dose is 2 tablets, which you can take after your morning and evening meal.

Taking the pill with a meal helps in proper absorption of the supplements. Never take more than the suggested dosage, as that might lead to health complications.

How Soon Can One Expect The Results?

 The time mark to witness results is 90 days.  However, we all have different body types, and it reacts differently for everyone. So it is possible that you start seeing the results quite earlier than the time mark, or sometimes it may take few more days.

Are There Any Side Effects Involved?

This is a safe supplement without any known side effects. You will only find positive results till the time you are taking this supplement daily.

However, kids and women should stay away from Prolofan, as it is made for men suffering from hair loss problem.

Profolan - opinions about the anti hair loss product #1

Additionally, pregnant women should keep themselves away from even touching these supplements, as few ingredients can cause complications for them.

To wrap up, I feel this supplement is surely worth a try. After all, there’s no side effect and so many advantages. And who doesn’t want his hair back again?

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