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Getting rid of gray hair is something that many middle-aged people think about. Gray hair makes you look and feel old, and so it makes sense that you try to find a way to regain your natural hair color. Luckily for a product such as Go Away Gray, this can now be rendered possible.

In-Deph Go Away Gray Review

Go Away Gray is an all-natural hair supplement which does have the potential to bring back the hair color that you once had. You can notice results after 4 to 8 weeks.

Go Away Grey works by targeting the catalase enzyme. This enzyme loses its effectiveness as we grow older, and as a result, the hydrogen peroxide starts to build up in the hair follicles.

This results in the hair to turn gray because the melanin does not manage to enter and provide the natural hair color.

Go Away Gray is full of the catalase enzyme as well as important vitamins and amino acids. This supplement will be offering all the required nourishment to get rid of gray hair.

Go Away Gray ingredients

The best thing about Go Away Grey is that it is made up of natural ingredients like:

  • calcium,
  • Vitamin B6,
  • Saw Palmetto,
  • Horsetail,
  • Biotin,
  • Barley Grass,
  • Plant Sterols,
  • L-Tyrosine,
  • Gynostemma,
  • Manganese,
  • Fo-Ti,
  • Copper,
  • Zinc.

Each of these ingredients offers one or more benefits for the hair.

This unique formulation with the Catalase enzyme will stimulate the hair’s health as well as reduce the graying.

There will be a lower risk of mineral and vitamin deficiencies thanks to Go Away Gray catalase supplement.This formula contains natural ingredients without side effects.

When compare this supplement to other similar products on the market, Go Away Gray really works, is rather effective.

Has in fact received plenty of positive reviews and good feedback from customers. It also comes with a risk-free 60-day money back guarantee.

Do Go Away Gray Work, Can We Absorb Catalase?

To try to better understand how Go Away Gray works, and if it works, it is important to focus on the Catalase enzyme and related factors.

There are several kinds of gray hair pills on the market, and one of the first things to consider when taking into account that they all seem to direct their attention to the catalase enzyme is, whether we can absorb catalase

Catalase is, after all, an enzyme, which is basically a form of protein.

Considering that, when we eat food that contains protein – this is broken down into the amino acids that actually make up the protein.

Then, those amino acids get absorbed into the body. They are then used to do for various functions and needs, such as repair cells or build muscles.

Based on this, as catalase is made of protein, is there any evidence or proof that it can be digested and absorbed? As yet there does not seem to be any substantial medical evidence that this is what happens.

So, if we cannot absorb catalase, then how come are these pills that claim to contain the catalase enzyme? Does it work?

What About Sublingual Catalase?

The next question follows if we can’t digest catalase, what if we were to put a catalase supplement under the tongue soon absorb it in that way?

In that way, it could enter the blood system undigested. But, again there does not seem to be any studies to confirm that they can then support in regaining natural hair color.(1, 2)

Can we absorb catalase applied to hair from cream or shampoo?

There was a particular study which focused on the application of catalase to fish erythrocytes in vitro.

In this way, it did not have to go through the skin.(3)

Even with DMSO there was not any evidence that the catalase enzyme could be delivered in a transdermal manner.(4)

The types of molecules that get absorbed through the skin are very small and nonpolar, whereas catalase is considerably bigger and polar.(5)

It is completely understandable that nature does not just allow any kind of proteins to enter our system.

This yet again brings us to the debate as to whether such supplements do work or not, and if they do, how do they really work.

It seems that the Ginko extract in an alcohol solution can increase the SOD and catalase locally though.

There was a study that was conducted about the induction of superoxide dismutase along with catalase activity on various kinds of rat tissues with this kind of topical application.

Catalase enzyme activity was induced and there was a systematic increase in the activity of the enzymes thereafter.

Is Go Away Grey Scam or Legit?

Based on these aspects one can conclude that there is no actual or pertinent evidence that these products actually work.

There have been many claims as well as positive reviews that Go Away Gray did work for them, and one cannot ignore these. But one can say that the effectiveness is quite debatable.

Considering how the catalase enzyme is not possible to digest, get delivered transdermally or be absorbed by the skin, one is left to ponder about how it can indeed be delivered into one’s blood so as to then work on the hair follicles and subsequently, on their color.

The reversal of the graying of hair is a very difficult topic and one might conclude that there is not so much that can be done from a medical point of view in order to reverse it.

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