How Can Exercise Boost Breast Size Naturally And Quickly

One of the many benefits of exercise – particularly weight training – is that it can firm and tone the entire body. Men do bench press and pec flys to build their chest and some women do them too – believing it’s a natural way to enhance breast size. Does it really work? Is exercise to increase breast size really effective?

Exercise to Increase Breast Size Naturally?

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to enhancing breast size with exercise. You can’t boost breast size no matter how hard you work out, but you can get some other bust enhancing benefits.

breast exercisesThe breasts are made up of fat tissue, connective tissue and glands – and their size is determined mostly by genetics, but also by how much you weigh, and, of course, whether you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Underneath the breasts is a layer of muscle tissue called the pectoralis major.

Because the breasts are made up mostly of glandular tissue and fat, a way to increase breast size naturally is to gain weight, which most women don’t want to do. Some medications such as hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills also boost breast size because they contain estrogen which expands the glandular tissue.

Some internet sites sell herbal preparations that the makers claim will help to boost breast size, but there’s little evidence that they work. Most of these preparations contain phytoestrogens which have a very weak breast enhancing effect, but it’s unlikely to be significant.

You Can’t Boost Breast Size with Exercise, but You Can Boost Chest Size

The good news – doing pectoral exercises using weights will boost chest size if you do them consistently. When you do chest exercises using resistance, you build up the muscles underneath the breasts. This will enhance your overall chest measurement without actually increasing breast size…

Developing the pectoral muscles helps the breasts sit up a little higher and they’ll look “perkier.” Weight training can also enhance breast cleavage. For many women, this improves the overall appearance of their breasts.

Do Exercise Increase Breast Size?: The Bottom Line

You can’t boost breast size through exercise, but you can improve their appearance – and who says bigger is better anyway?

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