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Did you think you knew all there was to know about your body? Here are some fascinating facts about breasts that are sure to surprise you.

1) Your Breasts Don’t Weigh You Down

Though it would seem convenient on those you’re feeling a little heavy, your weight is not nearly as much your breasts fault as you might have suspected. Each cup size increases your weight by about a quarter of a pound. Here are the weight totals for each cup size: An A-cup is about a quarter of a pound. A B-cup is about half of a pound. A C-cup is about three-quarters of a pound. Finally, a D-cup weighs about one pound.

2) Your Breasts are Like a Broken Compass

Your nipples are not necessarily “headlights” like the media would have you believe. In fact, it is much more likely they point in any direction other than straight ahead. The direction of your nipples is entirely dependant on where the nipple sits on the breast. If the nipple is sitting a little southward on the breast itself, the nipple will also be facing in a southern direction. Also, nipples often point in different directions from each other.

3) Your Breasts Also Have PMS

Your breasts follow a cycle similar to your monthly menstrual cycle. Basically, when your hormones are at there most even levels, the tissue around your breast is at its smoothest and least tender. Not surprisingly, this occurs just as your period ends. The weeks before and during your period are the weeks that there is increased progesterone running through your body. These are also the weeks that your breasts are swollen and tender.

4) Fake Breasts Are Not For Young Porn Stars

About 90 percent of women who get breast implants get them after having a baby. The average age for breast implants, therefore, is older than you might think at 34. In addition to this, women-only increase their breast size by two cups on average with breast implants.

5) Size Doesn’t Matter

For cleavage, only two things matter to position and shape. The closer the breasts are set together, the more cleavage. Also, the fuller, the middle of the breast is, the more cleavage a woman has. On this note, exercise will never actually increase the size of the breast, but it may be able to lift them by increasing the size of the muscles on which they sit.

6) Breast Grow Past the Teens

The truth is, breasts will continue to grow until you are about 25. Even then, there are times when your breasts will continue to grow in size. These times are during pregnancy, and when you gain weight. Incidentally, a little known fact is that for some reason still unexplained by science, the left breast is usually bigger than the right breast throughout the life cycle.

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