There’s a new alternative to Celltech Botox injections on the horizon. Find out more.

Botox injections can help erase crow’s feet, the wrinkles many people get along the sides of their eyes when they smile, but few people enjoy being stuck with a needle. Tired of looking at crow’s feet in the mirror but don’t want to get Botox? A new and painless alternative to Botox is on the horizon called Bonta gel.

This new product has already been tested on over 500 people, and it significantly reduced the severity of crow’s feet, the lines that radiate out from the corners of the eye when smiling.

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Although these lines may give your face a bit of “character”, the majority of people who have them would like them to appear less obvious. This product could be the celltech Botox alternative many people are looking for.

Bonta Gel for Crow’s Feet: An Alternative to celltech Botox?

Why is Bonta gel such an exciting development? Unlike Botox that has to be injected under the skin to weaken the muscle that causes crow’s feet, Bonta gel is a topical gel you apply to the surface of the skin.

The gel contains Botox toxin combined with a peptide carrier that delivers the toxin to the muscle underneath. No needles required. Once the gel penetrates the skin, it travels to the orbicularis oculi muscle, the muscle that makes crow’s feet appear when it contracts.

This weakens the muscle and reduces the appearance of the lateral eye wrinkles so fondly referred to as crow’s feet.

The reason Bonta gel is so unique is it doesn’t need to be injected with a needle. It can be applied topically to the surface of the skin. There are no needles required, but it will still be available only by prescription.

You won’t be able to buy it at your local drugstore or cosmetic counter. You’ll have to ask your doctor or dermatologist for it.

Does Bonta Gel Have Side-Effects?

In the studies, there were no serious side-effects. The gel did cause a slight elevation of the eyebrows in some people, which is a potential risk since it weakens the depressor muscle around the eye.

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Many people like this effect and some specifically get Botox to give their brows a little lift. The researchers also didn’t find the topical gel made its way to other areas of the face.

It remained confined to the orbicularis oculi muscle where it helped to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet.

The Bottom Line?

Bonta gel is still in its testing phase and isn’t currently available. But once it reaches pharmacies, it’ll make it easier to tame crow’s feet without painful needle sticks and injections.

Until then, wear a sunblock and sunglasses that block U.V. light to help ward off under-eye wrinkles. If you need glasses, wear them. Squinting makes crow’s feet worse.

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