Youtonics Skin Collagen Drink Review

2022 UPDATE: This product has been discontinued and if you want to buy Youtonics, it is no longer sold by the official website. “Currently unavailable” on Amazon.

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A collagen drink by the name of YouTonics was recently brought in the market by Bauer Nutrition, after which people went crazy for it. After all, we all want a miracle which helps us stay young forever.

What exactly is Collagen?

These days collagen is all the hype in the beauty market. It is a protein in our bodies which gives the skin its elasticity and strength. Along with that, it is responsible for replacing dead skin cells in our body because of which it is favorite among industries to make luxurious products.

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After your twenties, you start losing your collagen in your skin because of which wrinkles and fine lines start appearing and no one really wants that.

So if you can maintain the collagen in your body either by nutrition or supplementation you can reverse your aging process. YouTonics Skin promise to deliver just that. Collagens in its products keep our skin fit and fabulous.

Collagen supplements come from where?

We often wonder how to take external collagen once our bodies are lacking in it as soon as we turn twenty and those wrinkles start to appear. If we think about external source then topmost would be the ever-popular Botox.

These collagen injections and creams simple remove those wrinkles which have formed over years due to our negligence for not taking proper care of our bodies.

Here’s the difference between ointments and injections which were once very popular, collagen supplements act from the inside of our bodies and less harmless to our skin with minimum side effects.

These supplements enter our body through our bloodstream and nourish from the inside, increasing the collagen production naturally.

Here’s the trick since they mess with our body so we should be very well researched as to which supplements to take and for that I ordered YouTonics skin as I heard great reviews about that. I wanted to know myself how it feels like and all.

So Did YouTonics Skin Collagen Drink Worked?

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YES. I personally loved YouTonics collagen drink by Bauer Nutrition. They made my nails grow much faster and they don’t chip anymore. My skin feels taut and hair are much shiny and healthy. I can’t stop raving about them now.

On their official website, they claim that it rebuild the collagen levels, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

This was a pretty heavy claim from some big company and no one claimed it before because until it wasn’t possible to reverse age and wrinkles with any beauty treatment or merely supplements.

Many thought they are marketing and it won’t work how a drink can do this. Only until people started using it and got amazed by how well it worked within a few days of taking YouTonics. This was a big thing for us ladies to be very specific.

Recently a study was also done on it that how an oral supplement can rebuild collagen and remove wrinkles. According to that study oral supplement does rebuild collagen and they do remove fine lines and wrinkles.

YouTonics Mechanism inside Our Body:

We all have heard the saying “you are what you eat” that couldn’t be truer with YouTonics. Whatever we eat or drink it’s clearly visible in our skin if we are taking a healthy diet our skin will be good similarly we are on the junk food side, it can be seen in our skin too.

Hence once your body is getting all the nutrients it starts showing on your face immediately.

YouTonics Skin Supplement Facts
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YouTonics have hydrolyzed collagen proteins, they contain 10.000 milligrams. If you want to get the full benefit of oral collagen then you must between 7.000 and 10.000 milligrams of collagen per day. Any deviation from this won’t reap you full benefits of it. So you would have to be very regular with your dose.

YouTonics Daily Dose:

You might be wondering you will have to be taking YouTonics twice or thrice a day to keep up with 7.000 and 10.000 milligrams of collagen per day rule.

The answer to that is NO. You only have to take 30ml a day. One bottle of it should last you for exactly nine days because there are 270ml in every bottle of your tonic.

If we compare YouTonics to other collagen making companies you would be surprised to know that they make really big serves as well as big bottles which are really not very convenient to carry around in case you are traveling here and there.

While taking this miracle small bottle of YouTonics don’t forget to shake it well, because you don’t want to miss even an inch of this goodness in that bottle.

Side Effects of YouTonics:

Before taking anything we naturally think whether they have any side effects or not. When we talk about YouTonics, not only this but none of the other collagen producing companies noticed any side effects of it only if it’s taken in limitation.

Like with all other things you should be careful that you don’t have any food or drug allergies before consuming YouTonics. Also pregnant and lactating ladies must consult their doctor before starting it because as we all know precaution is important.

Although it is a bit on the expensive side the skin feels so much fresh and healthier for me and I can’t stop looking at my nails. Never really knew collagen is so important in our bodies.


Women around the globe are exactly the same in one thing i.e. they would do anything to look pretty. Earlier they resorted to Botox and creams which was harmful to them but now more and more ladies are opting for YouTonics supplements because they are so easy to take and in oral form.

Even scientists have proven that oral collagen does work in building up dead cells in our bodies and making our skin strong and shiny.

The fact that it’s made by Bauer Nutrition which is a reputed company makes it really reliable. I can really trust YouTonics and so can you.

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