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Saying this may not be drastically wrong that Male Extra is a health supplement for people happy to bring back their reproductive health. All those happy to add spice to their sexual relations!

Is your love life not as interesting as it seemed to be before? If that’s the case, then you’re not the only guy dealing with this very problem.

Your reproductive health takes on a very important part of figuring out the way healthy your intimate relationship is or even will be. Without a doubt, females are demanding during sex so are you!

Therefore, to make your girlfriend get pleasure from your company more, you have to make sure you improve every specific element, as well as your sexual relations.

In terms of a woman’s pleasure during intercourse, size is important and are generally tougher and longer hardons!

What Is Male Extra?

It’s a penile enhancement supplement for each and every man ready to improve his reproductive health. This product strives to improve your lovemaking routines by strengthening you with more endurance during intercourse!

Strangely enough, Male Extra isn’t a new launch in the penile enhancement market. It’s a health supplement that’s been benefitting males with poor reproductive health, for almost nine years now! To your big surprise, it features a vast record of gratifying numerous buyers that have relied on this brand for their particular needs.

Male Extra features a solid individuality in the market. It’s one of the most respected and reliable penile enhancement supplements; men choose to improve their libido.

How Does It Work?

The majority of penile enhancement solutions all make the same commitment of a larger, tougher, longer lasting penile erection. However, they never deliver.

Male Extra is actually different: it really works because the constituents work together to make the penile erection tougher and sturdy. Does Male Extra do the job to improve hardons and heightened sexual performance to suit your needs and her?

Without a doubt, it lets you do this by natural means improving blood circulation to your male organ, as the more bloodstream moves in, the tougher you can get in your sac, the better the sex drive and stay, also known as bedroom endurance!

Each of the constituents in Male Xtra is organic, and this contributes to a boost the durability, solidity and height and width of your penile erection.

This is achieved by better the circulation of blood in your male organ. Bloodstream fills the tissue of the manhood during a penile erection. The more bloodstream your tissue can keep longer and tougher hard-on becomes.

sex hormone booster niacin included

The constituents in ME don’t simply make your penile erection longer, tougher, and larger, as it additionally produces stronger sexual climaxes. The improved circulation of blood does mean you’ll have more vitamins and minerals and oxygen in the tissues. Most of these are quickly sent to your tissues, making it possible to hold off ejaculation and delay exhaustion.

These penile enhancement supplements won’t just gratify you but your mate as well. Most of the ingredients in this product are organic and natural. As I have demonstrated in the ingredients part, each of them is made to make your penile erection not only hard but lasting. When you use the product fairly often, it boosts the nitric oxide supplement that generally flows in the body.

Nitric oxide supplement is probably the most important factors for penile erection. It’s the means by which bloodstream is shipped to the penis. As nitric oxide supplement generally flows, your arteries enlarge and unwind, improving the circulation of blood.


This Male Extra product got my consideration since it has a potent set of things that cause larger, longer, tougher and much better erection strength. The fact is several of these ingredients are usually organic Aphrodisiac or love pill guys have been using for hundreds of years.

Niacin 18mg (niacinamide)

Niacin grows and calms arteries that enables more bloodstream to circulate. A study released in the Publication of Lovemaking Medicine exposed that using niacin each day help males with erectile dysfunction maintain their hard-on. The identical research provided placebo to the additional half, which demonstrated zero developments.

Cordyceps 25mg

Cordyceps is actually a fixture in Traditional Chinese medicine because it’s been utilized as a good aphrodisiac. Cordyceps acidity, as well as deoxyadenosine, are classified as the chemical substances in Cordyceps which promote the part of the human brain that regulates full sexual confidence. Research released in the Publication of Alternative and Supporting Medication exposed that males experienced a boost as high as 64% in the firmness of their penile erection.

Zinc (as Citrate) 14mg

Research released in the USA Publication of Rhinology & Allergic reaction in the year 2013 demonstrated that a low zinc oxide diet regime for just 30 weeks decreases male androgenic hormone or testosterone by as much as 75%.

The same research unveils that improving zinc oxide consumption increases zinc oxide levels. A low androgenic hormone or testosterone level dissipates the sexual drive and makes penile erection difficult to maintain.

Male Extra consists of zinc oxide to maintain your androgenic hormone or testosterone level. Even for older adults, the zinc oxide level here is improved which means that your libido is always all set. Zinc oxide citrate is the sort used in this product because it is much easier to absorb.

L-Methionine 100mg

L-Methionine is surely a protein which will keep histidine from turning out to be histamine. The more histamine the body has, the faster the male orgasms and ejaculations happen. This particular protein helps to keep histamine levels lower, and that means you won’t have problems with early ejaculation.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100mg

This is actually the organic mineral sulfur in natural form. Also, it encourages the circulation of blood to your tissue and skin cells including your male organ. MSM fortifies your skin cells. Therefore, they’re in a position to be fertile. The MSM in this product causes generation of flexible tissues that have more bloodstream.

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acidity 500mg

The ellagic acidity in pomegranate extract is a free radical cleansing which increases blood circulation. Research carried out by Sumner, MD., Elliott-Eller, L., et al. unveils that consuming pomegranate seed extract improves the circulation of blood by as much as 17% in 3 months. Research revealed in the Worldwide Publication of Erectile dysfunction Research says drinking pomegranate seed extract for 2 months noticed enhancements in heightened sexual performance and lasting hardons. Ellagic acid additionally delays exhaustion during intercourse and other activities. Ellagic acid offers safety in opposition to foreign bodies.

L-Arginine HCL 600mg

This protein changed into nitric oxide supplement in your body, improving penile erection and heightened sexual performance. Males with erection dysfunction will see changes within 30 days, improving remarkable ability to maintain a harder erection. L arginine increases your nitric oxide supplement levels which boosts lovemaking performance. What actually makes this product powerful is the amount. Having 600 milligrams of L arginine, you’ll obtain a larger, tougher penile erection that endures longer too.

What are the Side Effects?

There are zero negative effects related to this high quality that can help males get larger, tougher, longer male organ. However, if you’re an older person and taking medicine, confer with your healthcare provider before you take this solution.

The only moment you might experience negative effects with Male Extra improvement pills is that if you are taking more than the advised medication dosage.


  • Increased blood circulation to your male organ
  • Larger manhood size
  • Far better cellular overall health in the penile
  • Harder erection strength
  • Longer enduring hardons
  • Stronger sex drive
  • Greater enjoyment during intercourse
  • Your better hard-on ups the partner’s satisfaction too
  • Several ingredients in Male Extra (like zinc oxide) promote much better health and wellness, too, which is usually perfect for your romantic endeavors


  • The product is actually available on the internet
  • The time that it requires to produce results can vary

Dosage Recommendations

One bottle of Male Extra consists of ninety pills, which is meant to be your 30 days’ supply. To appropriately use this product, all you have to do is use 3 pills on a daily basis. That’s it! Its regular use for. Three to six months will make it possible for you to improve your male organ size by 0.7 to 3.6 inches. It’s recommended that the product has to be taken in conformity with the manufacturer’s directions.


 Male Extra has the power to treat erectile dysfunction. Is the best supplement for men today – I strongly recommend this. 

If we talk about its rival, then VigRX has the same effects and results as the Male Extra has, so the only thing that differs is a price, VigRX is less expensive than the male extra. In our next VigRX review we will reveal that why this is an economical option in terms of price than the male extra. Stay tuned.

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