What Causes Breasts To Sag At A Young Age

Do your breasts not appear as perky as they used to? This is a common problem in women who are over the age of forty, particularly if they’re well endowed. Large breasts tend to sag more quickly which can be a source of distress for many women.

Is there a way to fix saggy breasts and get back that youthful perkiness?

What makes breasts sag in the first place? Breasts are supported on the chest wall by a network of connective tissue and ligaments.

Over time through repeated pregnancy and changes in weight, these ligaments become stretched which causes the breasts to hang lower on the chest wall. An event that can result in saggy breasts is the onset of menopause.

During this time, breast volume is reduced as the milk glands become inactive and start to shrink.

This can result in the breasts appearing deflated and saggy like balloons after the air released. Pregnancy also tends to accelerate sagging of breast tissue.

How quickly your breasts sag is determined by genetics, the number of pregnancies you’ve had, the size of your breasts, and your age.

In addition, repeated weight loss and weight gain can play a role in the weakening of the ligaments that result in saggy breasts.

Smoking also seems to have an adverse effect probably due to its effects on connective tissue.

Once you determine that you do, indeed, have a problem with droopiness, it’s natural to ask if you can fix very saggy breasts.

The answer is both yes and no. Short of plastic surgery, there’s no way to return saggy breast tissue to its former perky state.

The good news is the appearance of saggy breasts can be improved by selecting a bra that fits properly and has good support.

Choosing a bra with the proper cup size and adjusting the straps a bit shorter to add additional lift to the breasts can make a dramatic difference in how breasts appear.

Many women have the appearance of saggy breasts because they’ve chosen a bra size that’s too large for their breasts.

Sometimes simply going down a bra size can significantly improve the appearance of breasts that droop.

To get a fit that’s more flattering to your breasts, make an appointment at your local department store to undergo a professional bra fitting. You may be surprised at what a difference it makes.

Other strategies you can use to help fix very saggy breasts are to build your pectoral muscles.

When the pectoral muscles are developed, it gives a subtle lift to the breasts which can be flattering.

When you look at women who are serious bodybuilders, you very rarely see evidence of breast droop. Weight lifting and other forms of resistance exercise can transform your entire body and give you more confidence regardless of the state of your breasts.

Some women who are confronted with sagging breasts consider plastic surgery. Although this can improve the appearance of the breasts even expensive surgery isn’t a permanent fix for saggy breasts.

Eventually, the ligaments will weaken again resulting in drooping of the breasts.

It’s important to keep in mind that most women have some degree of breast sagging unless they’re completely flat-chested.

Stop comparing your breasts to those in fashion magazines where the women have been airbrushed and digitally enhanced to achieve an ideal.

This isn’t reality. Sometimes self-acceptance is the best cure of all for breasts that are less than perfect.

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