Women Embracing Gray Hair – 6 Reason To Keep Natural Beauty

Embracing gray hair is intense to many people and can be scary too. In this century, the value of women is mostly caught up with the notion of beauty. The struggle and the pressure are real. But do you have to color your hair to hide the greying? The answer is no.

Good news is life is not over when your hair starts to grey; it is the beginning of a gorgeous life ahead. The following are reasons why you should never dye your hair for the purpose of hiding your natural beauty:

1. It’s a Show Of Self Love

When you go grey and embrace gray hair that takes courage. It is a beautiful sign of self-love. It gives you an opportunity for you to see a true reflection of yourself and not what you want to look like the other people’s eyes.

Rocking your body os it gives you energy that is reflected on other people and you suddenly become a figure of admiration.

It shows that you are embracing fully who you are shamelessly and unconditionally. It shows you are going against the notion that everyone has, which instantly makes you more beautiful to other people.

2. Embracing Gray Hair Gives You Confidence

This sounds ironic because you’ll have to be bold for you to go grey first, so what happens is that it gives you an opportunity to grow your confidence.

When you face your fears rather than hiding or running away from them, with time you become more courageous not only in going grey but also in other aspects of your life.

Products that you apply on your hair as a source of confidence to feel beautiful actually work in the opposite way. Most people have confessed to feeling more insecure.

This is because even after dyeing your hair, the silver roots grow and appear fast, therefore you tend to do crazy things in order to conceal.

For instance, applying mascara on the grey roots then later wondering if people are noticing is another example of insecurity.

3. It Is a Fashion Statement

Grey or silver hair is the new black. A while back, it was very rare to find a young lady or gentleman with grey hair, thus if you see one, they are intriguing.

This caused an awakening in the fashion industries and they started making grey wigs and dye, which is now very popular on runways.

Artificially getting grey hair is neither an easy procedure nor cheap, and more so for people with dark hair.

Therefore, if you are naturally grey colored whether prematurely or out of old age, you have a blessing to count. People are going through a lot of trouble to get the hair that you have.

You might as well choose to enjoy the free awesome blessing.

4. Liberating

For one, you are not fooling anyone that you are yet 20 by coloring your hair. Dyeing your hair calls for a lot of dedication and resource. If not well taken care of, dyed hair will be left dry and varying in color, which is very catastrophic.

When you decide to go grey and stop dyeing your hair, a sense of liberty comes with it.

Embracing who you are and not giving much thought about what people think about your style is hugely freeing.

Surprisingly, no one cares as much as you think as long as your hair is clean and well cared for.

It’s a high time you say no to slavery. It’s only fair; we are in the 21st century.

5. Makes You Unique

A fact speaks for itself. However vanilla you are, going grey will make you stand out one way or the other. It commands attention in all the right ways. Grey is bold, grey is rare, it is eye-catching and nothing beats that.

Going grey is a good way of being a rebel against beauty standards. People will look at you with admiration wondering why they are using a ton of money and time dyeing their hair.

Embracing your hair does nothing but add substance to your existence.

6. Enables You To Embrace Change Easily

There is nothing as permanent as change, in fact, you can always count on it. In embracing your grey hair, which is a bold move, your consciously start taking change easier than other people.

How much better can it get?
You might not notice it at first, but you sure will be a notch higher than the person next door who is trying to fight change so much by dyeing their hair.

It might be scary and even the thought of it gives you goosebumps, so take it easy on yourself first.

Change the attitude of beauty that is in your mind then go for it. You might consider changing your hairstyle or cut to soot the greying, which will always work.

You never know, greying might be your blessing in disguise of your greatest attribute.