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Grey hair has certainly taken its trendy walk down the hall of beauty, fashion and fame with pride lately. Years before women would perform incredible tricks attempting to hide their grey hair.

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Now young women are dying to die their hair perfect shades of grey! Honest to goodness… they are! Although this has been the ‘in thing‘ to do recently, researchers are still trying hard to invent ways of preventing the inevitable from happening.

The Grey Areas

grei hair areaOne misconception about grey hair is that the hair turns grey while in fact, the opposite is true. Grey hair grows just as any other strand of hair on your head.

Each time you lose a strand, however, and another one grows to replace it.

What we may not know is that the cells that form the pigment in our hair breaks down and the hair begins to take on a new color.

As we age, our skin shows the effects and the hair is no different. If you are over 50, chances are you have grey hair.

Well, that’s what Dr Anthony Oro says and he’s a trusted professor of Dermatology at the prestigious Stanford University and Dr Heather Woolery Lloyd, who’s in charge of the ethnic skin care department located within the University of Miami School of Medicine, agrees with him wholeheartedly.

Ethnicity Matters

One of the grey areas they never told you about is that race does matter. Yes, your ethnicity does make a difference when it comes to bearing grey hair and it determines which race will inherit the white or silver hairs the earliest.

Surprising to some, white people normally grey the earliest, especially those owning a true shade of red. Next are Asians and last of three races are blacks.

What’s your lifestyle like?

Are you eating properly? Taking your vitamins? Are you still smoking? All of these things could affect the pigmentation of your hair and skin.

Yeah, these are the grey areas they never told you about. If you’re not getting enough vitamin B12, this could be the reason you’re losing some of your hair.

Load up on carrots and foods that help to flush the body and digestive system of toxic waste.

Does Worry Cause Grey Hair?

If stress can be the cause of hair loss, certainly grey hairs would be another sign of stress… right? I mean, it wouldn’t directly make your hair grey, however certain illness or the consequences of an illness or treatment could have an impact on hair coloration.

Covering The Grey

best hair dye colorsSome people still are against the idea of having grey hairs and would do anything to get rid of them.

You can purchase simple solutions such as hair dye, but maybe you’re not to sure how to go about it.

There are specific responsibilities that come with covering the grey areas and you should be aware of what it means to actually dye your locks so don’t be afraid to ask questions like these:

Can you permanently remove grey hair?

Some experts say you can you stop grey hair from popping up. The idea is certainly better than trying to hide it.

Yes, you can ultimately get rid of the grey indefinitely and avoid those awkward moments. Read also: “New Cream anti Gray Hair called PC-KUS” article.

Should I Dye Or Use A Rinse?

While rinses are a temporary fix for color, a rinse will not color the grey areas. Be careful when dyeing your hair as it can cause particular damage to the hair, especially if you don’t give your hair the nourishment that it needs to keep your strands looking healthy and shiny.

Maintenance Support For Grey Hair

To help grey hair look and feel its best, give your hair the best natural hair products available so that it’s properly nourished and eventually reverse the process of sprouting grey hairs.


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