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Ultra Forskolin Extract Drops are diet drops that are primarily intended to be an appetite suppressor and a fat burner. The drops are designed to be taken twice a day before main meals.

Forskolin extract gained some fame as weight loss ingredients when it was featured on various TV shows, including The Dr Oz Show and, as the name of this supplement suggests, the active ingredient in Ultra Forskolin Extract is Forskolin extract.

If you want to find if this one-ingredient diet drop could help you lose weight, read on, and we will explain more about Forskolin Extract and what it will do to your body when you take it.

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Ultra Forskolin Extract


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Some people do report that it helped them lose weight
  • Natural ingredients


  • Unlikely to produce weight loss
  • Potential for side effects
  • No clinical trials that back up the weight loss claims
  • Unpleasant taste

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What is Ultra Forskolin Extract?

Ultra Forskolin Extract is relatively simple diet drop supplement that contains the active ingredients Forskolin Extract, which comes from a relative of the mint plant that is grown in Nepal called Coleus forskohlii.

The makers of these diet drops promote the product as an appetite suppressant, and customer reviews of the effectiveness of the drops in that respect are surprisingly positive.

Ultra Forskolin Extract drops are designed to be placed under the tongue, twice a day, about fifteen minutes before each main meal. That, the manufacturer claims, will reduce your appetite, both at meal times, and throughout the day.

What Ingredients Are in Ultra Forskolin Extract?

The one and only active ingredient in Ultra Forskolin Extract is Forskolin Extract, which is a natural herbal remedy that is used in a large number of weight loss products.

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Forskolin is a natural substance that is found in the roots of the Coleus forskohlii plant and it has been used for centuries to treat ailments such as high blood pressure and heart complaints. It can also be used to treat allergies, irritable bowel syndrome and respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

There have been many claims that Forskolin has fat-burning properties, but very little clinical evidence has ever been provided that backs up those claims.

In fact, the two human clinical trials that we could find the details of, demonstrated that, while Forskolin may help prevent the development of new fat mass, it does nothing to burn off existing fat.

It could, therefore, be useful in preventing weight gain, but it is unlikely to be of much use in weight loss.

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Will Ultra Forskolin Extract Cause any Side Effects?

While we could find no evidence to suggest that there have been any side effects reported that have been directly attributable to Ultra Forskolin Extract, there are some known potential side effects associated with Forskolin in general.

Forskolin has caused an irregular heartbeat in some people and it does lower blood pressure so, if you already have a heart condition or you suffer from low blood pressure, you should avoid taking anything that contains Forskolin.

Our Verdict

Despite the claims by the manufacturer of Super Ultra Forskolin Extract and the manufacturers of other Forskolin Extract supplements, there is no clinical evidence to back up the effectiveness of Forskolin as weight loss ingredient.

Super Ultra Forskolin Extract Pros would appear to be safe to use and there are people who do say that is an effective weight loss supplement.

However, in our opinion, if you want to lose weight, You’d be better off sticking to a healthy diet and a routine of regular exercise.

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