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Well, if you are an ardent shopper keen to buy bodybuilding supplements and steroids, then you might have come across Crazy Bulk also. Crazy Bulk products can be termed as prescription grade anabolic steroids alternatives or supplements. People use them to build up the muscle mass and increase the stamina.

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Interestingly, Crazy Bulk makes some outrageous claims also. It claims that you can transform your body in just about 30 days and it boasts of the fact that you will not have to deal with any side effects when you opt for Crazy Bulk.

This picture sounds too good to be true. This means that we need to evaluate the facts further.

An Overview of What Crazy Bulk States

Crazy Bulk states that they produce their supplements in the cGMP facility in the United States of America. This company claims that you will start to witness the changes in your body in just about 2 to 4 weeks.

 The truth is that steroid alternatives cannot bring results as fast as steroids when it comes to building your muscle so this is a debatable topic. 

Digging Out the Reality of Crazy Bulk Supplements

Let us start with some words of wisdom.

Omissions cast suspicions!

Same is the case with the Crazy Bulk Supplements. The company has made quite a mysterious statement in the FAQ section. They state that all the ingredients used in the products are listed in the product section, but we were in for a surprise when we checked out one of the products. The ingredients were listed, but they sure gave us skeptical and apprehensive.

The reason being that the majority of the ingredient list comprised of natural ingredients, so they sound too good to be true.

 Everyone knows that a steroid alternative supplement that promises results as quickly as in 30 days will surely have more powerful ingredients in comparison to the natural extracts. 

To any person, this may sound like a red flag alert.

The Debatable Question: Can Crazy Bulk’s Supplements Be Trusted

 Crazy Bulk gives the impression that the results of the supplements are more like steroids.  

This is why there is a chance that you may get results but at the price of your health. The reason is that if the mysterious ingredients are not revealed, then you are unaware of the bigger picture and the side effects of these ingredients. Plus, you are not even sure of the results.

Crazy Bulk’s Supplements Side-Effects and Legal Issues

 We are unaware of the complete ingredient list. This is why we cannot be sure whether the supplement uses legal ingredients only.  

This means that the trust factor is non-existent with Crazy Bulk’s steroid Alternatives. This is also doubted that these unrevealed mysterious ingredients could be steroids.

Let us dig down into our doubts a bit. When we talk about steroids, then there are two basic types. You will come across anabolic steroids or steroid precursors. The Anabolic steroids are a variation of the well-known sex hormone that is Testosterone.

When you use Anabolic steroids regularly for increasing the muscle mass, then it comes with a heavy price. You may experience an elevated cholesterol level and high blood pressure. We all know that high blood pressure can be a silent killer if goes unaddressed.

There are other less serious side effects of Anabolic steroids also. For example, you may suffer from decreased hormone levels or acne. You need to have some legal awareness when it comes to the use of Anabolic steroids.

They are graded as Substance III, and this is why it is not legal to be holding their possession without a formal prescription from your physician.

The supplement may have the steroids precursors. When you consume the steroid precursors, the body converts them into anabolic steroids. What you need to know is that if we look at the records of 2012, then you will only find one steroid precursor that falls in the legal category. This steroid precursor is DHEA.

This is why there is a possibility that Crazy Bulk’s supplements may be having DHEA.

Crazy Bulk Promoting Supplements Through a Questionable Medium

Do you know that the medium of marketing of a particular product can also give you an idea if the product is genuine or not?

If you are lured to opt for Crazy Bulk’s supplements, then make a note that this product is marketed using an independent affiliate network.

 The particular network often posts fake reviews. This is why you cannot buy their word. 

“Fake Marketing medium means unreliable supplements.”

Uncovering What the Consumers Are Saying

Testimonials endorse whether a product is reliable or know. You do find testimonials on the website of Crazy Bulk, but the problem is that you cannot trace those clients. You do not get access to their social media profiles or any clickable links to ascertain whether the customers are genuine.

Now, let move to a conclusion. The truth is that Crazy Bulk has big claims to it, but it does not provide evidence to convince the buyers that they are making the right choice.

 For example, Crazy Bulk fails to present a scientific study on how these supplements work on the human body. 

Secondly, the company uses shady techniques. They have incredibly high prices too that puts you in doubt about whether you should go for this supplement or not. For example, Clenbuterol costs about $61.99. This is why it is advisable that you should go for supplements that are backed by evidence and offer cost-friendly prices so that you can buy them with ease.

Since there are many unanswered questions, you cannot assume that Crazy Bulk works as well as anabolic steroids, so it is better to avoid it.

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