Homemade Body Butter – Anti Aging Natural Skin Care

Wondering! What is the best homemade body butter after a shower? An aromatic oil or one of the special body butter: shea, coconut or cocoa?

The diversification of body care products gives us the opportunity to choose and test much interesting homemade Body Butter that we consider attractive.

Complexity and diversification are concepts used in marketing to cover the wishes and demands of customers, who have become increasingly curious about everything that is new and pleasant.

Currently, even the most inattentive customers will be attracted by a certain product, newly appeared on the market, which captures their attention and attracts their curiosity.

After the first creams appeared on the market of body care products, which were successful for more than half a century, the people in the field of commerce attracted the best specialists in the field of finding the most hidden desires of people and how they would attract to change their lives, ultimately.

Although creams and other traditional methods, such as lubrication with cooking oil, have been the only ones in the attention of consumers of body care products, in the present century, the trends are new, innovative, and fresh.

Nowadays, more and more women, young or mature, have tried or at least heard of body products, made from shea butter, coconut, or cocoa.

The tendencies to use shea butter, coconut or chocolate are in fact healthy habits for nourishing the skin, for maintaining the elasticity of the skin, but also for personal comfort.

Although creams and oils have so far been the only alternatives, shea butter, coconut or cocoa come with something new in addition: a new texture of the product, a new smell, unique and memorable, another result, more emollient and new. Each is rich in vegetable fats and great.

It is important that the butter is applied by rotation or alternatively, if you have at least two of the three products mentioned in
the house.

After long periods of time, in which we have become strangers to our bodies, but some passionate slaves of the career, we begin to prepare for a period of shopping. The most important thing is to create a list of products that specialists say are the best for our skin and for the skin of our loved ones.

The wonder and curiosity or question about what products we use now belong not only to relatives, acquaintances, and loved ones, who want to pleasantly surprise us, but cosmetics retailers are increasingly interested in the products used to find out our desires and to improve them. In marketing, innovation, technology, and research about others are the most important activities. These are the key
words of market research specialists.

I still want to introduce you to each product, because it is important to know what you can do with the butter you buy, be it shea, coconut or cocoa. All can also be used for hair masks, nails, or face. It is important to know that they can be used simply or in combination with other ingredients to create super nourishing masks.

Is shea butter good for your hair?

The most important thing to know about the shea butter is that it dissolves at body temperature. Advocates of its utility for skincare keep up that it retains quickly into the skin, acts as a “refatting” specialist, and has great water-binding properties.

Shea butter is basically utilized within the beauty care products industry for skin– and hair-related items (lip sparkle, lip adhere, skin moisturizer creams and emulsions, and hair conditioners for dry and delicate hair).

It is additionally utilized by cleanser producers and rub oil producers, ordinarily in little sums, since it has a bounty of unsaponifiable, and higher sums result in a milder cleanser that has less cleaning capacity.

Shea moisture raw shea butter restorative conditioner

A few artisan cleanser creators utilize shea butter in sums to 25% – with the European Union directing the most extreme utilize around 28%, but it is seldom the case in commercially created cleanser due to its tall fetched compared to oils like palm oil or pomace (olive oil).

It is a great emollient for dry skin. No, prove appears it may be a remedy, but it lightens the torment related to snugness and

For medicinal purpose

Shea butter for sunburn is now and then utilized as a base for restorative treatments. A few of the confined chemical constituents are detailed to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, emollient, and humectant properties. Shea butter has been utilized as a sunblocking moisturizer and a few of its components “have restricted capacity to retain bright radiation”.

What is shea butter made from

Shea butter is made from the shea tree seed. This butter of vegetable root is amazingly wealthy in Vitamin A, awfully moisturizing and with mending properties on the skin.

Vitamin A in shea butter is amazingly successful in treating numerous issues such as dermatitis, dermatitis, and indeed in blurring wrinkles.


Whenever you want and need to travel to a place where there are coconuts trees and a beach to stay on, remembering our ancestors who lived there for centuries, you may try to eat coconut and treat yourself with an extra bonus: go and shop for coconut butter to smell like a woman from an island.

Naturally speaking, creamed coconut, moreover known as coconut butter, maybe a coconut item made from the unsweetened dried out new mash of a develop coconut, ground to a semi-solid white velvety glue. It is sold within the shape of a difficult white piece which can be put away at room temperature. Its properties and benefits are well known today to many of us because we tried it at least more than once.

Obviously, the consumers reached many conclusions about the coconut butter and here there are:
“Coconut butter has countless health benefits, hair, and skin and can be used as a healthy and tasty food.”

It’s time to forget about how delicious the coconut is and to get back to its use for skin and hair because this is the purpose of the present article.

The coconut butter is important to be used especially on hot skin and my suggestion starting with the title of the article is to use it after a shower when the coconut butter melts incredibly well and when all the skin pores are open to receive the nutrients contained by a coconut. So, when is the right time? Always, after a shower!

Not only your skin need the properties of coconut butter, but also your hair, so it will not be a problem to have your hair grassy for a while because if you will have a measure in what you are doing, everything will go on well and easy.
It is true, also, that you may have your coconut butter into a mask with other ingredients, known for their nutritious elements, good for anyone.


Cocoa butter, too called theobroma oil, could be a pale-yellow, eatable fat extricated from the cocoa bean. It is utilized to create chocolate, as well as a few treatments, toiletries, and pharmaceuticals. Cocoa butter incorporates a cocoa flavor and smell. Its softening point is fair underneath the human body temperature.

When I am thinking of an antioxidant aliment, besides the wine, I am thinking always of chocolate, made of cocoa, milk, and butter. Cocoa butter is my favorite antioxidant for skin and hair. You may always combine the moments when you apply your cocoa butter with the one when you are drinking a glass of wine.

I know that it is very hard to remember to have a bath in cocoa butter, after a shower moment, because you are tired most of the time and nothing compare with a good nap after. I am trying to make use of this wonderful aliment, which is cocoa in every way possible: eating it, having it on my body through a massage action, or trying to have the cocoa into a glass of milk, with honey and cinnamon.

Sometimes, you may use cocoa butter with cinnamon and honey for your hair and you shall have dyed hair or, if not right dyed, probably, almost colorful and with more reflects and nuances.

I recommend this mask also for people who want beautiful hair, also I will share my ultimate incredible secret after the experience with the cocoa butter: My Hair Got Curlier And Curlier. It was incredible because I found out all by myself. Nobody told me and I did not find this information not even on the label.

I will also confess to you I am a coconut eater and a cocoa butter user because I just love to smell of chocolate. I ate chocolate for more than 30 years and now I am consuming more coconut instead of chocolate. All I can more add is that after a moment of cocoa butter, your skin will be more beautiful in every way possible: hydrated, smooth, perfumed, and you will, immediately, need to tell everybody.

I am just wondering about what product are you going to talk about with your neighbors, friends, and relatives? I am asking myself about what you are going to use just next and after, just like a second cup of coffee?

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