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Berberine is a natural supplement believed to have multiple health benefits, from lowering blood sugar to reducing body weight.

In this review, we will analyze in detail this natural supplement, and discover together what are the health benefits of berberine and the possible side effects.

Berberine is a natural herb that is compounded in several other supplements such as Goldthread, European barberry, Oregon grape, Phellodendron (used in Chinese customs), tree turmeric and Goldenseal.

This weight loss supplement is described as possessing a dark yellow color which numerous people have found it can act as a dye.

This supplement has come forth from behind the scenes to attract the general population, however, the Native American community routinely used Goldenseal as a part of their intake and in other traditional practices worldwide.

Thousands have enjoyed the benefits of consuming tonics made from pure Berberine or the Indian barberry. The Barberry plant is mainly a European herbal medicine, which comes from the root, stem or bark of the plant.

So, What Are The Health Benefits Of Berberine?

Berberine’s alkaloid content promotes metabolic functions, healthy livers, stabilizes insulin, contributes to cardiovascular health and weight loss among other abilities.

The experts believe that the enzyme, adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase or AMPK, is responsible for influencing the effects of the cellular energy contained in Berberine.

AMPK is declared helpful for a number of reasons when it comes to the brain, liver and skeletal muscles, and the health benefits of berberine are:

Berberine Can Treat Infections

Users assert that Berberine’s good for treating fungal infections, parasites, bacterial infections, Candida or chlamydia, yeast, and viral infections. (2) The extracts of Berberine are also helpful in controlling diarrhea, cardiac arrhythmia and leukemia. (3)

The Phellodendron amurense extract is especially used to suppress the advancement of prostate cancer and lung tumorigenesis. What’s more, is that it performs miracles on Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s).

The antimicrobial agents block the spread of bacterial infections due to trachoma which can lead to a person becoming blind. In addition, it can be applied to the skin in the case of a burn.

Gastrointestinal Significances

Implications of previous studies conclude that Berberine shows momentous biological effects on gastroenteritis, inflammatory conditions and hyperlipidemia. Study here (4)

Bone Defense

Those growing older will likely be affected by joint disease or low bone density. This, along with obesity, can cause problems. Including this supplement in your daily diet can aid in the aging process.

Berberine and Diabetes

It’s been shown that over a period of time this supplement can, in fact, lower blood glucose (blood sugar) levels.(5) It’s a tremendous natural defense in treating a number of conditions and preventing them. In comparison to the drug metformin, it could outweigh the commonly prescribed medication.

If taken three times a day, the 500 mg dose can be as effective as metformin… some say it’s better. Diabetics have been happy with the results of less hair loss.

The Heart – Berberine Cardiovascular effects

Those with heart conditions should know that Berberine decreases lipid levels, and prevents or slows down the process of harmful free fatty acids. It also relaxes the arteries, lowers blood pressure level, speeds the flow of blood and guards against atherosclerosis.

At the same time, Berberine can cause a person to have heftier heartbeats.

More Berberine Implications It’s been proven that:

  • Treats symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease; (6)
  • Berberine lowers LDL cholesterol and a decrease of triglycerides by a large percentage;
  • Heightens fat-burning capacities for moderate weight loss or abdominal fat;
  • Serves as an anti-depressant;
  • Enhances memory (increases learning ability, controls cognitive dysfunction, and provides neuroprotection);
  • It in connection with other medicines, it has the potential to be therapeutic for HIV patients.

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Berberine Side Effects?

 The safe dose seems to be around 200 to 400 mg as a single dose daily, however, others may suggest a dose of 900 mg or higher. This herbal should be broken up into three or four doses as a daily supplement. 

Note that ingesting large amounts of Berberine as with all medicines for extended periods may cause a person to suffer from stomach upset, diarrhea, cramping and liver problems.

This weight loss supplement should be taken as prescribed and on a full stomach or at least 30 minutes prior to eating to get the full effect.

Reports of breathing problems, hypertension, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and fertility problems (males) have been made in connection with Berberine.

It is totally unsafe for the pregnant woman or for someone who is nursing.

This supplement may cause complications in pregnant women or even cause a miscarriage.

Additionally, it could be responsible for neonatal jaundice and be harmful to a newborn or small child.

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Let’s Recap

The herbal supplement Berberine is able to fight bacteria, support the immune system, improve cardiovascular health, support cholesterol and glucose levels by providing some regularity and stability.

It is by far one of the better holistic health-care regimes today with multiple health benefits. This is a powerful and natural supplement that seems to have tremendous potential for the future of the user.

While it’s true, berberine for weight loss has various positive reactions, you should always consult with your physician before taking it or any new drug.

Berberine’s not covered by the Food and Drug Administration as a dietary supplement, however, it is a tradition for many cultures and has been for a long period of time.

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