Why I Love The Virulite Cold Sore Machine

You wake up, look in the mirror and realize there’s something horribly wrong. You squint just to make sure you’re seeing what you think you’re seeing… an ugly cold sore.

Yikes! It’s really there and now you’re in a state of panic. You have to go to work today, but don’t want to suffer from the embarrassment. Wishing you had something to make it go away? You’re in luck.

The Virulite Cold Sore Machine is a device that will treat cold sores in a matter of days!

Triggers of a Cold Sore

For those who suffer from cold sores know that it can be terribly embarrassing. They seem to come at the worst time ever. People who have them, don’t look forward to the next outbreak. They can tell you best what triggers another eruption.

The people say that :

  1. UV light exposurevirulite review
  2. Stress with the family
  3. Job related anxieties
  4. New relationships (of course)
  5. Flu or cold symptoms
  6. Drugs, alcohol and caffeine
  7. Cosmetic facial applications

All these will start the cold sore process. The Virulite Cold Sore Machine encourages white blood cells and gives them a sharp boost.

This increases the healthiness of the immune system and ensures that it is able to prevent cold sore virus. Actually, it has the potential to stop the cold sore from erupting or appearing.

Introducing Virulite Cold Sore Machine

virulite cold sore machine uk

Virulite Cold Sore Machine is the first and the only device that has been given the go-ahead by the FDA. It’s an amazing breakthrough just in time to heal your cold sore. In just two treatments (only three minutes), twice a day, you will be able to see noticeable results.

The best thing is that you don’t have to apply an oily paste or smelly ointment to get results.

A physician in the UK developed this unique product. After many years of clinical trials and with favorable outcomes of thousands of customers, the patented cold sore machine can be yours! It’s safe and truly 100% effective.

It’s guaranteed to deliver an unlimited amount of treatments and even comes with an interchangeable battery while the range of light is approximately 1070nm (+/-12nm).

Virulite Cold Sore Test Results

 Virulite CS has conducted tests on human and it was proven that Virulite heals cold sores in half the time (a little over 4 days) when compared to topical solutions such as Aciclovir or Zovirax

The experiment’s data come from a random, controlled placebo and double-blind trials.

The results were recorded and reviewed by the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology (see pub 26 and 31). The participants report an epochal reduction to the cold sore and a decrease in discomfort or tingling.

These active symptoms are common with the eruption of cold sores. In addition, they reveal that the recurrence is also lower while using Virulite treatments.

The investigation goes further on to reveal the laboratory (in vivo and in vitro) trials and research that is continuing to see results. The outcome will be published alongside the three existing documents on Virulite.

Virulite Cold Sore Machine Features

virulite cold sore machine can treat sores eruption

The sum of the matter is this: there is no other product like Virulite Cold Sore Machine. It gets to the root of the problem at the beginning stages of blister development.

Creams and stuff don’t measure up. Just apply the light where the cold sore is and let Virulite do the rest.

The two LED lights will send out invisible, pulsating like explosions of light (1072 nanometer) which will prevent a sore from happening.

There’s no need to worry about the machine going off while not in use. A dual activation switch is carefully placed so that it’s secure and cannot be turned on while being transported.

In addition, the machine has a built-in timer that alerts you whenever the treatment is over. Treatments are normally three minutes.

A green light will flash to warn you that the machine is on. A warning sound is implanted so that you will know when the device has quit.

The Virulite Cold Sore machine will turn itself off after about three minutes of not using it. As an added feature, the mini-computer inside the device runs a power check when it’s turned on.

It also runs a performance test on the therapeutic lights to make sure enough waveband is being submitted. Since you can’t see the light, a specific alarm tone sounds and the device turns itself off.

Why is Virulite Different?

Virulite is not just another drive-by night company and treatment program. It is a significant program that will provide superior support and healing to the user.

With clinical evidence to back research and what users are saying, the focus is on the Virulite Cold Sore Machine.

The results show that consistent use of the machine reduces the chance of cold sores returning the scene of the crime.

According to 99.5% of the participants, the Virulite Cold Sore Machine is extremely effective.

What’s incredible about this remarkable machine is that it’s safe for children to use!

Nothing changes as far as the procedure is concerned… three minutes per treatment. We suggest having an adult supervise though it’s simple to use and risk-free.


Cold sores seem to pop up at the worst times and can be embarrassing for some people.

You don’t have to use creams or ointments anymore. There’s something better and it provides a speedy solution to adults as well as children.

Let’s review the benefits of using a Virulite Cold Sore Machine are:

  • Self-timer eliminates the need to watch a timer or a clock
  • Mini-computer chip performs frequent checks on light output
  • Accidental activation prevention with the installation of dual switches
  • Automatically shuts itself off when machine is not being used
  • Sound alarm to let you know the treatment is over
  • Flashing green light to tell you the machine has been activated

If you are wondering if this is a product that we would recommend. The answer ‘Yes!’ There are many advances in modern technology and the Virulite Cold Sore Machine is proven to be an effective treatment for cold sores.

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