Nutrevita Diet Drops

If you have been looking for something that will help you lose weight fast, then you may have come across some diet drops called Ultra Diet Drops. The drops are distributed, through Amazon and through their own website, by a company called NutreVita.

Ultra Diet Drops are an African mango based diet drop that is sold primarily as an appetite suppressor and a metabolism booster.

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NutreVita say that Ultra Diet Drops have been scientifically proven to curb the appetite and speed up the metabolism, but they don’t give any indication what scientific evidence they may have to back up that claim. So, is Ultra Diet Drops something bit different or it is just another diet drop without any substance? Read our review of Ultra Diet Drops from Ultra Diet Drops to find out the truth.

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What are Nutrevita Diet Drops?

Ultra Diet Drops are a diet drop that lists African mango and amino acids amongst its ingredients. It is designed to suppress that appetite and boost the metabolism.

The drops are taken three times a day, under the tongue, at least fifteen minutes before you eat a meal.

The ingredients in Ultra Diet Drops are common in diet drops and there are no big surprises here. There is African mango, which helps improve the metabolic rate and suppresses the appetite, and there is the range of amino acids that will help to build lean muscles and aid the body in burning off fat.

The supplement also contains Maca, Astragalus, and Pygeum Africanum, which are also fairly common ingredients in weight loss supplements. The quantities of any of the ingredients are not disclosed.

What Ingredients Are in Nutrevita Diet Drops?

As we mentioned above, we could not find any details of the quantities of any of the ingredients in Ultra Diet Drops. But here is the list of ingredients that are provided by the supplier.

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African Mango Extract

African mango extract is used as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. There is also some evidence to suggest that African mango can help to control the blood sugar level and curb sugar cravings.


L-Ornithine is used in the body to burn fat and to create muscle.


L-Carnitine helps the body metabolize fat.


L-Arginine regulates bold sugar levels and hormone production


L-Glutamine is used in the protein synthesis process.


Maca has a range of health benefits, but in this supplement, it has been used for its hormone balancing properties.


Beta-Alanine improves athletic performance.


Rhodiola helps to control stress.


Astragalus boosts the immune system and it also contains antioxidants.

Pygeum Africanum

Pygeum Africanum is an anti-inflammatory that is often used to treat an enlarged prostate.

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Will Nutrevita Diet Drops Cause any Side Effects?

Ultra Diet Drops have an all-natural formula and it does not contain any stimulants so, when taken in the recommended dosage, side effects are very unlikely.

We could not find any reports at all of any Ultra Diet Drops related side effects having been reported, but it would still be advisable to check with your doctor before you start taking this supplement.

Nutrevita Diet Drops Pros

  • All natural formula
  • May help with weight loss
  • Side effects unlikely
  • Has a money back guarantee

Nutrevita Diet Drops Cons

  • No information on quantities of ingredients
  • Very mixed reviews
  • No real evidence of effectiveness

Our Verdict

The ingredients that are contained in Nutrevita Diet Drops may help control your appetite and help you lose weight faster.

Like all diet drops, they are not going to work on their own, they must be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and an exercise plan.

However, without knowing how much of each ingredient is contained in each dose, there is no way of telling if Ultra Diet would actually have any effect at all.

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