African Mango Tablets Review | Health Benefits, Does It Work

There are many African Mango health benefits, including reduced cholesterol and weight loss. The African mango is also known as the bread tree, wild mango, agbono and several other names although its botanical name is Irvingia Gabonensis.

It is not strictly a mango, although it looks like one, and the nuts are used to extract oil or to press and compact into a nutritious cake.

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So what are the health benefits of African mango dual compound? Here are some of the reasons why Irvingia gabonensis is so popular as a health supplement:

  • It helps people to lose weight
  • It helps to reduce cholesterol levels
  • It helps to reduce cravings for food
  • It offers relief from constipation

African Mango and Weight Loss

African mango can lead to weight loss in a number of ways, including appetite suppression, increased fat breakdown and in reducing the sugar content of the blood.

In one test carried out on 40 volunteers in 20051, 70% were given African mango extract and the other 30% given a placebo.

While the placebo subjects lost only 1% of body weight, those taking African mango lost 15% on average.

The results of one controlled test are not definitive proof of the effects of one supplement, but there have been many more anecdotal results from those who have lost weight taking African mango extract capsules.

Often it is the results reported by ordinary people, rather than test subjects that lead to breakthroughs in dietary science. So if Irvingia gabonensis can reduce weight, how does it work?

How Irvingia Gabonensis Helps you Lose Weight

The way in which Irvingia gabonensis, or African mango, helps you lose weight is believed by researchers to be connected to your level of leptin.

Leptin is known as the ‘satiety hormone’ – it tells your brain that you no longer need to eat! Maybe a simplistic explanation, but the more leptin in your blood, the less you will feel hungry.

Leptin is produced by your fat, or adipose cells, in order to maintain a good energy balance. If you consume too much carbohydrate such as sugars and fats, you will have too much excess glucose in blood once these sugars and carbohydrates have been metabolized.

Your fat cells then produce leptin to control your appetite. African mango extract does the same thing, so reducing your appetite and your sugar intake.

Health Benefits of African Mango Antioxidants

There are many health benefits of African mango that come from its antioxidant content. Free radicals are chemicals that oxidize your body cells and accelerate the appearance of aging.

They are created by UV sunlight, burnt foods, fried foods, solvents, tobacco smoke, air pollution and many other sources.

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They can age you by destroying skin cells and even kill you by oxidizing LDL cholesterol and depositing the oxidized cells onto your artery walls, thus narrowing them.

Free radicals can be destroyed by many plant chemicals known as antioxidants.

Antioxidants help to prevent all of the above effects, and most highly colored plants are rich in these. Examples are carrots, blueberries, peppers and African mango.

The antioxidants contained in plants such as these are known to reduce the levels of blood cholesterol and its damaging effects on your arteries.

Other Health Benefits

An African mango supplement is also likely to help you avoid colds and flues. Other benefits of an antioxidant-rich supplement include holding back the years: you will maintain your youthful looks longer, keep you feeling healthier and more active and helping to prevent various types of cancer.

Such supplements often help people to feel more energetic, younger and give them more vitality in their lives.

African Mango Health Benefits: Summary

African mango has the botanical name Irvingia gabonensis. It can help you lose weight due both to its high fiber content and its effect in suppressing your appetite.

While definitive published clinical trials are sparse, there is still plenty evidence that the fruit and extracts from its nuts offer several African mango health benefits in addition to contributing to weight loss.

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