How To Take Slimfy * Read More About All Three Stages, Dosage, Buy

Weight loss programs and diets often show substantial results in the initial stages, but after early benefits from such programs or diets, shedding every pound becomes an uphill task.

This is because the body adapts to the weight loss pill or program, and therefore, a plateau is reached beyond which something new needs to be done to lose more weight.

In fact, this is also the stage where the person trying to lose some weight starts getting disheartened with less satisfactory results. One may begin to give up, because of which the weight returns with vengeance.

Slimfy is a new pill-based process that has been developed in three parts, each of which kick-starts the process and ensures better results. Each of these stages has a separate set of pills.

Within these three stages, Slimfy includes ingredients that:

  • Speed up fat burning in the body;
  • Kill excessive hunger or the need to eat;
  • Improve the metabolic rate which decreases with age;
  • Improve your sex drive as sex is a great way to burn those calories;
  • Make you feel energetic and enthusiastic about almost everything;
  • Keep you in high spirits and in general improve your performance in life.

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Slimfy dosage – the three stages in Slimfy can be described as:

How To Take Slimfy Stage 1 – Detox and weight loss

  • This is stage 1. It is referred to as the “Weight loss & Detox” stage by the manufacturer. At this stage, the digestive system is cleansed.

The formula of the pills for this stage includes minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, which collectively do the cleansing and detoxification. The primary ingredient that is active at this stage is Chlorogenic acid.

This ingredient is capable of many processes that help in losing weight, i.e., increase the ability of the body to burn fat, increase metabolism, and kill hunger. This ingredient is obtained from coffee beans that are green and unroasted.

The other ingredients in the Slimfy stage I pills are organically grown ginger, extract obtained from the seed of milk thistle and extract of the hydrangea root. Note that 2 pills of Stage 1 form the serving.

Chlorogenic acid forms almost 52 percent, of this serving, ginger extract is about 5 percent, extract from milk thistle’s seed is about 10 percent, saffron is about 1.5 percent and extracts from hydrangea root is about 31 percent. These pills are to be taken for 15 days.

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How Can You Take Slimfy in Stage 2 – More weight loss

  • In this stage (2), milk thistle extract, ginger extract, and extract from hydrangea’s root are replaced by CoQ10, resveratrol, raspberry ketones, and maqui berry.

The pills for this stage, identified by the manufacturer of Slimfy as “Enhanced Weight Loss” stage, now have 49 percent of Chlorogenic acid, 12.25 percent of Raspberry ketones, 6 percent of CoQ10, 15.33 percent of maqui berry, and 15.33 percent of resveratrol.

Raspberry ketones, as well as chlorogenic acid, trigger the mechanism in the body that releases norepinephrine. This norepinephrine is actually a hormone. Its function is to tell the brain that the body does not need anything for now, and the stomach is full.

These two ingredients are also fat cells destructors. Effectively, weight loss is almost certainly because of these two ingredients. Other ingredients also contribute towards this objective but the reactions are not as pronounced.

However, they do offer antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, etc., which improve sexual drive and in general the mood by continuing detoxification using different mechanisms. These pills also need to be taken for 30 days.

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Slimfy Stage 3 – Sustaining the weight lost

  • By end of day 30, the liver has been cleaned, and so is the digestive system. The metabolism relating to cholesterol and fat has been improved, and plaque in the blood vessels has also been removed. Considerable weight loss is noticeable as well.

Now it is time to consolidate that weight loss so that there is no return to the previous situation.This is done with Slimfy stage 3 pills. This stage is referred to as the “weight loss maintenance” stage.

The pills for this stage include 36.36 percent Caralluma Fimbriata, 27.27 percent extract from green tea, 18.18 percent extract from lychee, 13.64 percent extract obtained from African Mango, and 4.54 percent CoQ10.

These ingredients not only help to sustain the weight that has been lost so far, but also help to burn fat, suppress appetite, and in general detoxify and improve the feeling of wellbeing.

Why Slimfy?

Basically, Slimfy is only a supplement. Therefore, it cannot be the only way to lose weight. It can supplement the loss of weight through another program be it a diet or exercise or both. All ingredients in Slimfy pills are found naturally.

The ratios ensure that they serve the desired functions in almost everybody, without causing any adverse reactions. The best part about these pills is that they can be combined with any other weight loss program or regimen.

Usually, the ingredients get replicated, and the quantum or percentage of these ingredients is not revealed. Because the manufacturer shares the details about important ingredients, it is possible to combine one of the pills with another weight loss program to get better results. Such flexibility is indeed rare. Last but not least is the warranty.

The manufacturer of Slimfy is a Florida based company. This company is confident that the pills have the effects discussed above. Therefore, Slimfy comes with a warranty of 90 days! Not many weight loss supplement manufacturers give a warranty for such a long period.

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  1. I really love Slimfy! Thanks to Detox I cleaned my body and I lost 10 lbs. Then I took Stage-2 and Stage-3 which gave me lots of energy and kept my appetite under control. Generally, I lost about 22 lbs.

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