Prime Ultra Secretagogue HGH Enhancer Review

If you want a healthier and leaner body, try Prime Ultra Secretagogue. It is described as a human growth hormone that increases the production of hormones. Sure, there are hundreds of other supplements that make the same claim, but as a natural secretagogue, Prime Ultra Secretagogue backs their promise, as a natural formula, to boost hormone growth.

Prime Secretagogue is designed with you in mind.

No… really, it was. It’s supposed to assist you in your human growth hormone and boost your growth hormones.

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The formula, which is all-natural; no preservatives, no fillers and no additives, can also be used for other health matters.

Prime Ultra Secretagogue review

Some of the added benefits of Prime Ultra Secretagogue are:

  • Enhances/raises hormone growth (HGH)
  • Help to maintain other critical organs
  • Improves heart health
  • human growth hormone
  • Reverse the effects of aging
  • Enhances the production of selected hormones
  • Builds and maintains human growth hormone
  • Supports bone growth and the immune system
  • Breakdowns fat while increasing metabolism
  • Maintains joint health
  • Gives you human growth hormone
  • Helps you to reinvent your body shape by building lean muscle mass
  • Stimulates the pituitary gland
  • Increases production of human growth hormone

Before going on, I must explain how Prime Ultra Secretagogue actually works.

What makes Prime Ultra Secretagogue Work?

Details about the ingredients in Prime Ultra Secretagogue are not so secretive.

They are known for being essential to your overall healthiness and well-being.

Amino Acids are crucial to good health and having enough protein in your body. The body needs a certain amount of protein each day and not getting enough, can leave you feeling lethargic and sluggish. L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, and L-Lysine have the anabolic effects you’re looking for in a supplement.

Yes, you feel energized, you will be able to perform longer in the gym, so you’ll get buffed faster. In addition, you can focus longer as your concentration will improve.

Brewer’s yeast is the compound that contains chromium. It’s known to assist in the treatment of diabetes, help fight a cold, lung infections, PMS, and diarrhea.

In addition to those wonderful qualities, Brewer’s yeast stimulates the appetite and is an excellent source of vitamin B and protein.

Taurine is also an amino acid that the body actually produces, however, it also is available as a supplement that is used to treat congestive heart failure, high cholesterol, eye irritations, seizures, alcoholism, and ADHD. Individuals who want to improve their looks and physical performance, use Taurine.

Colostrum comes from cows. After processing, colostrum is used as an antibiotic to cure signs of diarrhea.

It is a milk-like liquid that improves physical performance levels while building muscle mass, reducing weight and increasing stamina. In turn, colostrum will improve your mood swings and slow the aging process.

Folic Acid is an extremely vital addition to Prime Ultra Secretagogue occurs naturally in spinach, bananas, lettuce, and broccoli. It’s a super water-soluble vitamin B source.

Folic acid also helps those suffering from kidney diseases, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, liver diseases, infertility, aging and memory loss.

When Prime Ultra Secretagogue is taken as directed, the user will benefit immensely from the program. The ingredients work together as a potent formula to raise HGH levels.

What Are the Results?

Currently, there is a lot of information about Prime Ultra Secretagogue to be certain about its effects and outcome. Some who have provided personal reviews report favorable results, however, some bad reviews are expected as a normal occurrence.

Well, Is It Safe?

The formula that makes up Prime Ultra Secretagogue are all natural ingredients. It should not have any harmful effects. Folic acid is the ideal ingredient, however continued use is not recommended. Always talk to your healthcare provider before starting a new diet supplement or pill just to be on the safe side.


You should take Prime Ultra Secretagogue 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed and at least 45 minutes prior to the gym. Mix one scoop into an eight oz glass of water. If you are planning on taking Prime Ultra Secretagogue, do so at least an hour and a half before eating or after eating. Take it for six consecutive days – take a day off, then resume regime.


Prime Ultra Secretagogue is supposed to be a great product, however, the jury is still out on this one. The cost of this brand seems to be a little high and there’s no mention of a money back guarantee.

However, let’s review some of the proposed benefits:

What are the disadvantages?

  • There are possible side effects from long-term use.
  • It’s expensive.

Well, you can’t go to a department store and pick up a container of Prime Ultra Secretagogue. You must buy it online through a third-party retailer such as Amazon.

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