Fun Alternative Workout When You Cant Get To The Gym

Working out does not have to mean going to the gym and spreading hours on the treadmill or stationary bike. Any exercise that raises your heart rate is beneficial, and there are many aerobic activities that you can do anywhere. Discover funny workout alternatives to the gym.

Here are some fun alternatives to the gym and raise your heart rate without going to the gym.


rowing workout

Kayaking, canoeing, and rafting are all excellent aerobic activities. All forms of rowing provide resistance, which increases your heart rate.

Pulling the paddle against the water also benefits your triceps, shoulders, and back.

It’s a great cardio activity that works for almost every muscle group. Follow safety rules and wear a helmet, life jacket and a whistle in case you need to signal another rower.



Hiking benefits your cardiovascular system and can tone your entire body. It can also firm your things, especially if you hike on uneven terrain.

Hiking with friends make it more fun, and there are many hiking clubs to help you explore new areas and trails.

All you need are comfortable hiking boots and weather-appropriate clothing.

If you use a walking stick or trekking poles, don’t forget the gloves.

Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle, moped or motorbike is a great form of exercise. Any exercise that involves sitting up straight for extended periods helps strengthen your core and abdominal muscles.

Maintaining balance while riding into the wind takes effort, which burns calories and raises your heart rate.

It’s a low-impact activity that’s easy on your knees and can even strengthen your leg muscles.

Always protect yourself with a helmet, jacket, pants, boots, and gloves.


Walking is an everyday activity that you can do almost anywhere with no special equipment. Maintaining a pace that increases your heart rate is one of the best cardiovascular conditioners.

It’s a low-impact activity that’s easier on your joints than running and can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

All you need to walk for fitness is a pair of well-fitting comfortable shoes and clothes that allow freedom of movement.


Dancing elevates your heart rate and can give you an intense workout that doesn’t feel like work. It works for all your muscle groups, burns fat, builds muscles, strengthens your bones and helps you build stamina and endurance.

Learning Zumba, swing dancing and hip-hop routines improve your memory and coordination. There are dozens of dance styles to experiment with to make exercise challenging and fun.

Just be sure to wear the appropriate footwear for the dance style to avoid the risk of falling.

House Chores

Housework can be great exercise. Repetitive motions like sweeping, vacuuming and ironing can work up a sweat.

Climbing and reaching to dust, clean out cupboards or put things away can help you stretch and burn extra calories.

Do your chores to music and housework can be less work and more fun.


Yoga keeps you fit, helps you relax and makes you flexible. You can do yoga by yourself at your own pace or join a yoga class or club. Yoga can be as gentle or as vigorous as you like, and you can adjust the moves to your level of fitness.

All you need are loose, comfortable clothes and a yoga mat or carpet to protect your knees from the hard floor.


Ice skating, roller skating and rollerblading are also fun ways to exercise.

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