Xero Amino Acid Complex

Xero Amino Acid Complex drops are diet drops that promise you increased energy, improved fat burning, and appetite suppression. The advertisements say that you can lose up a pound per day of weight with these drops, which exceeds the generally accepted safe rate of weight loss, which is two pounds a week.

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So, can Xero Amino Acid Complex really be as effective as the advertisements claim? Read our in-depth review of Xero Amino Acid Complex diet drops and find out the truth!

Xero Concentrated Amino acid Drops

Xero Amino Acid Complex Drops Pros

  • Natural formula
  • Amino acids can aid weight loss when taking in high enough doses
  • Minimal risk of side effects

Xero Amino Acid Complex Drops Cons

  • Expensive
  • Ingredient quantities not disclosed
  • We could not find an official website
  • Probably not potent enough to cause significant weight loss
  • Weight loss claims are extreme

What are Xero Amino Acid Complex Drops?

Xero Amino Acid Complex Drops are diet drops that contain amino acids and chromium picolinate, which is a compound that works with insulin in the body to metabolize carbohydrates.

The combination of the amino acids in Xero Amino Acid Complex Drops are designed to trigger weight loss by helping the body burn off fat, providing you with more energy and boosting the metabolism.

xero diet drops ingredients

The quantities of each of the amino acids that are contained in Xero Amino Acid Complex Drops are unknown because the ingredients are only listed as being a part of a “proprietary amino acid blend”. For that reason, it is impossible to tell if any of the ingredients are in sufficient concentrations to have any effect.

What Ingredients Are in Xero Amino Acid Complex Drops?

Amino acids do play an important role the weight loss and, taken in high enough doses, they can aid the weight loss process. Here are the amino acids and other ingredients that are in Super Garcinia Liquid Drops.


L-Glutamine assists the functioning of the digestive system and helps muscles repair themselves and grow.


L-Tyrosine promotes mental alertness and it also works as an appetite suppressant.


L-Arginine helps the body with the production of proteins, it improves the circulation, and it increases the production of the growth hormone,


Beta-Alanine can help improve athletic performance and it is often used in supplement designed for the building of lean muscle mass.


GABA is a chemical that is produced by the brain, which is used in the treatment of anxiety and PMS, but it is also believed to have muscle growth and fat burning benefits as well.


L-Carnitine helps the body to produce energy.


L-Ornithine is an amino acid that can help to boost athletic performance.


L-Tryptophan is used in supplements because it improves athletic performance.

Chromium picolinate

Chromium picolinate assists the body in the breaking down of carbohydrates and turning them into energy.

Will Xero Amino Acid Complex Drops Cause any Side Effects?

We could find no side effects specifically associated with the use of Super Xero Amino Acid Complex Drops. As with any supplement, it is advisable to talk to your doctor before you start using Xero Amino Acid Complex Drops, especially if you are already taking any medication or you have an existing medical condition. These drops are not recommended for women who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Our verdict

The advertising claim that Xero Amino Acid Complex can help you lose one pound a day are extreme, and, if true, dangerous. The generally accepted amount of weight that the average person can lose safely is two pounds a week.

As with so many diet drops, there is no indication of exactly much of each amino acid is included in Xero Amino Acid Complex Drops, so it is impossible to say if the supplement is strong enough to have any effect.

In theory, Xero Amino Acid Complex could help you lose weight, but as there is no proper disclosure of the ingredients, we think that it’s safe to say that Xero Amino Acid Complex probably won’t be an effective aid to weight loss.

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