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BIG B Review – a detailed analysis of this breast enhancement supplement, including it ingredients, how to use it, etc.

Product name: BIG-B

Official Website: BIG B Breast Cream

What is Big B Breast Toner Cream

Big B Breast Toner Cream is a tissue stimulating natural blend that helps enhance a woman’s breasts and skin texture. The unique cream formulation is absorbed very quickly into the breasts to penetrate deeply, allowing maximal results that are applied directly to the target tissues.

The end result is a visible firming and enhancing of the breasts and surrounding area. Big B Breast Cream gives a natural shape and size to your breasts and gives proper tightness to falling breasts. It also removes cuts from the nipples.

It is the best and safest way to increase breast size naturally. After Pregnancy, breasts lose their shape and tightness.

It helps to tone up the breast muscles, regular use and massage of the cream on the breast reactivates blood cells which gives natural look, tightness, and enlargement to underdeveloped breasts. You will observe a noticeable improvement in weeks.

The most common results include:

  • Reduction of sagging breasts;
  • Increase the breast firmness;
  • Rejuvenates the skin’s support structure;
  • The creation of tighter cleavage & a noticeable fuller look and feel.


Big B Breast Cream is a unique natural formula made from plant extracts; is 100% natural, herbal and safe with no harmful side effects. Its bio-tighteners and nutrient system rejuvenates the skin’s support structure to increase the firmness, tone & shape of the bust while putting an end to sagging, the results you experience can be both rapid and profound.

Big B cream contains:

  1. Baum Wollpltanze 1.0 gm,
  2. M. Roxburghi 1.0 gm,
  3. Kora Kizanna 1.0 gm,
  4. Asparagus Gonoclados 0.5 gm,
  5. Lawsonia alba lam 0.5 gm,
  6. Physalis Flexuosa 0.5 gm,
  7. Kiyon Bhanbin 0.5 gm,
  8. Joys Lula Mathil 0.5 gm,
  9. Jasminum arborescens 0.5 gm,
  10. Sad flower 0.25 gm,
  11. Cream base Q.S.

Suitable for:  Hypogenesis breast without asymmetry or flat breasts; Droopy, loose, unshaped breasts with cyanosis areola lactation; Shrunk and loose breasts after slimming.

Mechanism of action

Its active principle is based on the synergistic action of its ingredients & the Essential Cell Boost Factor. It reshapes the counters of the cleavage area, tones the breast skin & increases the size of the breasts. The complex mixture of active ingredients has been developed & tested. Specifically for application to the breast and cleavage area. Benefits: Lift and firm breasts for a beautiful shape, Gives proper tightness to falling breast, Refines and firms breast contours, Softer, smoother texture, More dramatic, younger-looking cleavage.


Step 1: Sweep palm up toward the opposite shoulder from the chest center.

Step 2: With both hands slowly zigzag upward from under the breast to the nipple and downward from collarbone to the breast.

Step 3: From under opposite breast, slowly sweep palm up toward the shoulder.

Step 4: Twice a day and once massage for 5-10 minutes until the skin absorbs.


Metabolism: Cream adopts pure natural plants as main materials, regulates the endocrine function and increases breast blood circulation, improves mastocytosis and humble. Absorption: Rapid absorption following administration. Route of elimination: N/A

Side Effects

All medicines may cause side effects, but many people have no, or minor, side effects. Some medical conditions may interact with Herbal Breast Cream. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you have any medical conditions. Side effects: Is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.

This is not a complete list of all side effects that may occur. If you have questions about side effects, contact your health care provider.


Tommy – Yes it works!!! But a regular exercise is needed. I was very uncomfortable with my girlfriend due to small size of her breasts. Then tried with several creams for around six months. None works. After massaging with Herbal Big-B cream with proper technique it took four months, now her breasts are ok. The cream is purely natural and doesn’t have any side effects. You may also try with regular exercises. Good luck.

Holly – From my personal experience Yes Big-B really does work, and i am suggesting it to anyone reading this. There are so many options available in the market but Big-B is best of them.

Penny – This cream does exactly what it is supposed to! Enlarged my breasts from cup A to C, with no pain at very little cost and FREE shipping if you get a few months’ supply… you can’t beat a deal like that…I LOVE IT AND SO HAPPY I BOUGHT IT!!!

Anne – I didn’t see results in the beginning, but as I kept using it the complete month i noticed my breast getting firmer and actually more lifted. So yes, I recommend this product. I will be ordering more. Give it a try at least a month or two you will see results… Pay attention and massage 2-3 minutes in circle after shower works best because your pores are open!

Ada – It actually works. Takes a few weeks to tell the difference. Breasts become fuller and more round and cleavage will start to form. I used the product then ran out, reordered a few months later (was stupid as i lost my 15% discount coupon), BUT my results from the initial use did not wear off. Following the breast massage and application instructions are a must.