Which cream is best for breast growth?

The main reason women go for breast enhancement cream is to get big, firm breasts. This is a desire of most, if not all women. Having conscious breasts that are perfectly symmetrical gives you the confidence they need to stand out in their social circles.

Take a look at the best cream for breast growth below:

The thought that these perfectly shaped breasts are achievable with the help of creams is enticing. No one with small breasts can easily fight the urge to create desirable breasts in a span of a few weeks.

There are many examples of women who have succeeded in growing their breasts courtesy of enhancement creams. Most amazing is the fact that these creams are a cheap alternative to expensive surgery. If you are on a budget, you will most likely avoid the costs of surgery for a few weeks of applying your favorite breast cream.

 Many studies indicate more harm than good from enhancement creams. There are also studies that show no evidence of harm from the use of all enhancement creams.  

Natural breast enhancement creams, for example, do not contain chemicals and additives that pose a risk to the user. They are completely hormone free and therefore safe for use on any woman who is not on the medical watch for chronic diseases.

Natural creams contain active ingredients that arouse estrogen hormones in women. Natural herbs and chemicals target the feminine hormone to boost its production. The estrogen is responsible for enhancing the growth of female breasts.

Consequently, natural creams are products that are free from any risk-causing chemicals. The product cannot be linked to any complications to the user.

It is important to note that only natural creams are proven safe. Other creams manufactured using ingredients that are not verifiable may not be trusted.

Risk versus reward: Hormone Based Creams

Creams with unnatural additives will evidently boost the quick growth of your breasts. The hormones in these products will eventually prove harmful.

There is a bigger price to pay from the use of commercial creams. The most serious and most frightful of the problems is the risk of breast cancer. Other problems include a variety of complications depending on the user’s general health.

Take your health seriously. It is more important than your desire for bigger breasts. Consider your health before rushing for cheap and quick options.

The FDA’s decision to term herbal products misleading seems hasty. They should treat both herbal and hormonal manufacturers with the same level of scrutiny.

Biases only let consumers suffer the burden of using improper products or missing out on helpful medicinal value.

The facts are clear; natural creams trigger a hormonal increment in the female body. They, however, do not contain any hormones or additives to a user’s body.

They may be responsible for the change in hormone balance but do not add any foreign hormones to a consumer. It is evident that the FDA did not conduct an extensive study before making their claims. The only reasonable thing is that their conclusions were based on theories without tested proof. Click Here To Read More On Vollure.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in Breast Enlargement Creams

DHEA is a hormone produced by a feminine body to precede estrogen. It is produced in the female adrenal glands and is vital for breast enlargement. As a supplement, DHEA has various side effects. Minor problems include; swelling and irritation while extreme cases result in breast cancer.

You should not use DHEA products if you want to stay safe and keep your health intact. Take time to read the contents of the product before purchasing it or using it on your breasts. Instead, find products that contain herbs as well as acceptable plant extracts. The natural ingredients gently penetrate the skin to safely enhance breast tissues.

Most importantly, follow your manufacturer’s guidelines and consult a specialist. For example, resist the urge to apply extra cream or more frequently than advised. Your quest for quick breast enlargement may cause a problem you may live to regret. Most manufacturers prescribe the application of their creams twice a day.

Factors Influencing Growth rate, Size, and Shape

Hormonal discharge differs from people and their genetic structure. Some people have long puberty periods where the shape and size of the breasts increases a lot. The size of the breasts is, therefore, determined by the number of hormones released. The shape and size of the breasts may be determined by the length of puberty where there is the highest release of hormones.

A new culture of consuming junk food that contains mostly processed contents has adversely affected most women. These foods contain hormones that mimic male hormones. They lead to a premature end of female puberty. Even with the genetic potential for big breasts, you will not have the full potential of the size and shape.

With age, the production of these hormones also decreases. There are low chances that you will ever have the big breasts you desire again. Natural breast enhancement creams become the immediate solution for you.

How Long Will You take to see the Results

You need at least two months before getting visible evidence of growth when using natural creams. Of course, this period varies with people depending on their genetic structure. Others need at least three months of daily usage to experience any change. There are also cases where women got their desired results within only 3 weeks. You need to find out by using it to know how it works because you are also bound to react differently.

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