African Mango Dr Oz – Where to Buy, Does it Work or Scam?

Irvingia gabonensis is nicknamed as African Mango, which acts as an effective supplement for weight loss. It belongs in the genus Irvingia a category of an African tree, which bears fruits which are like mangoes and are edible too.

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What is African Mango Dr Oz

It is known for its nuts, which has a high content of protein. They are known by various names, such as bush mango, wild mango, orgbono or sometimes dika.

These trees grow in areas where the climate is dry or wet (tropical) that are mainly in Central and Western African regions.

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for your supper may lower your usual appetite and enhance the fat breakdown which further controls the blood sugar and blood cholesterol level in the body.

Thus it is said that it is highly effective in reducing cholesterol and fats.

African Mango Health Benefits

People have researched and studied the effects of African Mango Dr. Oz and its respective extracts. These researchers have shown that the seeds of IG are highly rich in fiber and protein.

These fibers help in fighting the cholesterol and thus dissolve it, maintaining lower levels of cholesterol in the blood.

A comparative study has been done between two people, who follow a healthy low-calorie diet.

The person in taking IG loses weight faster than the one who takes a placebo.

The spokesperson of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Marisa Moore says that the fact that more IG extracts are being made by the makers of the supplement is a “red flag”.

Another important herbal combination which has been studied about is, IG along with the Cissus quadrangularis, this resulted in an effective and faster weight loss. Also, the fiber in African Mango is just similar to the one you intake via your food.

There are many forms in which IG extracts are available in the market. Like the powder form, liquid form and also in the form of capsules.

Also to add up to the taste of the intake, these fruits are being processed into relishing jellies, soft jams, and juices. And sometimes they are used to form wines too. But the seeds are anytime more effective and a direct source of fiber.

Always remember that supplements are just substitutes for a proper healthy diet and rigorous physical exercise. It is an alternative and not mainstream.

Anyways, African Mango will meet your expectations. Still few points shall be kept in mind. Before buying an IG supplement, check its purity.

This is confirmed by a USP seal (that is, United States Pharmacopeia) a means to confirm the quality of a product. Also, consult your health professional or a doctor before such an intake.

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