Ace Diet Pills Side Effects | Can SABA Control Your Appetite?

All You Need To Know About Ace Diet Pills.

If you are a gym freak and have been focusing on losing weight lately, you certainly would’ve heard the name of the supplement ACE.

ace diet pills

ACE Diet Pills is used for weight loss because it tends to lower the appetite of the person who takes it. ACE Diet Pills is known to retain the energy level of the person while decreasing their appetite, which makes it popular among people going for weight loss.

What are the Side Effects of Ace Diet Pills

Another controversy that these ACE diet pills are facing is the fact that most of their ingredients are not clinically backed to be a source of weight loss.

Yes, some of these are scientifically proven to be beneficial in weight loss problems, for example, the green tea extracts and the caffeine.

But not all of the ingredients are proven to be beneficial for weight loss.

When we are discussing a product, we have to take into account all of the included ingredients because they are there for some reason obviously.

This is why we cannot rule out the fact that some ingredients are in the supplement for no reason because science has no records of them being beneficial in reducing the weight of the consumer.

This article shows the truth behind ACE Diet Pills that has been causing havoc in people’s lives due to its controversial ingredients.

Let’s see what you knew about it and what we have found actually.

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Bad Publicity

A couple of years back an article about ACE Diet Pills was published on FOX news channel, one of America’s biggest media platforms.

This article claimed that a 35-year-old woman had to have a liver transplant, all because of this little bottle of ACE diet pills.

According to the reports, the woman took a couple of pills of ACE and felt ill with jaundice in a few weeks. This jaundice led to her liver failure that made it necessary for the woman to go for a full liver transplant, costing her a fortune.

After a rough analysis, the source was tracked back to these ACE diet pills, and it was claimed that a particular ingredient in the pills was the cause of the liver failure. It was not confirmed which ingredient it was but according to some research results, it was found that these pills might contain DMAA.(1)

DMAA is allowed by the FDA, but there is no natural source of the chemical whatsoever, making these ACE pills, not at all natural.

ACE also contained a green tea extract which also might have been the cause of the liver failure as many liver failure cases have been reported in the past due to this particular extract.

The concerned company never mentioned the drug DMAA in their supplements’ ingredients, but there were a lot of claims of the presence of DMAA in them.

This is why the company released new ACE supplements claiming them to be free of DMAA whatsoever, which made the suspicions even stronger.

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The FDA Warning

Looking at the serious cases of medical illness in the consumers of the ACE diet pills, the FDA took the matters into their hands and issued a warning to the AMS Health Sciences, the company that manufactures this particular supplement.

The letter mentioned that due to some ingredients used in ACE, it can be regarded as a drug and therefore, it was mentioned to take these drugs off the market because basically, the company is selling drugs in medical stores.

There were multiple drugs in the list that were warned about.

The ACE diet pills supplement has been issued a warning due to three main ingredients that made it a drug.

These included Green Tea Extract, Konjac root, and Semonostachya Menglaensis along with a Lotus leaf extract.

All these ingredients, when combined, formulated a drug rather than a supplement, hence violating a certain Act of the FDA and receiving a warning.

The ACE Ingredients and Their Side Effects

ACE diet pills has a combination of around 7 different ingredients that are combined to lower the appetite of the user.

All these ingredients are claimed to be natural by the company so that the people can be more attracted towards the product as natural ingredients don’t have much side effects.

This is where the average consumer was wrong. The ACE diet pills have some ingredients that have caused really unpleasant side effects, leading to bad customer reviews.

Some people have even claimed never to use the ACE again because of the severe side effects.


First, let us take a detailed lookout all the ingredients responsible for the ACE Appetite control and energy.

  1. Vitamin B6 – This is the stuff that keeps your energy up to the level even if your appetite has been lowered. The vitamin triggers almost 60 enzymes in the body and also increases the metabolism rate of the carbohydrates, leading to better utilization of the stored energy.
  2. Chromium – This ingredient is responsible for decreasing and maintaining the insulin levels of the body that are in turn responsible for burning the body fats. It also keeps the serum cholesterol concentration up to the optimum limit.
  3. Spirulina – It lowers the appetite of the body, resulting in weight loss food. It is also responsible for creating the remedy for the cause. By producing B12, it retains the energy of the body so that you can perform daily tasks without feeling any weaknesses.
  4. Cocoa Powder – It is one of many sources of caffeine. Can enhance the energy levels, boost the mood and reduce the appetite of the consumer. This is a natural ingredient obtained from cocoa beans.
  5. Green Tea Extracts – Green tea has been known to be the best natural remedy for weight loss since the ancient times. The extracts from this tea increase the heat in the body, burning the fat and lowering the weight of the consumer.
  6. Geranium Flower – One of the best CNS stimulators, it is responsible for increasing the body’s performance hence helping you in carrying everyday tasks normally.
  7. Caffeine – This ingredient controls all. It enhances the energy levels, increases the metabolism, boosts mood and upgrades concentration power.

Above are the stuff the product consists of, but they had not emerged properly altogether, that is why the dark side of this ACE started to assaulting the users with its side effects. So continue reading the story.

The Side Effects by ingredients

Now we will take a look at the side effects of all these ingredients that have been responsible for the bad customer reviews of the ACE drug.


The ACE diet pills contains many ingredients that are a natural source of caffeine, for example, the cocoa powder, the green tea extracts, and the geranium flower.

The problem with caffeine is that it is quite susceptible to reaction with other medications.

If a person is taking some medication, caffeine can react with it and cause some serious side effects. Some of these side effects include increased urination, insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, and migraines.

Caffeine is also known to interact with insulin and cause heart problems in the diabetic patients.

Therefore, the ACE diet pills is not recommended for people with diabetes.


These two ingredients can cause some serious allergic reactions and therefore, these supplements are not for people who are extra sensitive to allergies.

Moreover, these chemicals can also damage the liver or the kidney and are, therefore, not recommended for people with liver or kidney diseases.

Apart from these side effects, Chromium is also known to cause anemia, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea and much more side effects.

It may also lead to low white blood cells count which is just ruining your immune system. So if you have a disease that requires you to have the perfect white blood cells score, you need to lay off this supplement as soon as possible.

Like caffeine, chromium and geranium are also not recommended for diabetic patients because they can cause low blood sugar, making the condition of the patient even worse.


Excess of a good thing is a bad thing, and the rule applies to vitamins as well.

Vitamin B6 needs to be taken in a particular dose for your body, but ACE diet pills offers 400 times the recommended amount.

This is too much and can surely cause some serious side effects that might even be irreparable.

The excess of this vitamin can cause nerve damage in your legs and arms which can also result in disabling you for life by causing paralysis attacks.

This is why you need to take extra care while choosing ACE as your weight loss supplement.


This is blue – green alga that is obtained from natural sources.

Now you can never be too sure whether the company manufacturing the ACE diet pills has been acquiring Spirulina from cleaned sources and not contaminated ones.

If you take in a contaminated blue-green alga, the ingredient can cause stomach pain, shock, rapid heartbeat and over an efficient immune system which can be a huge problem if not taken care of instantly.


The studies and researches have shown that the ACE diet pills is sure to contain some harmful chemicals for example Phenylethylamine HCL, which is responsible for headaches, drowsiness, vomiting, nausea and pain in stomach.

Pyridoxine is another chemical found in ACE that can cause side effects too such as difficulty in breathing and raised blood pressure.

You can find various customer reviews telling their stories about the side effects that they had to endure after they took this supplement.

For example, on this particular site, a woman posted a review telling that ACE made her feel quite dizzy, and her legs began to feel numb too.

After that, she lowered the intake of the pills to one and things seem to work out for her now.

Raspberry Ketone as an Ingredient

This controversy is supported by the fact that the supplement also has raspberry ketones in it.

We all know that raspberry ketones were hailed as the best weight reducing ingredients all over the world and their sales started increasing like fire in the woods.

Eventually, the truth got out, and people were not happy with the results.

In the end, it was just a marketing scheme to make money from the fact that people are desperate to lose weight and can go to any extent for that purpose.

Raspberry ketones have earned a fair share of revenue for their owners, and this is exactly why ACE diet pills are not to be trusted.

As crazy as it may sound, there has not been even a single case study of raspberry ketones in humans. It was first tested in rats in which the results were positive, but the dosage was too high.

The ketone releases two chemicals. The first one is lipolysis which makes the cells more sensitive to the fat burning hormones and considerably lowers the fat, reducing the weight of the consumer. The second one is adiponectin, which makes the fats release more hormones responsible for their burning.

There has been a study in which the raspberry ketones were reacted with fat cells in a test tube. The result was that the raspberry ketones started breaking down the fat cells.

This study might be a bit more convincing to use these products in human supplements, but the fact there hasn’t been even a single case of raspberry study in humans makes it all suspicious.

One might think that the supplement contains the ingredient for no purpose at all because it sells better this way.


Considering all the facts that are mentioned in the article, the ACE diet pills is not a safe supplement for use.

Some people have reported ACE to work for them as they lowered down the recommended dose.

They experienced severe side effects at first, but as their bodies are adjusted, the ACE diet pills became a normal pill for them.

But to judge any drug, we have to look at all the reviews because human life is a sensitive matter and should not be played with.

This is why there have been so many cases in which ACE has reportedly caused severe side effects in the users.

This is the main reason why so many people have never had the courage to try the pills again.

The fact that the FDA also issued a warning to the ACE diet pills manufacturer makes it all the clearer that this supplement is not safe for sale.

To use the ingredients and sell them in quantities that make them a medicinal drug is not okay for someone who has to take it every day.

This is a serious issue, and a proper FDA rules violation, which made the company responsible for the matter.

Moreover, the release of the newer version of ACE after the FOX news scandal of the supplement possessing DMAA chemical makes it clear that it was not just a suspicion.

It did contain DMAA, and this is why the manufacturer felt the need to release the newer version of the ACE diet pills with almost the same ingredients as the previous one.

However, the evidence is still not concrete, and one can only hope that the supplement does not contain any DMAA.

The ACE diet pills have had some positive reviews as well.

Some people have reported to experience no side effects at all and to have lost a lot of weight by the regular intake of the supplements.

There are several such cases, and this is the main reason why they are still in the market.

People are desperate for weight loss nowadays, and they will surely try everything that seems to be the cure for the disease.

ACE diet pills are available online and can be purchased easily. They also offer the services to deliver it straight to your doorstep.

Several gyms also provide the supplement, owing to its popularity.

The supplement is in fairly high demand, and people are still going for it, despite the fact that it has multiple side effects.

Considering the side effects of this supplement, many old users have withdrawn their hand from ACE diet pills.

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