Teagime – Tea Regime Detox Programme – Reviews

Teagime – A Tea Regimen Specifically Designed for Me.

What Is Teagime?

I’m glad you asked and to answer your question, Teagime is a tea regimen specifically designed for me or for you.It’s tailor-made to fit my health and body needs, not everybody’s.  With every single cup I drink, it’s targeting a health concern.

Teagime personalised Teatox programmeTeagime Limited is responsible for bringing this tea regimen to the public.

The name, Teagime, stands for a tea regime that provides the user with a specific tea detox programme.  It’s just for women though.

I tell the company what I like and what my immediate problems are and they personalize my order so that I’m cleansed or that I’m feeling energetic.  What a unique and outstanding idea!

Teagime believes that I’m special and I should have a product that’s safe so, it doesn’t have any side effects.

They believe you are your own person as well.  Keep reading to find out what other benefits are in store for you.

What Are Teagime Features?

Of course, its key feature is that it’s personalized.  That means, if I don’t want caffeine or green tea, I have options.I can choose to have a blend that is non-caffeinated.  Imagine that!  Besides that, Teagime matches particular health goals with a questionnaire that you fill out, so there’s no guessing game.

By individualizing a tea programme, you’ll get a tea to help soothe menstrual cramps, improve skin issues (without any harmful side effects) and tastes delightful.  Yes, you get to choose what flavor you want.  Who else does this?

Which Teagime Are You?

Do you need a tea that will boost metabolism and give you plenty of energy?  Use Teagime’s morning tea blend.  I know all too well what it’s like to feel sluggish in the mornings.  With the help of the morning tea, I go at it.  I have the energy.  I’m ready to meet the world with my first drink of the day.

Noontime tea is made to help digestion problems and to prevent lusting for chocolate and sugar during the mid-day sugar crisis.

Calm and detox at the same time with the evening tea.  You should have no problems resting during the night as Teagime goes to work.  Wake up feeling rejuvenated and slimmer.

Teagime is so individualized that it can be altered to the changing seasons.  With each season, our body undergoes certain changes.  During the summer months, if you are like me, you may need more energy just to keep up with summertime activities.

Teatox to Detox

You may be wondering is Teagime new.  Nope, it’s not.  It’s been around for a few years now.

teagime teatox

It’s gaining popularity and even more so after you tell your friends about your new discovery.  You’ll be so excited about its results that you will post them on Facebook or even tweet about it.

Whether you aim to improve your immune system in the winter time, or if you want to slim down for the summer, this tea regimen has a plan right for you.  It truly enhances your overall health report simply by riding your body of what weighs it down, fat and toxins.

Please do not mistake Teagime for another tea plan that doesn’t work.  The other guys didn’t consider your special needs as Teagime Limited has done.  That could be one of the reasons why it didn’t work them.  However, for Teagime to be 100% effective, take it at the same time each day when possible.

The more you take it, the more your body will come to expect it.  By doing this, you can be sure this tea is doing what it’s supposed to with every sip, whether it’s flushing or energizing your body.

Where Can I Buy Teagime?

This is another great question.  This Tea can be purchased online, using Teagime’s official website.  Your tea order comes directly to your doorstep so you don’t even have to leave your home to get it.

Just know that Teagime will always be genuine and authentic.  It’s all natural and ready to enjoy.  There will never be any artificial ingredients in it or any additives.  As a generous gift, you get a free tea infuser with your very first supply.

What Makes Teagime So Unique?

teagime cleanse support metabolismThe company stands on their believe that no two women are the same and they don’t believe that one hat fits everybody.

We know that’s not true.  With that being said, they’ve discovered a personalized treatment that works.

Teagime uses specific herbs to help you lose weight, improve your health and give you more strength to get-up-and-go.

As a formula that gives individualize attention, there’s no reason why you should not be able to achieve your health goals.

What Are Teagime’s Benefits? 

Well, some of the advantages are:

  • It cleanses the inside of your body
  • Supports the metabolism
  • Overcome cravings for sugar
  • Raises your energy
  • Get rid of fat and helps you to lose weight
  • Improves digestive system for overall healthiness

What’s Teagime’s Plan?

It’s not Teagime’s plan… it’s yours.  You choose what you want… you make your own formula from the ingredients to the amount you need.

I know it’s not what you expected to hear, but that’s how this tea works.  Before you can get your own supply, you will need to sign up.

After you sign up for it, get ready to receive your 14-day regimen.  You should expect a welcome package filled with your tea, a tea infuser, ingredient fact sheet, and a welcome pamphlet.  Not bad, eh, for around €30.00.

Is Teagime Safe to Drink?

The tea is all natural.  You choose the flavors and blends, so there shouldn’t be anything in the tea that will harm you.  Although we can’t guarantee that even this will keep you 100% safe, This tea is not supposed to affect your health.

If you know you have issues with caffeine, please do not order a tea containing caffeine.  You should avoid green tea.  If you are still uncertain, check with your local pharmacists to see if your current medications or medical conditions are compatible with Teagime.


Teagime is a totally unique slimming programme designed for one woman at a time.  It has all of the goodness of an extraordinary supplement.  Drink a cup of tea three times a day; one for the morning, another for the afternoon and the last cup in the evenings and after a meal.

Teagime’s advantages include:

  • Increased energy
  • No known side effects
  • It’s personalised
  • Supports and improves energy levels
  • Money Back Promise

What are the Disadvantages?

  • You can only get it online
  • It could be pricey over a period of time


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