Breast Enhancement Cream vs Pills

Which one is the safest breast enhancement methodology, Breast enhancement Creams or Pills?

This is a never-ending debate that cannot be settled like the sides of the egg! People are tired of the various facets of arguments from both sides of the fence. There are supposedly wonder products in both the segments which have good rave reviews. Even so, nervosa grips in as to which one is the best of the lot to try.

You have to try it to know what’s better for you. What works for someone else might not work for you. There’s no master pill or universal cream that is a cure-all for everyone in equal measure. The keyword here though is not better enlargement rather safe. Safety is of much pertinence when it comes to products that are not prescriptive and may lead to unintended harm which other users might not have gone through. Breast Enhancement Pills or cream? Breast Enhancement Cream or pills?

Or a combination of both? What do the experts say? What are the medical reviews? What do the peer-reviewed journals say? Let’s delve in and analyze which one’s a better alternative.

The magic of Breast Enhancement Pills

Pills have been the best way to ingest various forms of medicine directly into the bloodstream since the invention of gelatine based medicine in the 19th century. It directly enters your bloodstream and carries the potion to the entire body or the specific requisite portion.

Breast enhancement pills come as supplements that are inherently the elements that boost Estrogens. The Estrogens hormone is the primary facilitator of all things feminine. It makes sure that the female physiology is blessed with all the features and functions that enable one as being and becoming of a woman. It also plays a vital role in the breast formation and size.

Naturally, the hormone has been found in abundance in few resources like:

  • Fenugreek
  • Fennel seeds
  • Sal Palmetto
  • Dong Quai roots etc.

It takes a few weeks to few months of pill intake in order to attain the dream size of your precious cup. That is way could be an advantage or disadvantage depending upon your circumstances. Nevertheless, it’s regarded as the safest of all non-invasive treatment for breast augmentation.

Benefits of Pills

The advantages of pills are many including but not limited to the following:

  • It gives you the comfort of having it without a second thought, like any other pills that you have. It’s completely private and no one necessarily has to know.
  • Some pills come with add-on nutrient supplements that could boost more than just your estrogens and leave you with a better feeling after some usage.
  • It doesn’t instantly hit. It builds up. Perfect! As it won’t grow your breast overnight, causing you humiliation and mental stigma.
  • It is fairly cheaper alternative. Way cheaper than plastic surgery or any other treatment.

Risks involved with Pills

  • Pills despite being really potent in reaching your blood streams don’t carry the same magic inside every other person. Your response to the standard course of treatment and its outcome could vary.
  • Pills cannot be taken in combination with certain other medications, which might act as a deterrent to many who are under various kinds of medications.
  • Pills are also not suitable for those with certain allergies to some stimulants and supplements.

What About Breast Enhancement Creams?

Breast Enhancement Creams or topical solution have been a widely prevalent form of non-invasive medication in many forms since yore. The prehistoric where known to have crushed leaves, herbs, coal etc and make a thick solution with grounded elements to treat a variety of maladies.

Breast creams are often avoided by women but it seemingly offers a rather more comfortable experience and better results in more than one way.

Benefits of Breast Creams

  • It is certainly not toxic as certain pills are, thereby safe in every aspect.
  • It gets you rid of that ‘eh’ ‘yucky’ feeling every time you gulp that pill.
  • By its application, you also in the hindsight receive a much needed healthy breast massage.
  • The application of topical solution increases blood circulation along your precious little cups stimulating them.
  • It also helps reduce wrinkles and ensure firmness of the breasts which pills might not offer.

Risks involved with breast creams

  • Significantly lower risks involved than any other invasive or non-invasive breast enhancement technique or treatment.
  • The only risk you might want to be sure of is if it suits your skin type. Rest is a breeze.

So which one’s the better than the breast . . . err best!

Now that you have come this far, you might be wondering as to which one was proven a better treatment? Certainly, both pills and breast enhancement creams come close and in some way should not be categorically judged as in a sprint. Both work in different ways. But the application and comfort that they carry along help you make a final decision.

If you are going ahead with pills then you might need to consider consulting a physician first, as to which pills might be more suitable for your body type, perchance you take pills that take forever to deliver or might be harmful to you. Be careful with the pills.

On the other hand, topical creams or gel-like the wonder product Vollure, helps you ease your frustration in a literal handy way. It not only helps you with an enhanced size but also a toned one too! Next time you are at the drug store, ask for one.

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