Raspberry Ketone Max Reviews – Side Effects

According to Raspberry Ketone Max official website these diet pills can help you accelerate your loss of weight in a very healthy way.

It offers the same benefits as plain old raspberry ketone does plus more. The normal benefits from Raspberry Ketone Max diet pills are increased oxidation of fats to energy and an increased metabolic rate. Each of these contributes to rapid weight loss.

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Not only that, but raspberry ketones do this while, not only reducing fatigue but also while providing you with higher energy levels.

Many weight loss programs make you feel tired due to a lack of carbs and increased exercise, but not the raspberry ketone.

And now comes Raspberry Ketone Max weight loss diet pills!

What can this enhancement do for you!

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Raspberry Ketone Max Ingredients

Not only do you get regular raspberry ketone, but you also get L-theanine, green tea extract, chromium and caffeine from green coffee extract – and more!

One word of Warning here: if you cannot take high doses of caffeine, then Raspberry Ketone Max slimming tablets is not for you!

So what does each of these ingredients do for you? Many times ingredients act in synergy, meaning that they enhance or support each other’s effect.

This is true of those present in this raspberry ketone brand. Here is how each of the above ingredients works to help you reduce weight in a healthy way.

Raspberry Ketone Max readable ingredients


This is an amino acid, and it is available naturally in tea plants and certain types of fungi.


It is an antioxidant, meaning that it can destroy the free radicals that oxidize the LDL cholesterol in your blood to form fatty plaques, or coatings, on the internal walls of your arteries.

This is known as atherosclerosis, and it narrows your arteries to an extent that small blood clots can block them and cause heart attacks.

L-Theanine prevents this from happening in two ways:

  • It reacts with free radicals to remove their ability to oxidize LDL cholesterol. HDL cholesterol, otherwise known as ‘good cholesterol’, is not affected this way.
  • It stimulates the body’s rate of nitric oxide production. This oxide expands the diameter of your blood vessels and so reduces the effect of oxidized cholesterol deposits.

While the latter effect is important in keeping you healthy, it is the first, the prevention, that matters most.

It’s best to prevent a condition than to modify your blood vessels to accommodate that condition! L-Theanine offers the useful property of carrying out both functions.

Another benefit of L-Theanine is that it helps to reduce stress1. It stimulates the mechanism that generates alpha waves in your brain – the waveforms that keep you alert while you relax.

Alpha waves stimulate your imagination and concentration while enabling you to relax.

Many people overeat in times of stress, and L-Theanine reduces the stress and so prevents this without also relaxing your awareness and thought processes.



Chromium is a metallic element that is claimed to reduce your craving for food. It may increase your metabolism, thus burning fat quicker, and helps prevent high blood pressure.

It is known that chromium is a good supplement to take if you have the need to reduce blood sugar and also blood insulin levels.

However, there is insufficient evidence to back up its weight-reduction claim – but it does no harm to take it in the levels present in Raspberry Ketone Max.

Other Raspberry Ketone Max Ingredients:

This Raspberry Ketone type contains other antioxidant ingredients that are present to accelerate your metabolic rate, reduce cholesterol plaques in your arteries and help keep your weight down.

Not all versions contain the same ingredients, but what can be said is that this is a very healthy supplement.


Raspberry ketone Max brand seems to help maintain a healthy heart and can also help you to maintain a weight loss diet.

It will not reduce weight just by itself but will help you lose weight. Studies have shown it to help to reduce liver fat and help to maintain a healthy weight.2

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