It Works Products Reviewed

What is It Works and how did it start?

To start with It Works is a product line which includes supplements as well as body wraps. It Works is a body contouring system company that was founded back in 2001.

Since then they have branched out considerably in an attempt to sell more supplements through an MLM sales structure.

They claim that they only use all-natural ingredients, which is obviously a plus. The company actually started off as a body wrap specialist.

It used to sell a body contouring system which was called the Ultimate Body Applicator.

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This had to be wrapped around one’s body so as to help in weight loss. The product was very successful back then, and this led to the company to launch a whole range of health products.

Today the company is quite successful as a direct selling company. It Works has managed to rank 15th among the top revenue-generating companies in North America.

It is also considered to be the 31st most successful company in direct selling, with a staggering $538 million total revenue.

Today the company has its headquarters in Florida, but it also has branches in Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The slogan of It Works is “Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?” – which as crazy as it might seem, it has actually become very popular. The network of salespeople is known as the ‘intrapreneurs’.

The It Works Products

It Works has a product lineup that can be divided into five categories, namely:

It Works Body Wraps

There are three products in this category, namely the Ultimate Body Applicator, the Defining Gel and the Fab Wrap.

The latter is designed to complement the Body Applicator so that it fits well to the skin, enabling more nutrients to be pushed into the skin.

The Body Applicator is basically a wrap system made from non-woven cloth that is infused with botanicals and herbs.

It can be used on the back, abs, sides, arms, legs, and butt.

It works Skin

Here there are several different beauty products made from natural ingredients that claim to repair different parts of the body as well as make the skin firmer.

There is a facial, a cleanser, a repair, a toner, and an exfoliating peel.

Products for stretch marks, and for the lips, eyes, hair, and nails are also available.

These products are priced between $30 and $60 on average, with a lower price for the loyal customers.


The greens supplements come in 6 flavors and varieties. They come in powder form, and they have to be mixed with water or juice.

These supplements claim to work as probiotics to support digestive health while fighting acid buildup.

They also detoxify, alkalize and promote a good pH balance in the body.

They include 38 different herbs and superfoods that are rich in nutrients, and also include free radical fighting antioxidants.

There are different the Greens Orange and Greens Berry.

There are also the Greens on the Go, and the Greens Value Size Orange and Berry.


It Works offer several health supplements in this category. It Works Energy, for instance, is an energy beverage full of B vitamins, polyphenols, and phytonutrients.

There is the Advanced Formula Fat Fighter which helps prevent the body from storing fats and carbs.

Estro Rhythm is another product which claims to reduce the symptoms related to menopause thanks to various natural ingredients.

There are the It’s Vital Minerals, It’s Vital Omega-3, It’s Essential and It’s Vital Core Nutrition. These are multivitamin supplements.
Then there is New You, which is another supplement that stimulates the body’s natural production and release of HGH.

Regular is a supplement which facilitates the removal of toxins and other waste material, thereby boosting colon health, whereas Relief is a joint pain relief supplement that is helpful for the flexibility and health of the joints.

Finally, there is Ultimate Profit which is a high powered protein shake, and Ultimate ThermoFit which is a formula that helps in the body’s metabolism and thermogenic activity to raise energy levels while reducing appetite.


Packages are also offered by It Works. These include bundles of different products. The Wrap Pack, for example, is a popular package which includes the Ultimate Body Applicator, and the Defining Gel.

There is the Ultimate Pack which combines four Ultimate Body Applicator body wraps with the Defining Gel, along with the It Works ProFit, the Ultimate ThermoFit, It’s Essential energy bars for weight loss and It’s Vital Core Formula Nutrition.

The Skinny Pack is another package which also contains four Ultimate Body Applicators, a bottle of Defining Gel and an Advanced Formula Fat Fighter.

The It Pack contains four Ultimate Body Applicators, the defining gel, a Lip, and Eye supplement, four facial supplements, and a Greens on the Go berry flavored supplement.

Then there is the 100 Day Social Adventure package which offers training to those who would like to become sales representatives with It Works.

Where can It Works be purchased?

These wraps and supplements can either be purchased from the official website, from a number of online retailers, or on Amazon.

Here they currently have a 2.4 rating. So it is basically an average rating, despite the fact that there are quite a few positive comments.

Since It Works was founded over 15 years ago, it may assure people who may be considering trying it out. However, before jumping to conclusions, let us see some other aspects worth noting to properly review It Works.

The Price

For starters, the price is not that affordable. So, you would have to spend $59 for the body applicator, an additional $45 for the defining gel and another $5 for the Fab Wrap. So if you were to add them that would be over a $100.

Considering that the wraps will last you for 30 days, you would need to buy more of them every month, resulting in about $1200 per year. Moreover, the slimming effects are not long-term.

All in all one could easily opt for a cheaper slimming product, which might still be able to give satisfactory results.

Customer Reviews

There are plenty of reviews and comments discussing It Works online. From what we could see there were more negative ones than positive ones. According to several customers, this product does not work and is not worth it.

There were people who called it junk, a waste of money and that zero results were attained. There are also a considerable number of negative customer experiences.

How does it work?

Basically, you would need to wrap your body every three days, and in between these sessions, you need to use the defining gel. The Fab Wrap should be retained in place for about an hour.

The recommended time is actually between 45 and 90 minutes. This will offer you optimal slimming according to the directions. It is important not to use It Works while you are on the run and you should make sure that you do not sweat during this period of time.

There is no clinical support for this product.

The company does not state that there is any research to support it either. In reality, binding is a technique that has been used for many years to try and shrink the waistline, but results are not permanent.

General conclusion

There is a lot of hype surrounding It Works, as well as plenty of promotions. However, despite the fact that the product has been on the market for some 15 years, there seem to be too many negative reviews about it.

Apart from that It Works is quite pricey. It is also important to point out that there is no guarantee being offered whatsoever, and no BBB rating either.

So if you are considering options to lose weight, chances are that It Works is not such a great idea.

There are several supplements out there that are backed by clinical research and at lower prices than It Works.

It Works Review

Everybody likes to have nice looking skin that is well toned and firm, and a small waistline.

But what if you had to achieve this, while also earn money and make new friends? This is what being an intrapreneur is all about.

And this is what It Works can offer you. In time you can earn free wraps as well as cash.

But let us go over what It Works really us and how it actually works.

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