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I wrote this Folexn Review because I had problems with hair loss, and I tried various anti-hair loss solutions, but without satisfactory results. After testing various products, I came to Folexin hair supplement that helped me a lot.

I ordered it online and started taking Folexin hair supplement. The changes were spectacular: after only 10 weeks of use, my hair started to grow again. The product is intended for both men and women.

Official Site Where To Buy
Price:$24.95 (60 capsules – 90 days)

Folexin is for those who:

  • They want thicker and healthier hair;
  • Those who maintain an anti-hair loss regimen;
  • To those who love natural ingredients;
  • People who avoid medical prescriptions;
  • People worried about side effects;

Folexin is not for those who:

  • They want results overnight;
  • I can’t afford 24.95 USD / month.

What is Folexin

Folexin is a unique product that helps natural hair growth, being made from natural ingredients. At the same time, it helps maintain overall health.

When this product was launched, the first name was Foligen. Due to similarities with the names of other hair products, the manufacturing company decided to change the name in 2018. This is how Folexin appeared, a product similar to the competition, but different in composition and effectiveness.

Folexin is a hair product, manufactured in the USA and in accordance with FDA and GMP regulations.

Although it is true, some ingredients are imported. All these natural ingredients work to help your hair grow thicker and fuller. Since it is a hair loss supplement, you can easily use it with something like Rogaine (Minoxidil).

Many ingredients have been mentioned on the Mayo Clinic, WebMD and even the Dr. Oz Show.

Folexin Ingredients:


Biotin, known as vitamin B7, is one of the 8 vitamins that make up the vitamin B complex. The human body cannot produce biotin on its own, so you need to consider foods rich in vitamin B7 or supplements. Like vitamin C, biotin is a soluble vitamin, it does not stay in the body very long – unused amounts of vitamin B7 are eliminated from the body through the urinary tract.

Fortunately, B7 is available in a wide range of foods such as egg yolks, soybeans, dairy products, bananas, nuts and various types of butter from nuts, mushrooms and salads (green leaves), as well as in supplements.

Folic acid

Vitamin B9, especially known as Folic Acid or Folate is a soluble vitamin, essential for the production of healthy red blood cells. Folic acid is also an important nutrient to prevent hair loss. While most people take adequate amounts of folic acid through their diet, pregnant women and those trying to get pregnant are often advised to take folic acid supplements.

The best sources of folic acid are liver, broccoli, spinach, bananas, brown broccoli rice and yeast.

Ascorbic acid

The benefits of vitamin C (aka L-ascorbic acid) are essential for healthy hair, as it helps the human body absorb iron, protecting your cells from free radicals.

Other benefits of vitamin C:

  1. required for collagen production;
  2. protects and helps repair sun damage;
  3. can reduce circles under the eyes;
  4. helps to heal;
  5. inhibits the accumulation of melanin (which can cause white hair);
  6. helps with eczema and psoriasis.

Ascorbic acid is right up there with B vitamins when it comes to things your body needs. One of the main things your body uses for vitamin C is to help it absorb iron. You need iron for your bones, as well as for your hair and nails.


He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti), obtained from the tuberous root of Polygonum multiflorum, a plant that grows in the mountains of central and southern China, is the most respected plant of longevity in Chinese herbalism. According to Chinese theory, He Shou Wu recharges and nourishes the primary energy of the body, called “Jing” or “Essence”, in this direction sharing in Chinese herbalism the same leading place with Goji berries (Lycium).

It is a tonic for the kidneys and liver, strengthens blood, muscles, tendons and bones, prevents premature aging, maintains hair color and health or helps regain pigment, strengthens the reproductive system in both women and men and strengthens the back and knees. He Shou Wu can be used as a maintenance and lifelong plant. Chinese herbalists consider it a primary plant used to accumulate the so-called Jing – the primary vital force, so essential for longevity.

This is why Folexin is a complex product that helps not only hair growth.

Other Ingredients

In spite of the fact that these are the fundamental fixings, there are a couple of others you should think about.

Hydrolyzed collagen is added to forestall harm to hair follicles, and keratin is added to fortify and give hair more sparkle.

Saw Palmetto is another common fix found in Folexin.

Nutrients, for example, B5, B6, B12, A, B1, D3 and E. There are additional minerals, for example, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, potassium gluconate, ferrous iron fumarate, zinc, copper, silica and manganese chelate.

Zinc is utilized by your body to develop cells, while copper expands the number of follicles you have. Silica encourages transporting different minerals to the hair follicles so they get all they require.

Real Folexin Reviews (What People Say About Folexin)

Folexin is listed on Amazon at a higher price than the official website. This allows us to see real user reviews, correct ratings and comments on this product: The overall average rating of the votes on Amazon is 4 stars out of 223 votes:

5 stars = 54% rating;

4 stars = 16% rating;

3 stars = 15% rating;

2 stars = 9% rating;

1 star = 6%.

If I were to give a grade to this product, I would give 5 stars for Folexin, because it helped me a lot in growing my hair, but since not everyone is happy, they have the right to vote with 1 star.

Does Folexin Really Work?

I did more research on Folexin and came up with several reasons why it is superior to any other hair product.

All-natural ingredients: Because Folexin is a hair supplement, all the ingredients used are 100% natural, which helps natural hair growth. This also means fewer negative Folexin side effects!

It is not only great for healthy hair: it can help you bring your skin smooth and help you with your nails.

There is no monthly or annual subscription: you are not stuck in an annual or monthly subscription, which can be a nightmare if you want to cancel it. Folexin is a product that works and can be ordered on time. You can always order more.

Reliable brand: Folexin has been around for years and has grown rapidly in popularity in the last 2 years due to the promising results in hair development.

Where to Buy Folexin

If you want the lowest price, buy Folexin only from the official website where you can find promotions and discounts.

It is a relatively cheap product: compared to other brands. When you buy 5 bottles of Folexin, the price is only 18 USD per bottle.

Is Folexin A Scam

No. Folexin works in both men and women: unlike, say, Rogaine, which is recommended only for men, Folexin helps in hair growth in both men and women.

Quick and easy to use: no need to spend 10 minutes rubbing with solutions or ointment all over the scalp. Take Folexin pills when you wake up and before you go to bed.

Folexin cycle and hair growth

To fully understand how these different things affect your hair, you should first understand hair development. In essence, there are three stages in hair growth, which are called the anagen stage, the catagen stage and the telogen stage. All this takes place in what is known as the hair follicle – which you can see in the diagram above.


The anagen stage 1corresponds to the stage in which the hair grows in length and the duration is between two and seven years. This is largely due to genetics. Some people are genetically predisposed to having a shorter or longer anagen stage.


At this stage 2, the hair follicles stop growing and relax a little. This translates into heavier hair growth and generally lasts somewhere around ten days.


The telogenic stage 3 is the last stage of this cycle, and your hair eventually falls out. Once the hair has fallen out, no other hair immediately grows in the same place, but the follicle regenerates and prepares to help new hair grow in that place.

It is a stage that can last up to three months before the anagen stage begins again. Each follicle goes through this cycle independently of the other hairs on the head.

Folexin can successfully help with all these three steps. Vitamin deficiency and unhealthy eating habits lead to a shorter anagen stage and a longer telogen stage. This translates into the fact that the hair will not grow so much, and more hair will be in the telogen stage, the hair becoming thinner.

Advantages and disadvantages of Folexin

Following the above analysis, based on online reviews, knowing how the ingredients in Folexin work and what are the 3 cycles of hair growth, we present the pros and cons.


  • Being a product made with natural ingredients, it has no side effects.
  • Helps thicker and healthier hair
  • Intended for both men and women
  • Simple use – two pills a day (one in the morning and one in the evening)
  • You do not need a prescription to buy Folexin, each bottle will last 30 days.


  • Folexin can only be bought online from the one company that sells it.
  • You will not have results overnight, especially if you have deficiencies in certain vitamins. Folexin helps rebuild vitamin reserves in the human body. In this case, the results will be visible between 60-90 days after administration.


Folexin is not a miracle cure and I don’t know if it works for people with androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. If you are completely bald, it is probably too late to start treatment with Folexin

Following the reviews of real users on Amazon, there is no doubt that Folexin works. I personally tested this product for 6 months with extraordinary results, it helped me in hair regeneration. Now I have thicker and healthier hair.

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