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Increasing weight is an undesired phenomenon. It generates numerous health problems. It also distorts one’s personality.

That’s why people try their best to keep themselves slim and smart. However, great numbers of people are unable to control their growing weight.

The progress of technology has made us lazy.

Computer and the Internet have framed people idle, and manual work has become a story of olden days.

Though inventions have obvious benefits yet these have impacted the health of people. If you want to drop weight quickly and easily, then use HCG drops.

There are some alternative ways of losing weight such running; exercising and joining the gym but all these workouts require a lot of pains and time. Read more about hcg complex here: https://ok-reviews.com/diet-drops-reviews/hcg-complex-drops-review/

HCG drops Instructions – Amount of Doses

There are no hard and fast parameters or international equivalents in preparation that tell the exact of the quantity of ingestion of HCG drops (visit site).

Every hcg brand contains different quantity. Before its usage, read instructions inscribed on the label and get direction from the doctor.

The following suggestions based on research and approximation of effectiveness of doses.

What Should You Know?

These HCG drops are obtainable from various brands. For fast absorption of the drops, these are dispensed under the tongue.

You must be adherent to the diet plan for securing the maximum benefits from these drops.

Drops could lose their productivity if you prefer to become gormandizer.

How to Use HCG Drops – Recommended Dosage – instructions

Phase One

Three times a day, take the first dose in the morning; again thirty minutes before lunch and again thirty minutes before dinner.

You have to infuse ten drops under the tongue. It will approximate the effectiveness of drops. You have to hold the liquid under tongue for two minutes.

Don’t eat for ten minutes before and after the ingestion of drops. However, it isn’t recommended for children who are under 18 years old.

On first two days of drinking drops, eat foods as much as possible that contain a high content of fats. This ‘’forced feeding’’ will be a reservoir of energy.

Body consumes it when you are dieting. Energy backup is necessary to remain healthy.

Phase Two

On the third day, you began to eat a low-calorie diet. You should eat only recommended foods for three weeks. After three or six weeks as suggested by the doctor, you should stop intake of drops. Still, you have to refrain from heavy foods; otherwise, you may regain weight.

Phase Three

Slow and steady, you begin to increase foods. But, don’t eat food items that contain starch and sugar for three weeks. With the passage of time, include nuts, oils, fats, etc. and see how your body reacts. Every morning weigh yourself and see fluctuation value of weight.

Phase Four

You have stabilized your desired weight; now you can add all cherished foods into your diet. However, be up-to-date with your weight. If it increases two pounds, you can decrease it with the practice of ‘’steak day’’.

Dr. Simmons’ protocol is a final authority so get the guidelines regarding HCG diet from his manifesto.

If you follow his instructions, you shall get the best results. In the practice of his suggestions, you see only one modification; instead of getting one injection; now, you have to drink ten drops three times in a day.

Use of Drops on Loading Days

Gently squeeze out one drop of HCG and hold liquid for five minutes under tongue for its best absorption.

Also, quietly close your mouth and don’t pull back your tongue rather let it remain in natural position. The longer you keep the drops under the tongue, the more HCG is absorbed by the vein.

No Need for Exercise

If you are ingesting HCG drops to lose weight, then you don’t need exercises. When you are exhausted by a strenuous office job, then these drops rescue your health. Spend precious free time with your family instead of consuming it in the gym.

Quick Weight Loss

With the use of HCG drops, you experience weight loss process at record speed. These drops are available in different quantities.

Discuss with healthcare take before the utilization of drops. He advises the best option after taking into consideration your weight and overall.

For securing the best output, utilize these drops according to the prescription of the doctor.

Get the Pleasing Shape of Body

Formation of the eye-catching body is a natural desire of everyone and drinking of HCG drops helps a lot in materializing your dream.

It improves the metabolism and unwinds the extra fat gathered inside the body. You feel energetic that give you a sense of confidence. You also enjoy the spice of sound health.

Why Should You Prefer HCG Drop Diet to Its Counterpart HCG Injection Diet?

Use of HCG drops diet is a fine alternative that gives you some distinguished advantages over its counterpart HCG injections diet.

With injection, it is hard to get poking sharp edge of the needle into the delicate skin.

You need a daily dose of injection, so you have to visit a doctor.

This practice is also tiresome and time-consuming. On another hand, you take drops orally three times a day.

Now, you don’t need to bear the pains of traveling and waiting in the hall to get ingestion of HCG drops.

Formula of HCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin)

HCG drops contain hormone produced in women during their pregnancy. The function of this hormone is feeding the baby with fat stores. Researchers have stamped the benefits of this hormone from the perspective of losing weight.

When HCG drops are combined with low-calorie diet, these help the body in burning the extra fats.

In result, weight loss is bound to happen. To lose a pound, you need to burn 35; 00 calories and these drops bring amazing outputs within few days of use.

These drops are manufactured on an alcohol base to make their usage easy. However, its quantity is very low, and you don’t feel drunk after the intake of HCG drops.

Different flavors such as maple and vanilla are other highlights.

Controversy about HCG Drops

There is much controversy about the effectiveness of HCG drops. Numerous health practitioners don’t recommend it.

They consider that use of these drops generates fatal health problems.

On the contrary, a great number of these drops lovers also exists. In spite of the hot controversy, there is no arguing with the fact that huge volume of people has lost weight using these HCG drops.

Different Categories of HCG Drops

All drops are not designed on single formula – a hormone.

Some companies include only recommended traces of HCG in liquid approved by HCG weight loss protocols.

While on the plan, HCG drops dieters have reported similar weight loss and equal effects to those on injections.

However, there is a little bit variation in potency of HCG injection diet, and HCG drops diet when measured after their ingestion in the bloodstream.

Homeopathic Version of HCG Diet Drops

Homeopathic version of HCG diet drops contains ingredients such as preservatives, water, and amino acids.

Researchers have unlocked the fact that this version of HCG drops is equally beneficial on losing weight.

These drops are void of hormones as an ingredient so the person feels extreme hunger, and it becomes difficult to follow the suggested menu.

HCG Diet Drops Available at Amazon, GNC, etc

Many people ask regarding drops available at Amazon, GNC, and such others store. These stores sell only hormone-free drops because these stores have no permission to put up for sale the real version of HCG drops.

Down Sides of HCG Drops

Food allergy and digestive problems are major side effects of HCG drops. On the internet, you may find numerous articles with reference the side effects of these drops.

However, extra doses create the health problems like rash, indigestion, headache, upset stomach and diarrhea.

By following the prescription of a doctor, you can avoid these problems.

Reliable Venue to Buy HCG Diet Drops

While buying HCG diet drops, you should make an informed decision to avoid any inconvenience. Numerous websites have become hot selling points of HCG drops. First of all, study the reliable buying guide prepared for potential dieters, which discusses in details the different versions of HCG drops, their ingredients, benefits, and limitations. Then, choose a well-reputed company to get the HCG drops.

Avoid buying HCG drops from abroad. Foreign companies have been caught in scandals so they can’t rely on. HCG drops manufactured by overseas companies may have unregulated formulas that damage your health.

This choice is full of risks. So, you should not keep at stake your health and money.

Valuable Tips

  • For the best weight loss, choose different foods for every meal
  • Keep into account the serving sizes and quantity of their calories
  • Avoid the utilization of salt
  • Avoid red meat, tomato, oranges, etc
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Incorporating some exercises like Yoga is productive move

Enjoy Your Success

Completing the course of HCG drops diet is a big triumph. You will take pleasure of its benefits for a long time to come.

You feel light, energetic, and more active. After winding down the extra fats, all organs of the body areas functioning as they should.

Besides your healthy body, this phenomenon gives you a sense of confidence.


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