Activ8 X Diet Drops Review: Does it Work or Just Scam?

Activ8 x is fast becoming a popular food supplement in the UK and other parts of the world.

activ x liquid diet drops where can i buy

This supplement is being sold with claims that it can help to reduce weight. The reasons Activ8 x is different from other types of such weight reducing supplements is that it does not come in the form of capsules, patches, pills, or even breath-in types of slimming products.

 This product does not meat our approved criteria due to the several reasons described below: 

Activ8 X Diet Drops Concerns:

  • High price for a homeopatic hcg – vitamins – no HCG inside
  • Few negative side effects
  • Strict calorie protocol
  • No evidence that Activ8 X can help you lose weight
  • No studies regarding the weight-loss ingredients

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Instead, it comes in the form of diet drops. The user is expected to release a couple of drops in his or her mouth, more specifically in the sublingual region, and wait for about 2 minutes.

Theoretically this should help the ingredients to reach the bloodstream faster because the digestive system starts working on it in the mouth rather than in the stomach, unlike pills.

Therefore, it is expected that when squeezed in under the tongue, using the pipette that is provided, some of the ingredients from this supplement are absorbed there and more quantities of any such ingredient are absorbed because the supplement is held in the mouth for longer.

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In fact, these expectations do have some truth in them, because most slimming pills start to act upon reaching the stomach.

Effectively in the passage from the mouth to the stomach, nothing much is absorbed by the body.

Moreover, the movement of the pills is involuntary, which is another reason that such pills might not reach their full potential.

What are the ingredients of Activ8 x?

Ingredients in this slimming product include capsicum, beta alanine, extracts from green tea leaves, powder of grapefruit, chromium, garcinia, pyruvate, panax ginseng, extract from African Mango, and extract from grape seed.

As can be seen from the list, there are no artificial compounds in there. Therefore, Activ8 x is a safe product with little or no adverse side effects.

The exact nature of the ingredients in Activ8 x:

Activ8 x helps to reduce weight by acting in four ways.

This supplement has ingredients that suppress hunger, burn fat, improve the metabolic rate, and block carbohydrates.

All these actions happen concurrently because of the ingredients in Activ8 x.

Grapefruit powder and chromium have been studied (1, 2) to assess whether they do indeed suppress hunger.

Apparently, these two do suppress hunger considerably well. Their inclusion in the Activ8 x is therefore expected to yield this effect.

It is a well-known fact that green tea leaves are rich in antioxidants. But these leaves are also capable of burning away fat.(3)

Beta alanine on the other hand is a supplement that helps to improve the muscles. It is basically an amino acid, or protein.

Even though it does not directly affect hunger, indirectly it reduces the need for the body to replenish its requirements, because muscles are not wasted. Beta-alanine may also have some role to play in burning away the excess fat.

A high metabolic rate is responsible for a low weight gain. This fact cannot be disputed. Neither the fact that with age, the metabolic rate slows down.

Anything that can kick-start the metabolic rate, but only to an extent that it is not fatal, is therefore necessary.

The garcinia and pyruvate are ingredients in Activ8 x, which are used in the right proportions to ensure that the metabolic activity improves.

Carbohydrates get converted into glycogen, and glycogen, in turn, is converted into fat in the body. But carbohydrates are also a necessary part of the food pyramid.

The ingredients in Activ8 x capable of blocking carbohydrates include extracts from grape seeds, African mango, and the good old panax ginseng. This ginseng is naturally grown. It not only curbs hunger, but it also regulates sugar in the blood stream. The ratio of ingredients is kept just right to ensure that the reactions are as desired.

What Activ8 x does not have:

This product does not have many of the harmful chemicals or compounds, natural or artificial, found in other slimming products. The product is therefore free from caffeine, as well as HGH or human growth hormone.

Why Activ8 x is worth buying:

  1. The product has undergone various tests to check for its effectiveness;
  2. The manufacturer, i.e., UK based AMAS Enterprises Limited, honestly states that this is supplement and can give the best results only if it is used along with diet plans such as AVX, Weight Watchers, Slimming word, etc.
  3. Logically, the reasoning of prolonging the presence of the supplement in the mouth voluntarily seems to make sense;
  4. It stands to reason that liquid is likely to be absorbed faster by the body than solid pills or other forms in which slimming ingredients are administered;
  5. Many users have become regular customers and the market share of this product is growing steadily;
  6. Most of the ingredients mentioned in Activ8 x are known to have good weight reduction properties and are found in other slimming products. The manufacturers of Activ8 x, however, seem to have got their ratios right and have made the product a comprehensive slimming agent subject to using along with specified diets.


In general, there is no reason not to buy this product. If there are no noticeable benefits within 35 days from buying and using the product, then the buyer can return the product, and get a refund.

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