BPI Roxylean Reviews – Legit or Scam Fat Burner

RoxyLean is a fat burner. It works by improving the metabolic rate. Meanwhile, it provides the body stimulants high energy. There are many concerns related to the release of this product.

The particular one is, is it effective or not. Let’s Find Out!

RoxyLean Super Concentrated Thermogenic diet pill and a nice girl

It is made with a high concentration of Caffeine and Niancin. It offers short-term energy as it improves the metabolic rate of the body. However, manufacturers suggest the users take precautions while using it.

RoxyLean Overview

In the following review, we will see how the RoxyLean works, what is it made off and what do clinical studies suggest. We are also going to see if there is any possible side effect. In short, we are going to help you determine whether you should take it or not.

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What It Claims

If there is one thing common about all supplements in the market, Its they all make pretty convincing claims about what they will do.

But do they hold true to their claims? Well, that’s another story! Speaking of which, the BPI RoxyLean doesn’t fall behind here! It claims to benefit you with the following four points:

  • Medi-Biological Weight Loss
  • A Boost in Metabolic Rate
  • Better Focus and Clarity
  • Simple Once Capsule Dose

This is no surprise; it’s a weight loss supplement and by all means, it will make such claims. So far, we haven’t lost our faith in this product. But, how it holds true to them, let’s find out!

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Does It Hold Fair to the Basics

The RoxyLean is promoted as a metabolism booster, which works with some mild fat burning mechanism.

This is not an appetite suppressant or carb blocker. It doesn’t come with any diet plan it works with the following weight-loss strategies:

  • Fat Burning
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Metabolism Booster
  • Diet Plan

What is it Made Off

roxylean supplement facts

Following are the Ingredients, which make up RoxyLean Diet Product:

Roxylean Blend

This Sports patent blend is used in this product. In fact, this is the core ingredient as the name is based on it. It offers potential benefits and attributes for weight loss.


This is an important Vitamin as its important in NAD and NADP synthesis. These enzymes play an important part to break fats, carbs, and even alcohol. If their concentration is increased, more enzymes are available for digestion, and thus the metabolic rate improves.


This is better known as a Chemical Inhibitor. It also goes by the names of Hydrastis Canadensis and Orange Root. It’s better and thus it dramatically improves digression and stimulates appetite. Moreover, it helps to aid bile production.


This is a chemical stimulant that improves focus and fights off physical fatigue.

It also helps to control the tiredness and low carb level. It lets the body burn adipose tissue faster as compared to carbohydrates.

Not to mention, it also improves power and muscle endurance. This helps the user to exercise better and avoid low energy levels.

The only problem is, caffeine can be addictive, and RoxyLean features a high concentration of it. Moreover, the continuous use of this can lead to some psychological effects.


A chemical, which perfectly inhibits the action of different body enzymes. It is also used as an aphrodisiac. It fights against the alpha-receptors in cells, which accumulate the fat breakdown in adipose. It promotes fat burning, but it can be a bit toxic if taken in a high dose. So be careful.

How the Whole Thing Works

Following this, we are going to help you understand how the RoxyLean works. We are going to explain the different approach it uses to help you lose weight and reach your ideal weight. So bear with us for a while.

Fat Burning

The fat-burning improves the breakdown of digested fat. Also, the ingredients in RoxyLean, which help for this cause, are as following:

  • Yohimbe
  • Goldenseal
  • Rauwolfia

The fact is, all three of these ingredients are believed to be perfectly targeting this area, well, there are a few clinical studies that support this belief.

The Yohimbe controls the effects of Alpha 2 Receptors of the Central Nervous System. It also prevents the breakdown of fats in the body. It helps to promote fat usage.

On another hand, the Goldenseal stimulates digestion, and it boosts bile secretion. It is used to digest fats. This ingredient is fairly popular among bodybuilders thanks to its fat loss abilities.

Metabolic Boost

The RoxyLean utilizes the following ingredients to improve your metabolic rate:

  • Niacin
  • Caffeine
  • RoxyLean Blend

All these ingredients give the body an energy boost and thus it helps with metabolic rate.

Niacin remains one of the core ingredients in this weight loss supplement. By the way, it’s a crucial vitamin for humans as it is utilized in the synthesis of NADP and NAD enzymes to break down the following:

  • Fat
  • Alcohol
  • Carbohydrates

The food is therefore digested with ease as metabolic rate is boosted, thanks to this synthesis.

Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant, which improves focus and fights physical fatigue. This helps to fight the feeling of tiredness. It’s very useful when the carbohydrate levels are low because of a high metabolic rate. It offers a bunch of benefits if taken in small numbers.

Yes, it fights off the development of cancer and improves muscle power. This helps you to exercise for a longer bit. It stimulates the body for fat acids breakdown over carbohydrates, which lets the body burn more fats while improving its endurance.

Recommended Way to Use RoxyLean

This may seem odd, but using RoxyLean in the proper way promises the utmost benefits of this product. The manufacturers strictly instruct all uses to take one capsule in the morning before eating anything. You need to follow this routine for no more than eight weeks in a straight row.

The precautions are given keeping in mind its high caffeine content. Users are also advised to avoid this product in case they are on medication or ill. While taking this weight loss supplement, avoid other sources of caffeine. You need to avoid taking RoxyLean with any other supplement and take extra care of your dosage.

Be advised, this is not a miracle pill. If you want fast and even more effective results, you better combine it with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

A Word About the Manufacturer

The RoxyLean is proudly introduced by BPI Sports. This is an award-winning company, which is headquartered in Florida. The company has received some awards from GNC in 2011-2012 for the Rising Star and Brand of the Year.

This Company is distributing its products in 83 countries. Moreover, it has four major hubs across America.

The company is better known for its wide and effective range of bodybuilding products. All BPI products are positively reviewed and have a reliable image.

Is it Effective for Weight Loss?

The company is marketing its product as the perfect solution for weight loss. As the company says, the true strength of its product lies in its boost for metabolic rate.

However, is weight loss as perfect as said to be? Sure, there will be some butterflies in the basket, well we are going to find that out.

There are only a few active ingredients in RoxyLean. Also, there is a hazard for addictive effects as most of the weight loss potential remains in Caffeine and Yohimbe.

But all being said, the RoxyLean helps you to shed off the extra pounds.

It is only effective if taken as suggested. Take only one capsule at a day while following the strict instructions carefully. Just take one capsule in the morning empty stomach and combine it with a healthy diet and exercise.

RoxyLean will not only help you to lose weight, but it also ensures that your weight gains it back in the future. Therefore, you better get on it.

Our Final Word

This Is what it boils down to. Every claim and testimonial say the RoxyLean is loyal to what it claims. There are many positive aspects of RoxyLean.

Let’s shed some light on them. The RoxyLean weight loss pills and every single ingredient as no severe side effects. Even if there are few, you don’t have to take them for granted.

RoxyLean has been tested clinically many times a day, and every single of these tests suggest that this product does what it says.  Yes, the product is mostly positively reviewed so far.

roxylean amazon testimonials
roxylean amazon reviews

Not to forget, the company making this RoxyLean leads a positive image for its product base. Moreover, the company has a knack for testing its products from time to time. This is a credibility bonus. Testimonials say this product is the effective one as it delivers what it says.

So in the end, we will wind up by saying RoxyLean Is an effective weight loss product, and it holds true to its claim. So if you don’t know how to lose weight for a short time, you better revert to this weight loss supplement. It will help you out for years to come as you won’t gain the weight back.

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