Risky Cosmetic Surgeries You’ll Want to Avoid – Review

Are you contemplating cosmetic surgery? It seems that cosmetic surgery has become an essential part of our beautiful landscape. When surveyed by telephone, almost one in five women believed they would have cosmetic surgery at some point in their life. Has the quest for beauty and perfection gone too far? While some plastic surgery procedures may be warranted when there’s an obvious disfigurement, cosmetic surgery is still surgery and should be given the same degree of consideration and research as a surgery for a medical problem.

If you’re giving some consideration to the idea of plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes, here are some bad cosmetic surgeries that might best be avoided:

Cosmetic surgery to avoid: Breast enlargement

Although this is an extremely popular cosmetic surgical procedure, it’s not without risks. A significant number of women who have this procedure performed will experience capsular contracture which involves the formation of hard, scar tissue around the implant.

Capsular contracture can be quite disfiguring requiring repeated trips to your plastic surgeon’s office for a “closed capsulotomy”. To break up the scar tissue, the surgeon will manually manipulate the breast to forcibly break up the scar tissue. This can be painful and inconvenient. In extreme cases, the surgeon will have to do an “open capsulotomy” which involves surgery to break up the scar tissue. If left untreated, this condition can cause the breasts to appear hard and disfigured.

It’s a little known fact that most women will need to have their implants replaced at some point in their lifetime, generally within the first ten years after the initial surgery. Add to this the fact that it’s harder to read a mammogram after breast enhancement which might allow small breast cancer to go undetected. This makes it a prime candidate for a list of bad cosmetic surgeries.

Cosmetic surgery to avoid: Liposuction

Another prime player on the list of bad cosmetic surgeries is liposuction. You’ve probably read some of the horror stories related to liposuction. The list of potential complications associated with this procedure is too long to list but include potential blood clots, perforation of the abdominal wall, shock, and even death.

If you decide to have this procedure done, find an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon, do your research, and avoid having large amounts of fat extracted. Studies have shown the death rate rises with the removal of larger quantities of fat. Even more important, don’t use liposuction as a solution to avoid exercising and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Cosmetic surgery to avoid: A complete face lift

A complete facelift or rhytidectomy can give dramatic results but involves a significant recovery period which can be associated with serious complications. The most common complication is formation of a hematoma, or collection of blood under the skin. More serious complications include permanent paralysis of portions of the face, loss of hair, significant scarring, among others.

Although complete facelifts may be bad cosmetic surgery, the good news is there are a variety of other less risky cosmetic procedures that can improve the appearance of facial wrinkles and loose skin include laser resurfacing, facial peels, as well as partial lifts which can generally be done in an office setting without general anesthesia. Why resort to a risky procedure when you have safer alternatives?

Cosmetic surgery to avoid: Overzealous lip injections

More and more women are getting lip injections to get the puffy, pouty lips made popular by such celebrities as Angelina Jolie and Kim Basinger. Although this procedure may be painful, the risk of serious side effects is low. It’s included because of the tendency for women to request lips that are much larger than nature intended. This can throw off the symmetry of their face and cause their face to look unnatural. Lip injections do have their place for women with lips that are thinning significantly due to the aging process. If you choose to undergo this procedure, remember natural sometimes looks better in the long run.

Yes, cosmetic surgery has its place but shouldn’t be approached without serious research. You may want to particularly avoid some of these bad cosmetic surgeries especially when there are other alternatives.