Do Raspberry Ketones Really Help You Lose Weight?

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Raspberry ketone is a useful component of any weight loss diet or exercise plan.

It is not something you can take in place of food, and the raspberry ketone pills are certainly not weight loss pills.

However, they can help you to reach your target weight faster and to maintain that weight on an ongoing basis.

Raspberry ketone is the natural substance that gives raspberries their distinctive smell. For the chemically minded, that substance is 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl) butane-2-one, one of the many types of phenolic ketones found naturally in plants the world over. So how does it work?

Does Raspberry Ketone Help Me Slim?

The ketone is the active ingredient, and it works by making your body burn up fat quicker than if you had not taken it. It does so by increasing your metabolic rate.

That is the rate at which your body burns fat. To be completely accurate, it is the rate at which your metabolism converts glucose to energy.

using raspberry ketone

Your body cells contain small organelles known as mitochondria. It is within these that the glucose and oxygen in your blood carry out the process known correctly as cellular aerobic respiration.

Cellular Aerobic Respiration

We won’t discuss this in detail here, but that is the process by which your body cells convert glucose and oxygen into energy, carbon dioxide, and water.

Raspberry ketone promotes this process by increasing your cellular respiration rate.

The faster you use up the glucose in your blood, the more demand there is for it.

Glucose is generated from the carbohydrates you eat, and once your body has used up the carbohydrates in your diet it turns to your emergency store for more.

That store is your fat, historically stored in fat cells in times of plenty for use in winter when food was scarce.

Fat is metabolized to release fatty acids that are in turn converted to glucose. Food is no longer scarce in winter, so the contents of your fat cells never reduce.

It just becomes increasingly more dense and dangerous to your health. Your metabolism does this with the help of lipase – an enzyme that enables fatty acids to be rapidly released from your body fat.

Raspberry ketone appears to promote the generation of lipase, so speeding up the rate of fatty acid release from your fat.

How to Use Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone normally comes in the form of capsules. These capsules are available in various sizes, so it is important that you follow the dosage instructions exactly as on the pack. 2 capsules of 100g is equivalent to just one of 200g.

Sounds obvious, but some people just take two regardless! They should be taken as part of a weight-reduction diet and/or a program of exercise designed to promote weight loss.

You will not get the best out of your raspberry ketone capsules if you fail to also use these more traditional methods of losing weight.

They are not slimming pills, as was stressed earlier, but designed to maximize the benefit you get from your diet or exercises.

Does it Work?

Sure it works, but only if used as recommended – preferably along with diet and exercise. Raspberry ketone has had some bad press and some good press.

Those that find it, successful love it, while others have not found it so successful. Others have never tried it, yet still write about the ketone in a negative way.

Many wrote negatively about yacon syrup until the results of a successful trial using human volunteers were published in a highly respected journal in 2009.

Raspberry ketone is an effective way of maximizing fat loss, and hence of reducing your weight, particularly if you also follow a sensible diet plan, and if you exercise more than you had done before deciding you really must slim!

Those that claim it not to work may not have been using it that way.

The science works – and for many, the raspberry ketone also works.
Also, read our Raspberry Ketones Review about different ketone brands compared!

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