Can You Lose Weight With Raspberry Ketone Without Exercise?

Can You Lose Weight With Raspberry Ketone?

Raspberry ketone has been the subject of much debate lately, but one fact cannot be denied. It helps increase your metabolic rate, and the faster you burn fat, the quicker you will achieve your desired level of weight loss. The greater your metabolic rate, the rate at which you burn up fat and carbohydrates in your body, the quicker you will lose weight when you try to do so.

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BioActive Raspberry Ketones Review

Many people try to diet but get disheartened when they do not lose weight as quickly as they hoped to. They cut down on carbs and calories and exercise as instructed, but still, these ounces just seem to creep down, let alone the pounds and stones!

Then, even when they do eventually reach a decent weight and relax a bit, it all seems to pile back on again – at a much faster rate than it came off!

This in itself can be dangerous to your health because it causes you to lose heart. You wonder if you will ever be able to lose weight, and tend to give in. You start eating more and getting heavier and heavier, and fatter and fatter, and before you know it you are heavier than you have ever been before. This can cause despair and depression. So what’s the answer?

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How Raspberry Ketone Helps You Lose Weight

Raspberry ketone is a supplement containing the substance that gives raspberries their distinctive smell. Known chemically as 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl) butane-2-one, this is similar in action to capsaicin: the substance that gives chili and cayenne peppers their hot taste. This substance increases your metabolic rate.

Studies have also show that when raspberry ketone was fed to rats and mice along with a high-fat diet, those rodents were found to have less dangerous abdominal fat than those fed the same diet without the ketone.

They also had less fat around the liver, and it these types of fat that present the most danger to health. Perhaps such result as do not show a loss of inches, but they certainly reduce the risk presented by hard-packed abdominal fat around the major organs.

One potential reason for this was made evident by further studies. It was found that raspberry ketone increases the production of a protein known as adiponectin.

This protein helps regulate blood glucose levels and speeds up the breakdown of fat stored in the body. In fact, a lack of adiponectin is known to be associated with obesity and diabetes.

Adiponectin and Fatty Acid Oxidation

By increasing the blood levels of adiponectin, raspberry ketone can increase the rate of oxidation of fatty acids and reduce the amount of fat in fat cells.

This, in effect, results in a loss of weight and also a reduction in your waist measurements. However, it helps significantly if you help the raspberry ketone supplement by also taking a sensible diet and a healthy amount of exercise. Like most supplements, raspberry ketone will not do the job itself.

Keep that in mind: it is a supplement, not a substitute for good eating and regular exercise. You will not see much effect if you simply take the raspberry ketone without also changing your lifestyle and diet. The ketone certainly helps, but it works best if used to maintain lost weight rather than relying on it to achieve that lost weight.

Healthy Diet and Exercise with Raspberry Ketone

An increased metabolic rate may not in itself result in much weight loss unless you also reduce the calorie content of your diet and/or exercise to burn calories at a greater rate.

The best medium is to do a little of both: reduce your calorie intake and also carry out light exercise. You can further reduce calories and/or increase your amount of exercise if you are still unhappy with your rate of weight loss while continuing to take the raspberry ketone supplement.

Like all supplements, the natural substance is always the best. Make sure that your raspberry ketone is natural and made from real raspberries and is not synthetic. Check the ingredients list to make sure of this. Raspberry ketone will help you to lose weight, but it its best effect is in helping maintain your new weight once you get there.

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