Naturaful FAQ’s

Time to address the elephant in the room, Naturaful!

After a review and case study, we are still here answering your queries. Hope it helps you make a well-informed decision.

Naturaful Questions and Answers:

Question 1: “I have started using Naturaful, but haven’t made any progress. Am I doing something wrong?

  • This is a common concern. So, I will start by saying: No, you are not making a mistake. Just be patient, and you will see visible results. This is not overnight magic.
  • In my case, I waited 3-4 weeks before noticing any results. I used to measure myself on a weekly bases. Naturaful suggests 3-6 month continuous use for best results. So, be patient!

Question 2: “My Breasts are Saggy, will they be Perky Again?”

  • Naturaful makes your breast firm. But it won’t reverse their age, and make them a teenager’s breast. Use a collagen firming lotion for that.

Question 3: Name of Thermal Cream Sabrina Used?

  • I reviewed Trilastin Hydro-Thermal Accelerator. A few things I would like to mention is, (first)Naturaful doesn’t recommend the use of a thermal accelerator. I did it on my own and was satisfied with the outcome. Second, Trilastin didn’t test how their product would affect others. Lastly, don’t use this cream if you suffer from warm or tingly feeling.

Question 4: Mine are small A Cup, does this make me a C Cup?

  • These questions are not uncommon. The fact is, there is no guarantee as results can be different depending on the user. However, you can expect between half a cup-2 cups difference. This isn’t the best answer, but all I can offer.

Question 5: How Long do I have to wait for delivery?

  • It can take between 2 days to several weeks depending on where you live. But shipping Is usually faster in North America.

Question 6: Once I achieve the result, should I continue using the product:

  • Hear it from the brains behind Naturaful, “This product forms new breasts cells, and they don’t disappear. You won’t deflate once you stop using, but the cells will shrink with age. Therefore, use it regularly in maintained doses to maintain your preferred size.”

Question 7: I want to lose weight; will it interfere with Naturaful?

  • Yes, weight loss affects this procedure as Breast tissues are fatty.

Question 8: I use contraception pills, are they safe with Naturaful?

  • Yes, its safe to use with Birth control pills.

Question 9: Does Naturaful help nipples grow?

  • No, it doesn’t.

Question 10: Is there Methyl and Propyl Parabens in Naturaful?

  • Yes, but only in small concentration.

Question 11: What’s the Recommended way to use Product?

  • Use a pint or thumb size amount of cream and gently massage onto skin. Cover the whole area with nipples.

Question 12: Does it work for all ages?

  • Most teens ask this question, and we don’t recommend them. Users experience puberty and hormonal changes. Wait until you are 18.
  • This product is for women over 40+. In case you went through a hysterectomy, wait for 2-3 months.

Question 13: I am pregnant or plan on becoming, should I use it?

  • No, we don’t recommend it. Double-check with your physician and stay safe. If you breastfeed, then avoid it. Keep your child safe, and wait till your child matures.

Question 14: Can I use coffee?

  • Don’t worry, Naturaful doesn’t cause any issues with coffee. So get your caffeine!

Question 15: Does it tingle breasts?

  • Yes, about 70% of cases report mild tingling or tenderness. It’s normal, and nothing you should worry about. Only discontinue use if you get a rash.

There, we hope we answered all your concerns in these 15 F.A.Q’s about Naturaful.

Breast Enhancement is a personal choice and something that we want an instant solution. For the better end, be patient and wait for it.

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