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Although people have different images of how a beautiful body looks like, most women will have a similar idea that a flat stomach, small thighs, and arms with no excess fat are a perfect picture of a bikini body.

The problem is not all of them are born with such an ideal condition, mostly they have to put great effort to make the dream comes true.

While maintaining good eating is a must even though they do not want to have a slimmer body, only some women are willing to be sweaty until they get the supermodel body they imagine. Well, no pain no gain; that should be kept in the mind.

Methodology X workout system

The good news is working out to get the dream body will not be too long anymore since only within 28 days you can make it, by following the Methodology X.

Methodology X is a holistic, athletic, educational and fun workout system which combines the influences from several different physical trainings such as yoga, Pilates, ballet, martial arts, Plyometrics and strength training.

methodology x results

Simply saying by following the guide of Methodology X, you are able to get the benefits of the physical trainings mentioned above only within 28 days.

methodology x exercises

Will it make you muscular? Unfortunately, many women hate it; they want to be slim but not muscular.

Methodology X helps you improving your overall fitness, stamina and strength without making you look bulky.

methodology x fitness

Hot, healthy and happy, they are all you want from the workout. Psst, actresses and supermodels have proven themselves that this is effective for them!

Methodology X in detail

Methodology X is not an ordinary method to help women to get the bikini body

Methodology X is not an ordinary method to help women to get the bikini body they always dream of; it is original workout system created by Dan Roberts after over 20 years of experience coaching professional athletes, actresses and fashion models around the world.

The combination of undoubted experience and unique philosophy then lead Dan Roberts to create Methodology X, an ethical, scientific and accessible fitness guide designed for supermodels and loved by all women.

Yes, exactly all women who understand that being beautiful is not always painful, but it does need effort. That is the reason why honesty and logical are also the part of Methodology X.

The man behind it

Dan Roberts The man behind Methodology X

It is Dan Roberts who is a professional trainer of many supermodels and actresses worldwide. His considerable experience in the field for years has led him to get acknowledgement from various famous magazines, for example, Personal Trainer for The Stars from Vogue, Personal Trainer to a Slew of Victoria Secret Models from ELLE, Greatest Celebrity Trainer from Men’s Health, and many more.

What women say about it

Many women—from international models like Nirelda Andreka to doctors like Ahalya Kariappa—who have practiced Methodology X is satisfied with what it does to them.

Hard at the beginning but joyful and lovable in the end. The 130-page multimedia guidebook brings them to the adorable body they always want. A gym ball and 30-45 minutes of workout per day, it is the time to start!

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